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The details given below can help you understand Why Did Not Ukraine Join NATO and its related impact and issues.

Are you all wondering what is going on around the world? Why is the geopolitics of the world-changing very rapidly? Why is always their imminent danger of war? To get the answers to all your queries, follow the details below.

Today, the entire world is thinking about the Ukraine-Russia war and how this war will shape the future of geopolitics Worldwide. The central question involving these questions is Why Did Not Ukraine Join NATO despite knowing the inevitable danger of war with Russia.

This question, along with other questions, requires a good amount of analysis presented below. So, do read it in detail to get the answer.

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About NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO is an inter-governmental military organization of 28 European and 2 North American countries. The organization aims collective security against security attacks on any member nation. The Headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium.

Despite being a collective security-based organization, you will be surprised at Why Did Not Ukraine Join NATO. So let us understand it further.

Ukraine started aspiring for membership in 2008. However, after the 2010 presidential election, Ukraine decided to remain non-aligned and not join NATO.

Conditions To Become NATO Member

  • Any European country with a promise to follow the principles of the Washington treaty.
  • They can also contribute to the Euro-Atlantic area
  • Invitation from the North Atlantic Council.
  • They should be democratic in character and follow market economic policies.
  • Equality for minorities.
  • A commitment for peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Through these, anyone can become a member of NATO. As a result, the number of alliance members has increased from 12 to 30. North Macedonia was the newest entry to the organization. Georgia and Ukraine are its aspiring members.

Why Did Not Ukraine Join NATO

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 and Ukrainian parliamentary elections made Ukraine joining NATO a top priority. But still, it could not join as:

  • The Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted NATO never to accept Ukraine as its member.
  • Russia never wanted eastward expansion of NATO or deployment of long-range missiles capable of hitting Russian cities like those in Romania and Poland.
  • Thus the imminent threat from Russia kept Ukraine from joining NATO.

Also, as per experts, some of the reasons may be:

  • Ukraine might not be fulfilling the conditions to join NATO.
  • European leadership is also concerned that this may impact their relationship with Russia.

And that is Why Did Not Ukraine Join NATO.

Impact Of The Issue Of Ukraine Joining NATO

The current Ukraine-Russia war emanated from this very issue of Ukraine joining NATO. Russia considered it an attack on its national security, and they finally waged war against Ukraine on Thursday.

As per the experts, it is too late for Ukraine to join NATO.

The Final Verdict

The truth is that Ukraine is not part of NATO, and Ukrainians are also now thinking, Why Did Not Ukraine Join NATO. Currently, the situation is highly volatile as the war is risking civilian lives. You must read NATO-Ukraine relation to understand it further.

What are your thoughts on this? Please comment below.

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