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Is Chamzn Legit? You can easily detect the facts about this store. Along with this, you can also understand its policy details reviews with this blog.

Gift your family members and friends with funky printed t-shirts. T-shirts are one of the trending casual wear in the United States and other countries. This apparel has high demand as anyone can wear it for long hours yet doesn’t feel uncomfortable. A graphic printed t-shirt with stylish denim can be perfect for casual parties, outings, and other fun activities.

Among several webshops, Chamzn is the one that offers funky, designer graphic printed t-shirts at a sensible price. However, Is Chamzn Legit? The below information will assist you in getting the facts.

Determining the Chamzn shop’s legitimacy:

You may be wondering about the necessity of checking the trustability of any site before using it- well, it’s crucial because a small mistake can lead you to experience data theft or money laundering.

  • Address Legality: The location detail has no mistake; however, it looks like a residential address, not a corporate location.
  • Trust Rating: the rating on the trust index is 1%.
  • Store’s ID: The ID name is
  • Chamzn Age: the store’s age is above 6 months (created on 17th June 2021).
  • Reviews: Till, yet the store has no Chamzn Reviews.
  • Broken Links: No non-clickable link source is found.
  • Community Channels: Channel details are unavailable.
  • Owner Information: The store has not revealed any data about its owner.
  • Missing Data: Contact number, cancellation policy.
  • Copied Text: Low percentage of plagiarism is available.
  • Payment Process: Multiple ways.
  • Skipped-Pages: Only a single page has been detected as a skipped-page.

The above data has revealed that the store is not too new, but some major flaws are present. Therefore, to reveal its legitimacy, more investigation is required.

What is the Chamzn shop?

The Chamzn store is an online-based retail company operating its business in the United States. But, Is Chamzn Legit? The store has been selling awesome, funky graphic printed t-shirts for the past 6 months. Other than t-shirts, there are no other category products available. On the home page, you can view the ‘Best Seller’ items with 2 viewing options- a quick view where you get the all-important information without visiting the product, or you can access the product to get thorough details. 

The t-shirts come with style, color and size options to help buyers get their requirements. However, the size chart is missing, which can create confusion among the buyers when choosing the apparel size.


  • Comments: Few Chamzn Reviews are visible.
  • Address: 4210-Lakeside Blvd, Monroe, GA-30665, USA.
  • Site’s Link:
  • Email ID: [email protected].
  • Contactable Number: No number is there, but a texting tab is present.
  • Cancellation Availability: Unavailable.
  • Shipping Charges: The flat fees shipping is 7.95 USD.
  • Shipping Procedure: The delivery within the country (USA) takes about 8 to 10 days, while shipping in the foreign country takes about 10 to 15 days.
  • Money Refund Facility: The refund facility is active; no time duration is visible.
  • Exchange Facility: The facility is only given if someone receives damaged or defective items.
  • Is Chamzn Legit: Some doubts are still present.
  • Refund Policy: The policy remains legit for 1 month (return is not available on certain types of orders)
  • Payment Systems: G Pay, Master Card, Visa, Apple Pay.


  • Funky printed t-shirts are being sold.
  • The site shows having an SSL certificate (it increases users’ security).
  • International shipping is present.
  • Availability of remarks.


  • The address doesn’t look like a corporate location.
  • Poor trust rate.
  • It lacks social channels.
  • Presence of skipped page.
  • Absence of contact number.
  • Unavailability of cancellation process details.

Reviewing reviews on ‘Is Chamzn Legit’:

We observed the products had got few reviews from the users, and all were rated with 4 stars. As those remarks are extremely favorable, we analyze those reviews again. In our investigation, we found no legit information that reveals the reviews are original. Plus, it lacks remarks on external sites. 

Additionally, its presence on social channels is unclear because the store itself didn’t give any details of its social-media account as well as we didn’t fetch data on external media. So, you should visit a reputable store to buy t-shirts. Plus, read the procedure to receive a money refund on PayPal and stay safe.

Final Verdict:

Is Chamzn Legit? No, it lacks several aspects- poor trust rate, suspicious comments, no social channels, etc. hence, it might be a dubious webshop. Keep yourself safe by knowing the process details on getting money refunds on credit cards. Is this blog’s information helpful? Please mention below.

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