Playoverwatch Com Media Stories (Sep 2020) Reveal Facts. >> In the above article, you read about a website where users can play online video games and read short stories based on Overwatch games.

Comic books have always ruled the hearts of children and adults as well. Won’t it be fun if these comics could be available for us in the form of games as well?

Playoverwatch com Media Stories is one such platform where apart from reading short stories and comics, users can play games based on these comics. 

This uniqueness of its games has helped this platform gain popularity among the United States players. They are delighted to use this platform for both playing and reading.

To know more about Playoverwatch com Media Stories and its features, do read the following article. 

About is an online video game platform where several shooting games are available. These video games are inspired by various comics such as Retribution, Yeti Hunt, Uprising, Searching, etc.

The first person based shooting game was launched in 2016 in the name of Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment is running this platform.

Options available on

On this website, players have multiple options apart from playing games. Since these games are multiplayer, there is a separate forum option available, where they can connect with other players and team up with them to play games. 

A community is also made of these players, where they can raise questions, share insights, answer others’ queries, etc. 

Updates on several gaming events and events is also available on this website. Players can buy different games from this site. Option to read some short stories and comics is also available.

About Playoverwatch com Media Stories:

Playoverwatch com Media Stories is a separate tab on the website. This section allows the players to read some short stories and comics and play video games based on comics. To play these games, players have to buy the game from the website.

PDF versions of these short stories are available on the website, which can be downloaded or read online by the users as per their will.

How to play games?

Once the players open Playoverwatch com Media Stories, they can see several games under the head comics such as Going Legit, Dragon Slayer, Train Hopper, etc. Another head in the name of Short Stories is also available, wherein users can go through some short stories such as Valkyrie, What you left behind, and Bastet.

To play games, the users have to click on the desired game. Once they click, users are redirected to the window where the game is introduced, and an option to buy the game is available. Once they click on “Buy Now”, they can purchase the game in the described manner, and then play it.


This platform, with its different approach towards games, has differentiated itself from other online games. The comics and short stories have been a delight to read for the readers and have been receiving appreciation for its contents from different players.

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