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Do you have good knowledge of Blockchain and cryptocurrency? Do you have good writing skills? Are you interested in sharing your learning on the Blockchain through your writing with others? Then we have come up with good news for you as our portal is searching for expert writers who can write about Blockchain.

We will give the proper instructions and share topics of the concerned subject for writing in our portal. But before these, we must know about our portal to Write for Us Blockchain.

Know About Portal: Glyphosatetaskforce.org   

Glyphosphate is a website launched in 2015, and since then, it has held a good position among the other portals. Our portal is unique from others for the following reasons:

  • We will let people think wisely before purchasing by providing verified facts.
  • We present authentic reviews and a clear conclusion to our readers.
  • Professionals who are working with us are highly qualified and provide informative content.
  • We also provide information on gadgets, electronics, kitchen and fitness, health, and dining.

What Are The Protocols: Write For Us + Blockchain

  • Usage of inappropriate language and indecent comments are not required on our portal.
  • 100% authenticity in your writing is required. If any part has fallen into the section of plagiarism issue, there is a chance of getting dismissal from your writing.
  • Any errors, either grammatical or others, are not accepted. After completing your content, you must verify it on Grammarly and score 99.
  • Less than a 3% spam score will be acceptable for the links that you use in your content.
  • The length of your writing should not be less than 500 words for Write For Us + “Blockchain” guest post blogs.

Benefits of Guest Blogs On Our Portal!

  • If you write for our portal, you will get immediate readers as our portal is already an established site. This could be the best benefit one writer can have from a website.
  • If your writing is informative and SEO friendly, you will get more readers, and your content probably is high in SERP ranking.
  • You can be a regular name and successfully create a regular audience if you write regularly in our portal.
  • You can help the readers by providing knowledge on the Blockchain, and in this way, they get an idea about Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post.

Suggested Topics

  • Know About API Circle payments!
  • How to become the best Developers of blockchain?
  • Know about blockchain courses!

How To Find Us? 

If you have any confusion regarding writing or want to send your write-up, please email us at [email protected]. We will try to curb your confusion. Apart from that those who will send their write-up, we will inform them of the result within twenty-four hours.


We will urge our readers that if you can write and have knowledge on the discussed topic, you can apply and get the benefits from our portal. But you must remember to write 100% on your own by pursuing the guidelines mentioned above while writing for Blockchain “Write For Us”.

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