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Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Scam [Sept 2020] Is It Legit? -> This article will help you decide whether the health tracking device is reliable for buying to make yourself more fit and active.

Are you looking for a fit and healthy lifestyle to live a great life? Start tracking your fitness today. The smartwatch technique to track your healthy lifestyle is here with the help of Thermofit Advanced Tracker.

No matter what you are a beginner or a pro, you must track your workout with an advanced tracker device. However, before you buy it, you must know Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Scam

It has been noted that many fitness geeks in the United States have become the prey of dodgy products. So, you have to aware of the scam. Knowing the Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews will help you.

Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Scam?

Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews say before you buy the Thermofit Advanced Tracker, you must know if the product is reliable. As the product has beautiful UX and UI, it is tough to make out the frequent buyers’ reality.

However, our best team read out the technical aspects and found out the product’s authenticity.

 To know more, keep reading without skipping it. 

What is Thermofit Advanced Tracker?

The Thermofit Advanced Tracker is a smartwatch that tracks your body temperature, heart rate, and other health priorities. The device tracks your physical health and reminds your fitness goal.

As per the studies, the device is a multi-beneficial. It can set your goal, remind your fitness goal, and track your organ-status, BMI level, and other related health traits. 

It also counts your steps and the calories that you burn every day. Advance Bluetooth 4.0+ helps you connect the device with other electronic devices.

Specifications of Thermofit Advanced Tracker:

  • Product detail: Smartwatch for health tracking
  • Price: $49.99
  • It is connected with any Android or iOS phone or tab.
  • Battery-driven
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Advanced alarm system for health goals. 
  • Ultra-bright easy-to-read 1.14-inch large screen LCD 
  • Long-lasting battery life within 2 hours, and seven days standby time
  • Fast and simple setup that takes a couple of minutes
  • Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Water resistance
  • Each ThermoFit Tracker is attached to a silicone band and instruction manual. 

What are the benefits of Thermofit Advanced Tracker?

  • The device can track your physical fitness and use an alarm for your fitness goal.
  • It is easy to carry and keep in a safe place.
  • It tracks your steps and counts it to manage the burnt calories.
  • The device can be attached to any Android or iOS device.
  • The advanced Bluetooth 4.0+ helps to collect it with any other electronic devices.
  • Collected to any mobile, computer, or tabs is easy.
  • You will get a long-lasting battery life and more than seven days standby times.
  • You can gift the device to your friends and family.
  • It has a well-attached silicon band with the device.
  • You can wear it when swimming.
  • You can share your health status to any social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or interest through the device.

What are the disadvantages of Thermofit Advanced Tracker?

  • The price is a little higher.
  • It is not tailor-made for the athletes or sportspersons.
  • A handful of apps come free with the device.

What do people say about the product?

Concerning the product and the specifications, people are hopeful about the device. As per the Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews, people love to use the product. Most buyers are happy to use it because they were unknown to their bodies and the health status.

Most of the athletes and the sportsmen are using this device, and they are hopeful about their fitness goal because of the smart technique of the tracker.

The final verdict:

According to the Thermofit Advanced Tracker Reviews, the device is more like a smartphone that tracks the health status and helps you to be updated through social media. 

Also, the advanced Bluetooth 4.0+ helps you collect with any smartphone, computer, or tablet with the help of an Android or iPhone operating system. 

The specifications of the tracking device are so clear and vast that there is no doubt on its usage. Also, it has been noticed that the smart techniques are software that the tracker uses are updated and real-time.

Finally, the answer of Is Thermofit Advanced Tracker Scam is we do not doubt the tracker device. So, we recommend it as a legit and very useful device.

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  1. Things that make go Hummmmm ? No mfg on documents. Software requires access to contacts phone apps or won’t work properly (it tried change my account password) Smacks of China scams too good to be true BEWARE

  2. The first one I got worked for one day
    They sent a replacement and this one doesn’t even charge
    Don’t waste your time or money
    It does not work and they will do anything to keep your money

  3. Terrible product. It constantly changes settings with the slightest of movements and half the apps don’t work. They expect you to pay to return it for a refund then there is no guarantee they’ll actually refund your money. Sorry I bought it.

  4. I got one. Liked it a lot and could not wait for it to arrive. Have had nothing but bad luck with it. Am going to send it back and want my money back. Sent them an email at [email protected] on the 15th of October and have NOT heard back from them. Support? no such thing!

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