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Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Post has details like guidelines and topics for writing a blog post on Glyphosatetaskforce org.

Do you want to share your opinion and ideas on Bitcoin with readers searching for it on the internet? Bloggers and experts from the crypto industry can join the guest post initiative of the    Glyphosatetaskforce org and get thousands of visitors for their bitcoin posts.

As bitcoin is top performing, crypto asset investors and traders regularly search for content on this currency. Contributors from the industry can reach them by writing a guest post on our platform. Write For Us Bitcoin Blog Guest Post contains all the details needed for writing a guest blog on the Glyphosatetaskforce org.

About us:

Glyphosatetaskforce org publishes regular content for the global audience under three genres: Reviews, Cryptocurrency, and news.

  • Reviews – Website reviews under this category provide legit details of the website for online shoppers looking to check the site’s authenticity, while details of individual products are the primary content of the product reviews.
  • Cryptocurrency – Content under this category includes price, contract address, and price perdition of digital assets.
  • News – The most searched international news on politics, sports, economy, and entertainment is covered in this niche.

Guidelines for Write For Us + Bitcoin Blog post:

  • Keep the length of content between 500 to 1000 words.
  • Content should have a readability score of 90+.
  • Write SEO-friendly content for ranking high in SERP.
  • Attach two quality links to the guest post after 80% completion of the article.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and submit the guest post with a grammar score of 99+.
  • We accept unique content that is free of any plagiarism.
  • Do not use the link of a website with a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • Keyword density should be maintained between .75 to 1%.
  • Write a structured Bitcoin Write for Us content having a title, introduction, body, conclusion, and description.
  • The writer should use simple language and a friendly tone.
  • Content should be able to engage readers for a brief period on the platform.
  • 90% of the content should be written in an active voice.
  • Eye-grabbing titles and proper headings and subheadings should be used in the content.

Benefits of Bitcoin guest posts to the contributors? 

  • Guest posts written on our platform will get exposure at the global level.
  • They can get thousands of readers from 10000+ visitors on our platform daily. 
  • By writing content for Bitcoin Blog “Write For Us”, bloggers and website owners can generate awareness about their platform.
  • Their post will remain active and get a continuous flow of readers.
  • Bitcoin experts can educate audiences from various countries and expand the investor base. 

Topics that can be submitted for Bitcoin guest posts:

  • Bitcoin investment and mining.
  • Future of Bitcoin.
  • Can Bitcoin replace Fiat currency?
  • Origin of Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

How to apply for the Bitcoin guest post?

Experts on Bitcoin interested in writing a guest post on our platform can contact our team at [email protected]

Final verdict:

Write For Us + “Bitcoin Blog” is an excellent opportunity for experts, writers, and companies from the crypto industry  to share their opinion and ideas on Glyphosatetaskforce org and get 1000+ visitors daily for their posts. 

Still, if you have any doubt or query, please reach us on the same email address and get your query solved as soon as possible. 

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