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Trump Town Hall Reviews (Sep) Let Us Understand More! >> This article will talk about President Donald Trump’s performance at a Town Hall hosted by ABC News.  

Are you someone who evaluates your candidate based on their policies and plan for the country? As the election is nearing, a lot is being spoken about what the candidate has to offer during these times. Trump Town Hall Reviews will tell you all that the President had to speak about his plans for the country in the near future.

We all are aware of how important the 2020 elections are for the United States. The ABC News hosted the town hall, and President Donald Trump attended it. George Stephanopoulos moderated the whole show.

What happened at ABC News Town Hall? 

The President addressed and answered questions from undecided voters in the Town Hall hosted by ABC News. It was a 90-minute program where Trump was asked various questions about the ongoing pandemic and other policies that he either aims to change or to bring in motion. Taking into consideration Trump Town Hall Reviewswe will know how people reacted to his views. 

The spread of COVID-19 in the United States has been downplayed in many instances by the President himself, and he was asked many questions in regard to that. However, he denied these allegations. He also effectively answered all questions about the ongoing riots. 

The way the President spoke to the Latina immigrant was one of the positive aspects in the Town Hall. He was considerate and warm towards her. However, The President was not very clear about his policies towards immigrants.

 He lashed out at late senator John McCain, which again was not a wise thing to do. He did not have any straightforward answer about getting rid of the Affordable Care Act as well. 

What do people have to say about it? 

You will find thousands talking online about the Town Hall, which hosted President Donald Trump. Trump Town Hall Reviews are all over. His “herd mentality” comment has drawn a lot of flak from people online. Many users who were attending the Town Hall were not very satisfied with the way the President addressed their concerns.

Infact, when he thanked people on Twitter for the great reviews for his Town Hall, it did not go down very well with Twitter users, who mocked this tweet of his. 

Final Views

The ABC News hosted the Town Hall, which was attended by The President to answer questions. Many people feel that the moderator did not hold Trump responsible and did not even ask the essential follow up questions. 

Be it his claim that “some claim that masks is not good,” or if he has a health plan, why not tell people about it. But there were no such questions that he was asked. George Stephanopoulos was believed to have made only friendly interjections. 

Overall, Trump Town Hall Reviews show that even though there were positives, most people on the Internet were not satisfied. 

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