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Papettimath com/meet (Nov) Education For Students -> Now educate your children while enjoying the quarantine period in 2020!

Is your child bright and sharp but stands average in the classroom? Well, marks never justify the intelligence quotient of a child. They neither will decide the future nor the career choice of a student or kid. Therefore, you can use Papettimath com/meet to sharpen the minds of your children in the quarantine period. 

The United States is the first country where digital transformation took place in the form of Ed-Tech. Many parents are buying electronic devices to facilitate education and smart Ed-tricks in their children’s lives. You can read this post to understand how parents are changing the education facet into their kids’ lives. 

What is Papettimath com/meet? is a website that proffers educational videos, tests, books, and much more to both the parents and students. The site has three sections, such as resources, videos, and MTBTS. Its mathematics subject is known since the developers, and online trainers have created easy-to-understand and user-friendly test sets and videos.

Specifications of

  • Loaded with useful resources
  • Powered by Weebly 
  • Site Security: Not secured as of now
  • Social Media Connections: TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Website Type: EdTech 

What are the resources?

The Papettimath com site shows resources that are useful for all students in the United States. You can visit the website and tap on the resources to check them out. However, we have listed some of them for your better understanding level:

  • Algebra IXL
  • Algebra Students
  • DeltaMath
  • Desmos
  • e-Math Instruction
  • Math 8 IXL
  • Math 8 Students

What videos can you watch?

To effectively sharpen the mind of your students or children, you can play the videos. The developers and educationists have thoroughly compiled the tricky mathematic topics. Below are some of the topics:

  • Back to Math
  • Ex-Exponents
  • MX plus
  • News 12 Long Island
  • Properties
  • Shading my graph down
  • Syllabus Rap
  • That is how you know
  • Think-parabola
  • What do you mean?
  • Work with Chrome

Customer Feedback:

Many parents are using Papettimath com/meet to train their children at home. The website has videos, e-books, and test sets on mathematics subjects for class 8 or above. Besides, the users are delighted with the services because the site owner also launches a tournament every year. It helps students to prove themselves in the field of mathematics. 

The parents are satisfied with the services, e-books, videos, and tournaments. They are recommending the websites. Some parents are complaining about site security as it is not certified with any registrar. 

Final Verdict:

Many students and parents are looking for digital transformation in the education field. Therefore, they are searching for ed-tech websites, and Papettimath com stands in the top ten list. You can find exciting and easy-to-understand resources to learn complex mathematics topics. The developers are using effective mediums for a comfortable learning experience. 

The digital transformation has undoubtedly brought new changes in the world. If you find ed-tech websites helpful, please share your feedback to help potential students and parents. 

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