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Today, we will discuss the most searched chapter of the novel these days, i.e., Martial Peak 1990. If you are also interested in Martial Peak, continue to read.

Are you interested in reading different language novels? Then, you must have heard of the Chinese Web novel Martial Peak.

People Worldwide are excited about the novel plot and always ready to read the chapter as soon as available in English. While novels are not limited to magazines nowadays, several internet sources let the users enjoy it in audio or video format. Today, we are going to see about Martial Peak 1990 chapter.

What is the novel Martial Peak about?

Martial Peak is a Chinese novel with more than 6000 chapters and is written by Momo. This novel is perfect if you are interested in action, martial arts, and the Xuanhuan genre. The journey of the martial peak is lonely and long.

One must have to stay strong in the face of adversity. Then only the power is achievable. “High Heaven Pavilion” is located in Great Han Dynasty.

The protagonist Yang Kai lowly sweeper one day and obtained a black book that propelled him to the pinnacle of the martial arts world. Before proceeding with Martial Peak 1990, let us know its characters.

Characters of the novel:

We’ve already met Yang Kai; now it’s time to meet the other characters who will appear in the chapter. The Martial peak has many characters, but the story revolves around Yang Kai, and in this chapter, we will see Su Yan who perform Snow As Clear Sky.

  • Su Yan is Yang Kai’s first wife and the High Heaven Pavilion’s primary follower.
  • Bing Yun is the Valley Master and founder of Ice Heart Valley in the Northern Territory of Star Boundary and the Ancestral Founder of Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley.

What is in Martial Peak 1990?

The chapter begins with a pleasant mood of Yang Kai after inadvertently obtaining such a rare ice flower treasure. Now he is ready to move to the bottom of the cliff. But on hearing a strange sound, he stopped and saw a snow-white ray of light smashing the ground into vast ravines.

After discovering Spirit Eater Monster Insect, he searched for the attack source but could not believe his eyes. Yang Kai keeps guessing that these insects are caterpillar-sizes and are incapable of harming martial artists. While the story continues in Martial Peak 1990, he concluded that is surely a “Monster Insect Queen.”

Chapter 1990 continued:

Yang Kai tried to implement secret techniques that his first wife Su Yan tried in front of the owner. However, this Monster Insect Queen’s skill of this move Secret Technique, Snow As Clear Sky, is well beyond Su Yan’s ability. She learned this secret technique from Ice Heart Valley.

But he remembered that the master Bing Long said that Martial Ancestor Bing Yun of Ice Heart Valley would most likely never die. Only Bing Yun’s mysterious frost sword in the forbidden cold lake and no Bing Yun’s Blank Mind Crystal.


Martial Peak 1990 is in volume 11, named Malpe Wood City. We hope you find the required information here. You can read the novel Martial Peak from here.

Do you want to know what happens to Monster Insect Queen? Then, write us in the comment section below.

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