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Safedavaoqr Davaocity Com (Nov 2020) Trace the Contacts. >> This article mentions the contact tracing system of the city of Davao.

How has the contact tracing helped in the curb of the disease COVID-19? As far as coronavirus disease is concerned, it has become so dangerous that it affects almost everyone’s life. As far as contact tracing is concerned, this system has helped so many countries worldwide curb the disease somewhat.

If there is no essential activity, people have also been advised not to move outside their homes. This particular Safedavaoqr Davaocity com will talk about a kind of QR code that people need to use who want to move around in Davao. the registration link is given in Safedavaoqr. Davaoct. Com, https // Login.  Many countries have given so many guidelines for the people to follow, including countries like the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

What is SafedavaoqrDavaocity com?

Davao’s city’s government created the system of QR codes for all the people to get so that the tracing in terms of contact tracing will become more comfortable for the government. This will help identify the people with coronavirus, and the government can easily take them and isolate them with the best of facilities and treat them well. 

This will help stop the spread of the disease among those who have no signs or symptoms. Safedavaoqr Davaocity com has a registration link where the city’s people can easily register themselves to get their unique and personal QR code. 

Registration for the QR codes

As far as the registration is concerned, Davao’s city’s government has given a kind of link on its Facebook page. All the town residents can easily access, and they might get their unique codes to register themselves. The city government has also advised people not to share their personal QR codes as they may not be suitable for themselves because sharing them will affect their privacy. They may lose their data and personal information as well. 

Safedavaoqr Davaocity com also found that people need to share some certificates like an ID card or birth certificate, their valid passport-sized photo, and an email address. They also have to provide an available phone number. the picture that they provide should be elegant and clean and with full clarity. 


The system of contact tracing is something that most governments of the world of different countries and different cities and states have adopted. As far as this Safedavaoqr Davaocity com is concerned, the government has also given different kinds of contact numbers if there’s a need for any help so people can reach out to the helpline number well. 

the timing is given for the people to contact on all those helpline numbers. It will apply from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Many governments have used them in different methods, which is one way that has worked and given the results as far as the stopping of the disease spread is concerned.

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