About Us

A storyline 

Glyphosphate is a world leader in providing reviews to inform its readers about analyzing the differences between the fake and original. We are here on the web to inform you about the scams and give some valuable pieces of advice. 

We are formerly known as Glyphosphate, launched in 2015 as a top-class review platform on the internet, focusing on all personal and consumer products in diverse areas. Since its inception, we have gone through significant changes to improve our reviews and have accomplished heights of success in the past few years to get the position that we have today.   

Our Aim 

Our only highlighted motive is to make our readers’ lives more comfortable and simpler through the usage of technological solutions.

We emphasized various products and websites in the last five years, and these reviews are at the core. Instead of getting tedious of choosing the best options among umpteen available on the web, it is better to analyze and explore all ins and outs of the products from our reviews and pick up the right direction before buying.

Our team fulfils all motives by sharing some necessary details with all our readers to make an accurate decision without any hassle.   

Our Values

Here are our core values:

  • We are bold and rebellious. 
  • We keep our policies and content transparent. 
  • We are open. 
  • We garner trust with integrity. 
  • We bring everything to people what they want. 
  • We are the innovators.

How is Glyphosphate unique from others? 

We have showcased all our goals in an exceedingly crystal-clear manner that we always try to accomplish within the walls of our site. The walls display very well, what we are, what we are into, and why we are here. We aim to proffer real and genuine reviews to readers without wasting much time and efforts. 

Here, we have come up with some aspects that make use stand out from the competition. 

  • We provide well-informed decisions for purchase. 
  • We take you to a point in the world where no other website can, in terms of reviews. 
  • We bring all real feedbacks with a clear decision. 
  • We offer all content on various products & websites to enrich the communities & lives too.
  • Our professionals are experienced and highly qualified to edit and present genuine reviews for readers. 
  • We are known for outstanding product reviews and information. 

What do we proffer?

At Glyphosphate, have been quoted and connected extensively on a wide range of leading products in two different content types as given below: 

  1. Website Content (Blogs/articles): Unbiased website review, product review, news articles, and promotional.
  2. Video Content (Visuals): Website review, product review, and news article.  


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We offer email updates to our readers to have access to different sections as per the varying tastes. Register now and choose the various emails as you want. 

Note: We are here to provide reviews only. If the users find any defective product or didn’t get their product after ordering, it is requested to please connect with the concerned web store or online website and not to us. We are not responsible for any purchase. 

Pen down your story 

Do you have something new and unique roaming around all over your head? Then, feel free and tap here to share your stories with us.  


We value our readers’ honest responses and make sure that they should write us if they want us to make some changes or need any specific alteration in the content. 

Our team of professionals works hard to make some specific improvements in the content to level up the quality and implement some new changes after they provide us feedback. 

Let us know if you have any feedback about our content or how we work.  

Career Opportunities

To add value and ideas to Glyphosphate, we always give the interested professionals a chance to take our platform to the next level. If you want to become a part of our team and would like to add value to the organization, then you are always welcome to do so. 

You can keep an eye over the website’s career section, and we will enlist all if there will be any requirement.   

Leadership team

We work with a group of professionals who care about unbiased reviews and do in-depth research from head to toe to provide honest info to our readers. We have some fanatics who love to provide their real insights about all products and websites. 

Our team has enlisted below:

  • Management
  • QC & TL (Editing team) 
  • Team Leaders
  • Senior Team Leaders
  • Content Writers 
  • Trainee Content Writers  

Correction Policy

Glyphosphate has equipped with a strong and highly experienced team of people who continuously review the content before publishing and share their unbiased opinions with us. However, sometimes things may go wrong as we’re all human and make mistakes unintentionally that you may notice sometimes.

If you find any error or mistake in any published content, then ensure to alert us about the same. We have a team of professionals who are in this field and keep an eye over all errors and correct them accordingly. 

We hope you all enjoy and like to join as a client, reader, or colleague. 

If you want to connect us, use the email admin@glyphosatetaskforce{dot}org and share it with us.