Colorado Ballot Issues Results (Nov) Get An Overview! >> This article is about presidential election in the US and what changes exist over there.  

With the 59th quadrennial presidential elections underway in the United States, it is essential to see if the voters seek to re-elect the president and the vice president again or elect new ones.

On 3rd November 2020, Coloradoans along with the fellow Americans, went in to cast their ballot. The voters of the mountain state are going to decide 11 constitutional amendments as well as propositions that will alter the landscape of issues about property tax, medical and family leave and many more. All eyes will be set on the Colorado Ballot Issues Results.

It will also be crucial to see if the division amongst the Coloradoans widens or narrows when it comes to reintroducing Continental Divides’ grey wolf west. We will be getting to know more about the same from the Colorado Ballot Issues Results.

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What is an amendment and a proposition?

An amendment is a measure meant for amending the state constitution, whereas a proposition is the one meant for state statutes.

The new amendments for the state constitution

  • Repealing Gallagher: Amendment B: Coloradoan voters are strongly favouring the abrogation of Gallagher. 
  • Gallagher is a formula that provides an estimate of the property revenue tax collected from residential or other property types in the United States.
  • Charitable Gaming: Amendment C: Voters argue that easing restrictions on charitable gaming will enhance the scope of raising money as well as it will expand the charitable gaming in the state as well.
  • Citizenship Question: Amendment 76: Voters are mostly favouring the Amendment 76 approval that says that to vote, an individual should possess U.S. citizenship and should be 18 years old as per Colorado Ballot Issues Results.
  • Curtailing Gambling limits: Amendment 77: The purpose of introducing curtailment on gambling limits is to have more money that promotes degree completion and student retention programs on top of classroom instruction, workforce development agendas and financial assistance.

The new propositions for the state constitution

  • Tobacco Tax Increase: Proposition E.E.: This particular proposition is meant for increasing taxes on tobacco, cigarettes and other vaping products. The Colorado Ballot Issue Results foresees a victory for this.
  • National Popular Vote: Proposition 113: This proposition will align the state of Colorado to with other states that will elect the U.S. president through national popular vote. If the proposition is supported, Colorado will become the 15th state to be a part of the agreement.
  • Gray Wolves reintroduction: Proposition 114: If this particular proposition passes, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will have to chart out a plan for the reintroduction and management of grey wolves that often invade and kill the livestock of the farmers and thus, the proposition will seek compensation for the losses of livestock.
  • Prohibition of Abortions post 22 weeks: Proposition 115: Voters have united once again to reject abortion bans. Colorado is only one of the few states that have permitted abortions at any time. The Colorado Ballot Issue Results foresees the passing with the majority vote.

Final Words

After getting through all this information, we get to know about all amendments and propositions related to this election issues as a rise in the U.S.

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