Is Urrepl Scam [July] Know about its Legitimacy Here! -> Here you get to know about the legitimacy of a site claims to sell home decor items, but they are selling sprinklers at very low prices.

Are you looking for various decorative items at cost-effective prices? Decorating a home is a pleasure as its beauty will be astounding, and you will be mesmerized by it. There are different varieties of home decor items, and choosing the right products at the right prices is very tough. 

But there is one site based in the United States named Urrepl. The items the site offers are beautiful, and people have many questions regarding the authenticity of this site, and they are asking questions like Is Urrepl Scam

So, in this Urrepl Reviews, you will have the answers to your questions about this site. Continue with us for all the details. 

Is Urrepl Scam?

The Urrepl Reviews says that the site has not provided true information about itself, and the site has shared the contact details of itself, and the address is fake. There is a residential apartment in the given address. 

The site has rare customer and Google reviews and the results found are very negative. The trust score of the site is only 1%, which makes it highly suspicious. Apart from this, it is also very new, only one month old. 

There were no details found about the owner of the site, and many credentials are also missing. The site has no presence on social media platforms. The site has showcased many categories to choose from, but when clicked on some categories, it was all blank. 

The site also has limited products available, and the products are nowhere to find much. The site has showcased categories related to home decor and accessories, but when clicked on some of the pages for products, they were selling pools sets, and sprinklers ate low prices.

 Such confusing details make us say that it can be a possible scam.

What is the Urrepl website?

  • The site claims to sell different home decor items, jewelry items, cummerbunds, etc. at low prices. The site has provided free shipping on all of its orders.
  • The categories to choose from the site are Beaded necklaces, learning & school, cummerbunds, neckties, and pendants. The homepage has minimal information showcased. 
  • By clicking on to the homepage products, it leads to sprinklers and pool sets. Let’s check out the specifications.

Specifications of Urrepl website:

  • Website: It claims to sell home decor and accessories at low prices, but in reality, it sells sprinklers and pool sets. 
  • Contacting number: +15202014500.
  • The company’s address is 6626 west sharal park drive, Weat valley city, Utah,84120.
  • The customer service is available at [email protected].
  • The delivery time of orders is 10-22 days.
  • The return policy is valid for 14 days.
  • The website link is https://www.urrepl.com/.
  • The modes of payments are VISA, PayPal, American Express, and Discover.

Positive remarks on the Urrepl website:

  • The site has low prices.
  • The site gives free shipping.
  • The site has given different modes of payment.
  • The site has mentioned its credentials well.
Negative remarks of the Urrepl website:
  • The site has no social media presence.
  • The site is very new.
  • The site gives misleading information about itself.
  • The site is not maintained well.
  • The website has limited products.
  • The Urrepl Reviews are less.
  • The site has a low trust score.
What are people saying about the Urrepl website?

There are not many Urrepl Reviews, but the ones found were mostly negative. The site has no social media presence, and that can be the reason for its low customer reviews.

The ones found said that the site claims to sell decorative items, but the actual products it is selling is sprinklers. One customer said that the site does not look trustworthy, and he does not recommend it to anyone.

Final Verdict on the Urrepl website:

The answer to the question ‘Is Urrepl Scam’ is undoubted; yes, the website has given many misleading details about itself. Plus, it does have a low trust score and fewer customer reviews. 

The site also does not have any social media presence. The address of the company is fake. Hence, we do not recommend our readers to buy anything from this site as it is not legit.

Do share your Urrepl Reviews with us in the comment box.

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