Social Media 2020 Social Media (Nov) Share Your Texts And Pictures -> Here, we have talked about an App where you can share your texts and messages with your friends.

Are you looking for an online platform where you can perfectly express your reviews and viewpoints? Then it would be best if you gave a try to Social Media. This is the place where you can communicate with real-life people but not with bots. It helps to keep all your details and necessary information safe and secure. 

You will get many fans of this portal in the United States and Canada.

What is the best feature of

According to the, parlor safeguards the rights of many people from all across the world, and it keeps the rights of the community members explicitly. It helps people who want to share their variety of life experiences. It is a neutral platform that gives equitable treatment to everyone.

What is the viewpoint of believes that people are free to express their thoughts, as they are entitled to freedom of speech, security, and privacy. According to them, all their data and information will be kept safe in their system. That they never sell it off to third parties. 

How to submit the media inquiries?

As per the Social Media, to submit the media inquiries, you have to furnish your details to [email protected] 

Where to contact if someone faces a problem while logging on to the Parlor?

If you find any issue on, then you can send your email to [email protected]

What are the people reviews after using

According to people, setting up the Social Media account was not simple and easy. Many photos got deleted, and many people found its leading site and interface ugly and not so impressive. 

From where can one download this App?

A person can download this App from google playstore and Apple Store. 

What is the purpose of using the Parlor App? 

Parlor App is a fantastic app that helps you have amazing conversations with your friends and close ones. With this App, you can make new friends and engage yourself in a sensible discussion. This App will help you to create an everlasting relationship. 

What can you share on the Parlor App? 

On the Parlor App, you can share your messages and pictures with your friends or loved ones.

On which platform does the company have done its promotion?

This App has promoted itself on many renowned platforms like Twitter,   Facebook, and Gmail. 

Final Verdict

Here, we have talked about an App named Social Media, on which you can share your text messages and images with your friends. 

You can share your review with us if you are using this App in the United States and Canada. Write in the comment box mentioned below.  

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