GLYPHOSATETASKFORCE warmly invites vendors to publish their advertisements and writers to publish their articles on our website. It helps both the vendors and writers to get real-time analytics on their published content and make the changes accordingly. However, they need to understand how we work and our accountability for the published articles and advertisements. We are clearly illustrating the DISCLAIMER so that the vendors, writers, and readers are secured and transparent with us. 


GLYPHOSATETASKFORCE publishes content and advertisements “AS THEY ARE” submitted to us. We never make changes in those sections. Besides, we never provide the readers with representations or warranties on services, products, advertisements, or articles. We are sincere towards posting honest, unbiased, and raw reviews of products, websites, technologies, or services.

We also disclaim any statutory warranties posed on any products or merchants. Nonetheless, we have the authority to suspend, discontinue, modify, update, or interrupt any published website review, services, or content without any prior notice or liability. We solely publish USER GENERATED CONTENT that is untouched by our quality analysts. Therefore, we can proudly reject submitted content that does not fulfil the UGC guidelines. If the content needs minor changes, our quality analysts will make the changes according to their analyzation. The changes are made when:

  • Third-party request changes.
  • The content does not comply with the applicable law.
  • UGC content does not meet the updated guidelines.

We disdain the writer’s accountability on UGC while GLYPHOSATETASKFORCE’s non-liability without any limit applies to all UGC content. Some articles may have hyperlinks on which we do not have any liability regardless of the vendor, site, or third-party entity. The users can also register on our website, allowing them to post recommendations, reviews, comments, etc. on services, products, websites, or technologies. 

We also never endorse any product, service, or website on our site. Therefore, it is the responsibility of users or readers to use the reviews or recommendations wisely. In short, we are not accountable for the availability of any website, service, or product. 

More Details:

The articles or reviews are posted on our site under good faith and detailed information purposes. We do not hold the accountability for accuracy, sites’ reliability, and product’s warranties. The readers are responsible for the actions taken after reading the reviews or posts. In short, we are not accountable for any losses or damaged bore by the readers or users. 

We cross-check the hyperlinked URL in terms of quality, usefulness, and ethical grounds. However, we never own the hyperlinked CONTENT or WEBSITE. The hyperlinked URLs are not recommendations posed by us. Therefore, they may change anytime without any notification to the readers. 

All websites have specific privacy policies and terms; hence, the readers must peruse them since we are not accountable. They are also suggested to contact the product or service provider for any refund, return, and other requirements. We cannot bear the responsibility for any damage or loss. 


The readers can thoroughly peruse our disclaimer and know our accountability limitations. They also need to agree to them for clear understanding. 


GLYPHOSATETASKFORCE can make changes in the disclaimer without serving any notice period. The modifications will reflect on this webpage. However, the registered users can receive the mail after modification on any policy or disclaimer. The unregistered users will have to check the webpages to stay informed. 

Contact Us:

If the readers need further clarification on our disclaimer, they can contact us at admin@glyphosatetaskforce{dot}org