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The article Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post explains the ways to present guest post articles for the Glyphosatetaskforce website precisely. 

Are you the type of person who loves to read more about blockchain technology? Can you be able to describe that more simply? If your answer is yes, you are the right person for this guest post. Previously, we thought blockchain was something we studied in computer science classes. Now that we can see blockchain applications in cryptocurrencies, big data, and so on, everyone must be familiar with blockchain technology and related topics. Hence, we have decided to publish Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post articles 

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About Our Website

Glyphosatetaskforce.org website is one of the leading online platforms. We established this platform in the year 2015 under the name Glyphosphate. Our team has skilled writers who provide us with accurate information for our readers. This platform enables writers to increase their productivity efficiently. 

We are currently dealing with various important topics such as electronics, gadgets, home appliances, unbiased website reviews, lifestyle, Bitcoins, cryptocurrency news, technology, etc. So, we would like to discuss this blockchain topic in a guest post format. So come forward to exhibit your writing skills.

Qualification and conditions for writing  “””Write for Us Blockchain topic

Blockchain is a digital ledger that stores information in digital format and it is known for its usage in crypto. Blockchain technology helps to maintain the security and decentralization process effectively. But there is an evident difference between the database and blockchain, so here in this guest post article, the writers have to explain the basics and the other critical applications of blockchain.

Guest post authors can know our audience base. We have a global and regional audience from professional backgrounds, scholars, health officials, students, etc., so kindly pick up the topics accordingly. Every reader is important to us.

  • Computer science graduates can also deal with Write For Us + Blockchain conventional topics, but they should be in the latest trend.
  • Currently, many master’s degrees have a blockchain course, so those professionals can detailly explain the history and future scope of blockchain technology.
  • Individuals who completed the blockchain course can also share their inputs. It would be appreciated if they shared the career options on blockchain and the course, availability in each country. Because our future will be based on crypto and big data, it will benefit students.
  • Our suggested topics are. Blockchain structures such as blocks, hard forks, and nodes; blockchain types and their applications in specific companies; information about blockchain, 
  • Blockchain “”””Write For Us””””Writers can separately pick up the topic which focuses on its applications in money transfers, government services, data protection, logistics, health care, NFT, and so on.
  • All information should be accurate and don’t write repetitive content.


  • Our website expects a clear and perfect article without grammar and spelling errors. Writers can also opt for a simpler level of language. There is a difference between technical terms and high-level English words. So don’t complicate the simple sentences.
  • Writers should also pay attention to the semicolons, commas, and full stops. Use it in the correct place.
  • Word length has to be adequately maintained. Choose between 500 and 1500.
  • Write For Us + “”””Blockchain””””””” Writers have to choose the standard font style and size.
  • Because readers prefer our website over others’ for specific information, we avoid posting any copied or plagiarised content. No one wants to spend time reading plagiarised articles, so kindly present the new content.
  • Images can be used in the article.
  • Every article should be presentable, and it has to give a kind of satisfaction to our readers.
  • They can follow the SEO rules but don’t overuse the keywords. The content speaks more than the keywords.
  • Spam score of do follow link should not be more than 2-3 %

Prevailing benefits from Glyphosatetaskforce

  • Our website has a lot of readers, so it helps their Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post articles reach more people. Reaches and impressions are two essential parameters that help the author shine in this writing field.
  • We will display the author’s name while publishing the selected articles. We acknowledge everyone’s work.

How to submit?

Kindly note the below-mentioned mail id: [email protected] for submission, and don’t submit the article elsewhere. Because information is wealth, some third-party members may try to steal it, so send the articles only to this email ID.

If any guest post contributors want any help, we will be available to answer for their analytic queries. But delays are not acceptable.


Our website contains some critical terms and conditions. The Write For Us Blockchain Guest Post selected articles can be edited as per our wishes. Furthermore, no writers should post the selected articles in another firm. Please accept the statement before beginning to write the articles. Thank you for spending your valuable time with us.

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