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Are you a content writer? Are you passionate about content writing? Well, if you want to excel in your career in content writing, this is the right destination for you. Glyphosate is an online platform for passionate writers to enhance their writing skills. We welcome such writers to provide us with their content and get paid for it.

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Glyphosate.Org is a leading review platform that publishes unbiased reviews on online websites, products, and the latest news updates.

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What are We Looking For?

Before writing to us, it is essential to visit our website to know about our services or published content. We post plenty of articles daily, including websites, reviews, products reviews, latest news updates, informative articles, and many more. Gyphospahte recognizes the quality and uniqueness of the content contributed by our writers.

The topics can be related to a different niche like technology, sports, games, softwares, clothing, electronics, health & fitness, etc. Your articles will be published on our website, one of the top growing career in this technological era.

So, before you start writing Guest posts for general topics, you need to learn about our requirements. We are looking for passionate and experienced writers who have excellent writing skills and creative ideas in their minds.

In addition to this, if you want to get exposure in your business, then you can also submit guest post.

Our Requirements are-

  • Guest post for a product review
  • General write for us guest post
  • Websites Review Posts
  • Product Review Articles
  • Technology Articles
  • Articles on Latest News

You will be paid for your engaging content. So, what are you thinking now? Connect with us and gain extensive knowledge in this field.

Still, if you have questions in your mind, then feel free to get in touch with us via official email info@glyphosatetaskforce(dot)com.

Why Write for Glyphosatetaskforce?

If you write for site, then you will get-

  • Strong Article Portfolio
  • Massive exposure to your business
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  • One link back to your site
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We are delighted to connect with contributors from different countries to write for us.

But before going further, you should be familiar with Guest Contributor Guidelines.

We don’t like you to Do-

  • Already published contents creation.
  • Link building Scheme- We don’t accept proposals for affiliate marketing
  • Repetition in the content
  • Writing Irrevelant Information in the Content
  • Adding Copied Images

Detailed Guest Contributor Guidelines

The standard guidelines of are firm, and all the contents must be created according to these guidelines.

It is requested to follow the entire guidelines before writing Guest posts for general topics and submitting the content.

  • Content must be 100% unplagiarized and grammatical-error-free.
  • The word limit of content should be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Content should have engaging titles with relevant heading and subheadings to incraese the readability score.
  • The content should be well-written with Keywords.
  • Avoid the use of repetition in the content and use of passive voice.
  • Content should be SE0-Optimized with perfect keyword density and placement.
  • The content must of creative, informative, alluring, and engaging.
  • Don’t forget to write Pros, Cons, & Specifications about the product in product reviews articles.
  • Internal & Externa Links should be relevant to the content.
  • Two images are mandatory in one article.
  • Content should not have a spam score of more than 2%. You can check your site’s spam score here- (
  • Do not create any backlinks after the live post.
  • Proofread your article two times before submission.
  • We do not accept posts related to Casino, Gambling, Alcohol, Adult Content, and content that are harmful to readers.

These are the standard guidelines for Write for Us Blog and all contents. Go through these guidelines before writing for us.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

First, share your content topic ideas at info@glyphosatetaskforce(dot)com.

If your topic is relevant to our site and requirement, then we will revert you on the identical mail. So, start sharing your new content ideas before submitting a guest post.

Write content in Word Document only and send us the final mail along with your article and our website link.’

Final Thought

Hopefully, you are clear with Guest Contributor Guidelines, and now you can create content for Productivity Write for Us page.

We accept original, engaging, informative, unbiased website reviews, product reviews, news articles, and different content on different topics.

This is not a commercial site. We don’t have ties with online websites and manufacturers. However, we publish reliable and unbiased reviews on our site that help users and readers not get scammed from scam sites and find legit online stores.

In addition, with us, freshers can grab content writing work oppurtunity. If you are one of them, then reach us via info@glyphosatetaskforce(dot)com. We recommend writing for us to get paid and become a top writer, attracting many global visitors and audiences

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