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Among Fun. come [November 2020] What More Can Be Fun?  >>This article talks about a hack that helps crewmates to inject imposters in every single round in the game Among Us.

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There have been a lot of threats to the Covid-19 pandemic. But for the sake of war, these challenges have been accepted by people in several ways. 

One thing many people have embraced to remain involved was playing online games. While there are many games on the market of U.S.A, some have now become extremely popular.

Among Us, is one such online game that’s very famous in the Philippines, Malaysia and the United States

But a new hack in the game, Among or Among Fun. Come, allows people to win the match effortlessly. But this has sparked a debate between people around the world. 

What is Among Us?

The Among Us is a competitive game that is played online with people or strangers. The players in the game are categorized into two parts, crewmates and imposters

The crewmates are expected to complete the task given to them before the imposter destroys them. The imposter may also use the manipulation feature to generate issues and further postpone activities.

All the imposters have to be discovered by the crewmates for winning. The new hack, Among Fun. Comemakes it easy for crewmates to identify imposters. 

What is Among

As the game became more popular, many hackers began to introduce different techniques to win the game. Among Fun. Come is a new hack that helps crew mates emit competition imposters. This makes it easier for crewmates to play. 

The hacker must submit the name of the game and complete a human authentication phase through captcha. After this, the imposter would be injected into the game quickly.

Overall, Among Us is a fun game that gives enthusiasm as crewmates and imposters play it together. But the implementation of such hacks has become a subject of controversy among players worldwide.

Reaction Of people to this incident

Within a short time, Among Us, has become the most successful online multiplayer game in 2020. Players enjoyed the ultimate interface and how enjoyable and entertaining the game could be. The hunt between the crewmates and the imposters is a challenge to the game.

And as a result, many players are frustrated that hacks have been implemented in the games. Arguments between players on these hacks have occurred. These hacks make the game simple, let’s trick it, and let’s inject as many imposters as you like. Controversies on the use of Among Fun. Come have also intensified.


Whether you’ve finished the game, you know that immense enthusiasm of playing Among Us rests between both the search and the excitement triggered by destroying and disrupting if you’re an imposter, protecting your myths and finishing your crewmate tasks. 

The game could be between a total of 10 players. And if exploits like this also decrease the incidence of imposters, then the game will become repetitive and boring.

And so, players are arguing if this game must only be conducted for enjoyable or competitive reasons. A lot of people does not like it when other players use exploits like Among Fun. Come. Please let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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