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The main aim of this article is to describe the features of Martial Peak 1993 and introduce the secrets of this chapter.

Do you read one of the famous novels, “Martial Peak”? So, you know each chapter of “Martial Peak” offers a great plot. But among all, chapter number 1993 contains something unique. 

Our extensive research can explore the chapter’s story and features. The online publication of this chapter received much appreciation among the United States and Thailand readers. 

Especially the readers of this novel are taking much interest in this specific chapter. So, our research will disclose the essential information about – Martial Peak 1993

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The Basic Data of Martial Peak

As per our research, “Martial Peak” becomes the reader’s choice in a rapid time. Many readers read this novel via online publication.

It is the story of a person’s journey the challenges the main character faces in the journey. Each chapter provides a more vital message to the readers.

Our research also finds out some basic information about the novel.

  • Category– Action, Drama and Martial Art.
  • Writer– Momo
  • Chinese Name– the Chinese Name of the novel is “Wu Lian Feng”.
  • Total Chapters– 6009
  • Translator– “Divine Dao Library” is translating chapters in the English Language.

Martial Peak 1993 -the Plot

Chapter 1993 describes the conversation between Mo Xiao Qi and Yang Kai. Our research found out that Mo Xiao Oi called Yang her “Big Brother”.

In this specific chapter, the story reveals that Xiao Qi is searching for Yang Kai. But when Xiao found Yang, she got surprised. The situation tells us Yang is injured, and the blood indicates the damaged shoulder of Yang.

Mo Xiao Oi was surprised and how Yang got injured. Xiao starts questioning Yang’s damaged shoulder. But Xiao also understood Yang’s injury was done due to an attack.

Martial Peak 1993 and the Five Colour Pagoda

The chapter 1993 describes “Five Colour Pagoda”. As per our research on the chapter, we know the “Five Colour Pagoda” is one of the unique attractions of “Fenglin City”. 

The Pagoda consists of – “Qiqi Commerce Chamber”, “Holy Land of Tianwu”, “Temple of Qingyang”, “Temple of Wuhua” and “Ziyuan Commerce Chamber”. 

The chapter also describes the city of “Fenglin”. The town is owned by “Duwan Yiwei”. Our research says the chapter discloses the hidden truth of “Fenglin”. The city is famous for its beauty, martial arts institutions and the greatness of its historical evidence and secrets. That is the brief of Martial Peak 1993


Our research says the chapter is received massive appreciation among the readers. Especially readers like the secrets of “Fenglin” city.

As per the recent report, the chapter is viewed by 50 million readers. That is huge and massive for any Chinese novel. Media reports also say that smartphone users are the most readable chapter.


As per our research, if you are interested in this novel, you can read it on the “Qidian” official website. “Qidian” is regularly published in the chapter of the book.

On the other hand, Martial Peak 1993 is famous for its plot, exciting facts of “Fenglin city”, and brave characters like Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi.

If you want to read this specific chapter, you can check the official link of Divine Dao Library.

 What is an Interesting factor in chapter 1993? Share your view.

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