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Zcsers Reviews [April 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> In this article, we intend to check the authenticity of the site and clarify if the site is legit or not.

Do you wish to decorate your home with the style of furniture that matches your lifestyle? Then, Zscers is the site for you.

With the advent of the new digital era, one can not only buy a variety of clothes online but also design the rooms at the convenience of your home. This site brings to you a lot of choices of furniture for your rooms and gardens. The only concern of the customers is the legitimacy of the site: is Zscers scam a reality?

Well, after going through Zscers com reviews, we can inform you that the site is functional in the United State, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. And the customers are delighted to receive a wide range of offers in conjunction with the variety of designs in line with the latest trends.

If you are interested in purchasing patio and other trending furniture online, you can place an order online. Additionally, customers can customize the furniture as per their desired needs.

But before you order any product from this site, we would like you to go through this article to decide if Zscers com legit or a scam.

What is Zscers.com? Is it Legit?

Zscers is an online platform that offers you with different patterns of designer furniture at an inexpensive price

The products include a bed, sofa, tilting trike, etc. on a single page. This might lead to confusion among potential buyers and they might lose their interest.

The parts of the bed provided by the company are easy to assemble. They are manufactured specifically to increase the charm and beauty of the room. The products are easily transported to the aforementioned countries, thereby, charging no shipping fees.

Regarding the ordering procedure, it is simple and hassle-free. After you have selected a product, go to the payment option and proceed to pay online.

But the address and contact number provided on the site seems fake. And the customers in the past have faced difficulties while contacting the site. A few other customers complained about the poor quality of products delivered to them. The content on the site, also, seems copied from another eCommerce site.

Despite a few drawbacks, the site has been recognized for the uniqueness in products. So, what makes Zscers so unique?

A passionate home-maker likes to decorate the rooms in a specific way. It must be unique and incorporate the ideas of the home-maker. This is where the site plays an imperative role and helps to customize the products as per the requirements.

A customer can give a new splendid look to a room with an elegant yet sober-looking bed, which includes storage, mattress, and high-quality wood.

The furniture is available in different sizes, colors, and styles.

Now, let us discuss the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback of this site.

Specifications of Zscers:

  • Product: customized furniture
  • Email:  YTJYTUKUIKJYTJ4563@gmail.com (invalid/fake)
  • Shipping fee: Free of cost
  • Exchange: No exchanges
  • Returns: 14 days after the receipt date
  • Mode of payment: Online payment only

Pros of buying from Zscers:

  • Personalized styling of furniture can be ordered online
  • Products are readily available in multiple countries
  • Handy shopping options available at affordable prices
  • Returns and refunds are easily available

Cons of buying from Zscers:

  • Address and contact details of the owner are not listed or are invalid
  • There is no customer support number
  • Only online payment is available
  • Delivery could take more time than expected
  • No Exchange policy

Customer reviews on Zscers:

As mentioned earlier, the customers are suspicious about the owner due to the non-availability of contact details.

In addition to that, there have been a lot of online scams due to the corona-virus, which has given birth to the hacking of account details and resulted in fraudulent activities.

Happy customers relish innovative services at reasonable prices. But the above-mentioned reasons, along with no return policy and lack of security measures, might put them in dilemma.

Final Verdict:

After careful consideration of all the points, we are unsure about the authenticity of this site. 

Due to Zero social media presence, the site loses confidence in buyers and results in decreased customer retention. It raises a few doubts in the minds of the customer about the delivery and quality of delivered products.

Hopefully, we clarified all your concerns related to shipping, delivery, legitimacy, and products on this website.

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