Affiliate Disclosure

We are disclosing these policies as we participate in an affiliation program and share it with our readers.

We are reviewing a wide range of products on our website, and all of them are fully unbiased. Our reviews are independent, and there are no tie-ups with any of the brand, company, or vendor.

Sometimes, the platforms earn a small amount of commission that has been considered as Affiliate Revenue. If the reader is interested in purchasing the product, they can buy the product by tapping on the same link, and it will not affect the original price in any case.

Any article comprises of such links have clearly labelled.

What is an Affiliate Link?

Simply put, when we publish a review about the product, then we sometimes set up some links on the posts that are in blue colour that are called Affiliate links or referrals. If the users buy the product through that link, then we will get a small sum of money as a commission.

The commission acts as a “Thank you” from the side of the vendor. The commission is a small amount. Here, the significant thing is that it does not affect the price of the product in any manner as the cost remains the same. The entire commission comes from the side of the vendor and not put a burden on the customer’s pocket at all.

Types of affiliation Revenue

We are using two types of affiliation revenue. Here, we have jotted down these two categories below:

  1. Amazon AffiliationIt is a type of affiliation program sponsored by Amazon LLC Associates, and anyone can partake in this. Also, the program works in a similar manner and helps the website to earn a small amount in the form of commission. Every website has a different tracking code, and if the reader buys a product through such links, then the purchase will be detected by the code and commission will get credited on their behalf.

    If you find any such links in articles, then tap on the same to buy the product.

  2. Product Affiliation

These programs work in the same way as that of Amazon Affiliate. If you tap on the links and buy the product by following the link, we will grab a small commission successfully without affecting the actual price.

Also, if the product is legit and the merchant is running an affiliate program, then refer the buying by building links for the readers, so that they can buy directly.

The readers need not to pay even a single penny more than the original cost.

What is sponsored content?

In the purest form, sponsored content is fully dedicated to any product or service and encourage people to use the same.

However, we never partake in any of such sponsored contents and always provide a fully unbiased and independent review. In case, if we participate in such sponsor content, then we disclose the same and make sure that the readers ought to be aware of the same.

End Note

We only recommend and review those products that we tested and do proper research by referring to all available sources. After researching the product and making sure that it is a good buy from all perspective, then we refer the buying. Otherwise, we mark the product as not legit, without favouring at all.

We appreciate our reader’s interest!

Note: We are not manufacturers and never publish any review to harm any brand or company’s position. Our platform never indulges in any such activities that may, directly or indirectly, threaten the reputation of any company.