Face Mask Reviews 2020 Face Mask Reviews [April] Scam or Legit? >> If you are looking for DIY face mask tutorials, then you must check out this post.

If you are reading this post, then you have wanted to make your DIY face mask. The Face Mask Reviews will tell you just how to create one. 

Face masks are crucial and must be worn when stepping out of your house. Since we know the virus can spread rather quickly by mere interactions with an infected human. Also, the CDC claims that it is best to use cloth masks. 

It will ensure our healthcare workers have ample supply of the n95 masks for they are in closer contact with the sick. Jennifer maker is a blogger who is based out of the United States. Read this review further to find out more regarding this blog and its blogger. 

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What is face mask? 

It is a website blog set up by Jennifer who teaches people to find their inner creatives. The DIY style tutorials are available both as write-ups as well as videos. On one of her tutorials, she shows how to make a mask at home. 

The supplies of masks are dwindling; she mentions in her initial explanation. Also suggesting that the supplies of N95 and surgical masks should be left for doctors and nurses. She moves on to mention that the face mask can be easily made in three minutes. 

Should you make this mask?

Given the rise in cases and how it spreads, the CDC has been recommending cloth masks. A mask that can cover your nose and mouth, so you do not inhale infected droplets when coming in contact with an infected individual. 

If you are wondering is Face Mask legitthen you mustn’t! The posts merely mention how and why to make face masks. They suggest that while the mask may not be able to protect you. It sure will slow down the spread by you or any other. You must only wear them when outdoors in a crowd. 

It is a sure-shot way of protecting your young ones, elderly as well as yourself. This DIY face mask will barely take up any time, and since it is more made to measure. You will have one that fits your face better than a store-bought/mass-produced mask. 

The benefit of making your mask

The website talks about not just how to make the face mask but also how to put your time to use. At such a time, clear and correct information is needed. 

  • The best combination for a Face mask is a fabric made from non-woven polypropylene and 100% lightly woven cotton. Your heavyweight t-shirt, tightly woven cotton, flannel, high thread count sheets, quilting cotton etc., are best used for this purpose. 
  • It can be made in 3 minutes and will not take too much of your time. 
  • A no-sew mask can also be created if you do not own a sewing machine. 
  • This process of making masks by will upcycle all your old unused clothing/fabrics. 
  • You do not have to go out to fetch for materials. All the materials used are available in your homes. 
  • Since it is DIY, you can opt your own mouth/nose/ear measurements to ensure the best fit. 
  • You can use any printed fabric, solid coloured or create motifs on the mask! The idea is to get creative.

Customer reviews of face mask.

These reviews are available on the website itself. 

A Pam Bryan comments first regarding Jennifer, stating that she is truly a wonderful person. Continues to say that the blogger could have made money out of selling the mask patterns online. But instead, put them up on the website for everyone to access for free. She concludes by thanking her and that people could learn from her. 

Another happy user Lizzy comments that the post is fantastic and thanks to the blogger for putting effort into making the post. Ends her comment by saying that she can’t thank enough for making the three-minute video. 

Final Verdict- 

The site cannot be called a scam and seems to be helping viewers. These three-minute masks could come in handy at a time like such. has provided with patterns that can be printed and used to create a DIY face mask at home. 

To conclude, there is no harm in trying out making the mask at home. The website also provides more detail regarding the usage of masks which you must read. 

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