Is Bodyslight Legit

Is Bodyslight Legit {July} Think And Buy From Legit Site -> In this article, you get to know about an online store selling electrical fat burners equipment and accessories.

For how many times you have bought electrical fat burners equipment and accessories? Now check out Bodyslight.

Is Bodyslight legit? Is the first question before you decide to buy from this site. Many people are not aware of it, as this site is new.

At present, this site is popular in the United States. It has received many reviews from there. If you are interested in buying new electrical fat burner equipment and accessories, our Bodyslight Reviews will help you.

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Is Bodyslight Legit?

Is Bodyslight Legit? Let me describe Bodyslight in detail. The domain of the website is almost 62 days old as on July 9, 2020. As this website is new, there are not many reviews available on the internet. The website states that it has SSL security enabled which is good. But, there is no presence on social media.

This site does not have an outstanding market presence, as well. Many positive reviews about the site are not available, which is quite a negative sign for making decisions. The price listing of the items offered is also meagre as compared to other websites, which is too good to be real. This website does not look legit enough.

What is Bodyslight?

Bodyslight is a website which sells electrical fat burners and accessories. It offers you fat-burning ultrasound, infrared, and ions equipment. It also offers many accessories.

The products they offer are identical to products provided by significant eCommerce websites, and their prices of the listed products are low as compared to those significant eCommerce websites.

But how safe will your money be? How will safe your money be if you buy from this website? What makes us doubt this website? Many facts and reasons can tell us that this website is a scam or legit.

Specifications of Bodyslight

  • Type of the website- electrical fat burning equipment and accessories
  • Time is taken for shipping- not mentioned
  • Time for delivery- 10 to 15 days
  • Exchange- exchange facility is available
  • Return- within 30 days of purchase
  • Shipping charge- no charges
  • Cancellation of order- buyer, cannot cancel the order
  • The contact number of the company- not mentioned
  • Address of the company- not mentioned
  • Email address-
  • Payment method- You can pay by credit cards or Paypal

Pros of buying from Bodyslight

  • Wide varieties of electrical fat burners and accessories are available on this website.
  • Prices are meagre as compared to other major eCommerce websites.
  • Shipping is provided free of cost.
  • Return and refund is possible within 30 days of purchase.
  • Worldwide delivery is available.

Cons of buying from Bodyslight

  • In certain situations, partial refund is granted as per the statement of the site.
  • The prices of the listed products are erratic to its specifications.
  • Delivery of orders can take up to 15 days which is quite long to wait for your orders.
  • Payment method is limited to credit cards or Paypal only; one cannot pay via debit cards.
  • No contact number provided for telephonic help or assistance.
  • A physical address is not present, which makes one doubt its genuineness.

What are customers saying about Bodyslight?

There are more than one hundred positive customer feedback on the website regarding the various products they offer. These reviews state that they received the order quickly, 100% recommended for fat loss, got results in 7 days and there are also reviews of people claiming that they lost 5 pounds in a month.

But apart from this website, there are no positive reviews to be seen all around on other websites or social media platforms. Which makes us doubt the reviews given on the site as all of them are 5 star rated reviews which is so good to be real.

Final verdict

Recollecting our analyzed data, we find that there is no contact number or physical address of the website, you cannot use debit cards to make payments, no reviews apart from its site. The prices of the items listed on the website are too reasonable to be real as compared to other eCommercewebsites.

Moreover, the prices of the items are erratic concerning the item specifications, which signifies a forged job. And the terms and conditions of the site are somehow awkward, especially partial returns under certain situations which is unfair to buyers who spend lots of money to make their lives better.

We conclude that Bodyslight is not legit. We hope our Bodyslight Reviews will be beneficial to you.

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  1. I think I have been done on some Cat litter boxes they have taken my money 3 times now I tried to get in contact with them to get my money back no such luck I dont even think I will get the goods that I orderd any sit e that gives this email is realy dodgy
    The site I orderd from was uk

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