Amazon Prime Gift Text Message Review

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message (Sep 2020) Know More About It. >> This article aims to take you through a unique gifting solution much loved by both sender and the receiver.

Are you confused amongst the gifting options available? Are you looking for opportunities to deliver your gift at their convenience, maybe at their doorstep or email, or a text message? Hold on, and twirl down this article to know about the most preferred gifting option.

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message is the gifting option that matches your conditions. This will be the best gift and will surely be loved by your beloved ones. They’ve got purposeful gift cards already drafted. But one can also draw or edit the predesigned gift cards, to enhance the gift card.

Customer reviews suggest that they have much loved this gifting solution. It gives the receiver right to shop anything from but within the sender’s value to the gift card. It is the fact why the receiver loves these kinds of gifts, making the sender ultimately happy. Explore the feature launched by a website operated from the United States.

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What is Amazon Prime Gift Text Message?

Amazon Prime Gift Text Messageentitles the customer to send a personalized text message gift text message and a gift card. It is a service offered by They aim to provide one-stop gifting solutions to their customers.

Customers can send a gift card of value anything in the range of $1-$2000. The receiver can shop for anything at, up to the value assigned to the Amazon Gift Card.

How to send Gift Card?

To send Amazon Prime Gift Text Message, All you have to do is visit with your account logged in. After seeing, look for the Gift Cards option available in the menu section, and call it.

Once directed on Gift Cards Section, select the most alike Gift Card Design. After choosing the desired gift card, you can also customize it according to your preference. It also gives you an option to add your personalized text message to your beloved one. This personalized message will form the body of the message. Once done with this, enter the details of the receiver like his Contact Number and Name.

After compiling with all of this, send the Gift Card with the next 5 minutes. Not only this, but you can also book a gift card in advance for up to a year.

What are the points customers need to take care of before buying this?

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message aims to provide a safe and preferred gifting solution for your beloved ones. But, there is some things one needs to take care of before sending this.

Customers must recheck for the required details filled with It is because any mistake of entering an incorrect Contact Number cannot be reverted. It means that your gift card can be wasted, no matter how valuable it was.

Customers must also check for the website’s legitimacy. One can check for URL or customer reviews that are available on the legit website. Customers must first prefer to go to and then find the gift card section, instead of directly searching for gift cards on Google or any other search engine.

Final Verdict

Amazon Prime Gift Text Message is an excellent solution for gift cards, delivered within 5 minutes, or pre-book for up to a year’s time frame.

But Customers must check for a website’s legitimacy before shopping or ordering anything from such websites.

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