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Fact Check Zuck (Nov) Know More About The Case -> This article is intended to have a very informative and unbiased tone. It leaves the power to decide in the hands of the readers on whether or not to support this reform.

This website Fact Check Zuck is about a case brought against Fact Checkers. So for all those who do not know on social media what a Fact Checker is. So fact-checkers effectively censor all articles that they believe are not accurate and have to be checked as the article may be written to promote fake news. 

Do not get fooled about assuming that these fact-checkers are bots; these fact-checkers are genuine persons assigned by Mark Zuckerberg to check the posting of unsafe or offensive content on social media.

So a well-known American political activist, Candace Owens, has filed a lawsuit against these fact-checkers. Facebook fact-checkers have restricted Candace Owens herself for sharing real-life experiences and for sharing her views on social media. Donald Trump tweeted on an incident that was censored on the Twitter feed. Then later, as per the Fact Check Zuck comment by Candice on her instagram account. 

There were times when a doctor posted about his experience of treating a patient with Covid-19 was censored. Thus, these things lead one after the other and Candice Owens is filing a case against these fact-checkers after churning for more than three months on this unique complaint.

About the website

Since Candice Owens’ case against these Facebook fact-checkers is very costly as she has already chosen the top lawyers, she has been asking her followers through Fact Check Zuck for donations to battle this litigation. Therefore, this is the primary goal of creating this website.


  •  This website is very young.
  •  The website is safe to browse.
  • Services offered on the website

The website Fact Check Zuck is primarily for the donation of the case brought against the Fact-checkers of Facebook.

Is It Safe?

Even though everyone has freedom of expression, this website is in defence of people, and also the Fact that fact-checkers do not have the power to prevent people from doing so. Everyone is free to share their opinions, and they should not be censored like this. This website is thus legal, and the cause behind this website is in support of ordinary citizens throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews of this website as this website. This website, clearly because of its nature of the content. However, after a considerable amount of research on the internet. There are an enormous number of youtube channels that are promoting and supporting this lawsuit and also encouraging the audience to keep the same.

Final Verdict

Personally, this lawsuit is fair enough for everyone to have freedom of speech on social media sites and to express their thoughts or views with absolute freedom. Zuckerberg, though, said in one of his interviews that no matter who said those words, the words that are found on Fact Check Zuck to be contradictory should be censored. There is now a vote in your side as to whether or not to help this litigation.

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