Etsy Cloth Face Mask Reviews 2020

Etsy Cloth Face Mask Reviews [April] Is It a Legit Store? >> This article is for those who wish to learn more about etsy cloth masks.

With the growing pandemic, it has become extremely important that we take care of ourselves using the precautionary measures like wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and so on.

Since, these products have become an essential in today’s world; the demand is rising higher than the supply can meet it. However, several commercial companies are adopting a strategic move by shifting into manufacturing these essential units, to meet the growing change.

Here’s introducing an online store that sells cloth face masks. The store is registered in the United States.

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What is Etsy Cloth Face Mask? Company has come up with these beautiful and attractive face masks, which are all re-usable. The masks can simply be washed and dried for using again and again. However, the company has stated clearly that none of them are N95 certified or medically acclaimed to fight corona virus.

This clothed protection is meant for regular use and is a preliminary covering against superficial air pollution. The masks are available in different designs and color combinations to suit your mood and most importantly, they are pocket friendly.

How does it work?

Etsy cloth masks are not like other complicated masks having filters of different grades. They are simple pieces of cloth that can be worn over your mouth and nose for preliminary protection.

Who should buy this?

In the present scenario, no one should leave his or her abode without wearing a mask. If buying medically certified ones becomes difficult, do not hesitate to purchase these simple alternatives. They can equally protect you from the deadly disease caused by Corona Virus.

These masks are affordable and not boring at all, so one can easily invest in them.

Why is it famous? not only sells masks but also other items like men and women clothing, shoes, home and living commodities etc. There’s a large repertoire of items present in this online shop to choose from.

The website has a secure SSL certification, which is meant to keep your data safe. Since the company has been into the online business for a long time, people already know about it. So, trust issues won’t be there.

However, since we are discussing the masks over here, the collection of the same is commendable. None of the masks are the high-end ones and ‘etsy’ is absolutely clear about it.

Shipping, returns and exchanges will happen according to the company’s policies which are explicitly explained in the website. It seems has an app too, which can be downloaded on your phone and orders can be placed through it.

What are the negative remarks about it?

I don’t find any negative point here to be discussed. Instead, it’s praise worthy that has shouldered this benevolent task of encouraging manufacturers and sellers to produce masks even if it’s for first hand protection.

The website is a popular one and has already established itself in the e-commerce world rendering faithful services in delivering satisfiable products to it’s customers. is a known name among internet visitors, so the question of scam doesn’t arise at all. The company has got social media presence and there are also external links which lead to it.

is Etsy Cloth Face Mask legit?

Yes, is a legit site because it has been into business since long. However, portraying into selling masks is anew. Still, going by it’s reputation, one cannot expect not to deliver the masks or provide inferior quality ones.

That’s because it has already claimed that the masks are not medically proved and doesn’t incorporate any of those nano-technology features for filtering deadly viruses. However, such masks aren’t futile also.

They can be used by one and all for surface protection and can be easily afforded due to low costs. I feel it’s a great initiative on the part of this prudent company to venture into selling cloth masks in this hour of need.


When products are going off the shelves too soon, especially essentials like face masks, then it’s a blessing that e-commerce companies like has spread it’s legs into the world of masks and have taken up the initiative to make these available to all.

So, I guess one shouldn’t wait but grab the product as soon as possible. Since, these masks are made of cloth and are attractive having different colors and designs, one will never get irritated or bored of wearing them.

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