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Airycloth Reviews (Oct 2020) Is It Scam or Not? >> In this article, we are informing you about a website that sells women’s fashion apparel and accessories.

Are you finding an online portal that matches your sense of fashion? Well, then you must check Airycloth this time!! 

We recently stumbled on several Airycloth Reviews, so we thought of sharing its details with our readers and helping them make a perfect shopping decision. 

Airycloth is based in the United States and is around three years old, making it a potential online portal, but still, we found several loopholes on the website. So we started researching the website and thought of providing an unbiased review for you. 

You need to relax and read the review mindfully to answer your queries, such as Is it trustworthy? Or Is Airycloth Scam? 

What is Airycloth?

Airycloth is a three-year-old international e-commerce company selling women fashion clothing products. The company sells dresses, blouses, coats, sweaters, shoes, bottoms, denim pants, and accessories on a considerable discount. 

The website has mixed Airycloth Reviews, and several things are suspicious. You need to understand the website’s loopholes to get rid of scam sites, so please keep reading. 

Specifications of Airycolth

  • Company URL-
  • Email- Unavailable
  • Number- Unavailable
  • Return and Exchange- Available
  • Refund- Available
  • Payment- Multiple Mode
  • Tracking Order- Available
  • Shipment- 1-7 business days
  • Privacy-Available

Pros of Airycolth

  • The website is famous.
  • It is an old online portal. 
  • It has social media handles and promotional advertisements.
  • It has different warehouses in different parts of the world and has a huge variety of products.
  • It looks professional and user-friendly.

Cons of Airycolth

  • The website does not provide essential information.
  • It provides a lot of discounts even on the new arrivals.
  • It has copied images, banners, and content from other websites. 
  • It does not have an active social media handle. 
  • McAfee or Norton does not secure it and it is showing copied content on its ‘privacy policy’ page.

Is Airycloth Scam?

If you are still wondering about – Is Airycloth Scam?then the answer is No, it is a very old site with a certain amount of popularity. But there are several drawbacks that the company should vanish to make it trustworthy. 

We have mentioned all the drawbacks above and no one should ever trust the website with such bad features. In our Airycloth Reviews, we will not recommend the site to purchase anything. 

What are people saying about Airycloth?

People have mixed opinions about the website and its products, some reviews show satisfaction and some reviews show dissatisfaction about refund and quality issues. We also came across several Airycloth Reviews where customers were unhappy with the company’s customer support system. 

Final Verdict

All said and done, we have mentioned each aspect of the website and what problems people are facing with its products, so we will urge you to take a wise shopping decision and save your hard-earned money from scam websites. 

If by any chance, you have already purchased from the website, feel free to comment down your experience to help others. 

2 thoughts on “Airycloth Reviews (Oct 2020) Is It Scam or Not?”
  1. This review is a little suspicious, too. First you say it’s based in the United States, but then give headquarters address as Hong Kong. Next, you say it’s only three years old, but then say it’s a very old website. Three years is not “old” even for a website. Amazon is a very old website – it’s been around for over a decade. You also claim the website is “famous.” No, it isn’t. That why people are trying to find out more about it, and I’m sorry, but with all the “cons” and red flags even you mention, and after only being around three years, there’s no way this is a “famous” website. Your English is also highly questionable, which makes me wonder if this site wasn’t set up by Airycloth trying to make it look legitimate. Pointing out faults doesn’t fool anyone if everything else you wrote is obviously encouraging people to use it by claiming it is not a scam… but then say you don’t recommend anyone purchase products from it. So which is it? This site does nothing but confuse those reading it who actually speak English.

    I could be totally wrong, but other review sites are showing that a lot of what you said doesn’t add up. Also, from my own experience, sites that use photos from other sources usually send a product that’s nothing like the one in the picture. If this is such an old, famous, professional site, why can’t they take their own photos of their own products? That’s probably the biggest red flag, and yet you seem to think no one will notice. And looking “professional and user-friendly” is something anyone with a computer can achieve using free websites like Weebly. It’s no guarantee that it really is either professional or user-friendly. Your “pros” are weak at best, while the “cons” are downright alarming. I’m afraid I’m going to have consider this site a scam, too, unless you can show me where and how I’m wrong.

    1. Awesome review of their review! Thank you so much! I hope those seeking to know if this is a legit company will read what you have written! Thank you!

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