Is Townclothes Xyz Legit

Is Townclothes Xyz Legit {July} – Are You Going For Legit Site? -> It is an online company that claims to provide the best quality of Nintendo switches.

Do you love to play online games? Then you must look for certain accessories that will enhance your gaming experience. There is an ample number of companies that are present on the internet portal through which you can buy specific equipment. And one such company is So today, with the help of this article we will figure out Is Legit or not?

The company has started its office in the United States. But very soon, you will see that it will expand its business in the whole world. 

Here, we have tried to put forth all the Reviews in front of you for better clarity. Read this post, and here you will see if this company is good for shopping or not.  

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Do you find Legit?

As far as our research, we do not find this website a legit place to go for online shopping. This website will extract your essential information and may lead to the scammers. There are a lot of things regarding the site that will look suspicious to every user. 

At first glance, the company tried to look as if it is any clothing wear brand name but reviewing the website we found it is a Nintendo switch company.

Secondly, we came to know that does not own any authority to sell Nintendo switches. We also came up with another reason that would justify Is Legit or not is the absence of contact number and mailing address of the owner of the company. 

So, the chances are higher that you will end up facing lots of issues while contacting the customer support panel. In case you receive the wrong product, or you do not get satisfied with the services. 

The prices of the product are so low that anyone would get confused about whether one should go ahead with the shopping or not. 

So, we suggest you don’t go for this website for shopping as it may prove as a scam for you. 

What is is amongst those shopping websites that offer you the chance to buy Nintendo switches. The company claims to provide you with the best gaming experience that is not possible with any other thing. 

Can you mention here all the specifications of

The specifications of are listed below:

  • Hosted By:
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, VISA, stripe, Mastercard, Cash On Delivery
  • Shipping Fee: It is $10 on most of the item 
  • Return Policy: You can return the product within 30 days if you do not like its quality. 
  • Warehouse Address: 52 butler st.Unit A Elizabeth, New Jersey 07206 United States
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone: (203) 214-1366
  • Refund Process: The company will initiate the refund amount within five days after getting your query. 

What are the benefits of doing online shopping from

The benefits of doing online shopping from are:

  • Here on this online platform, you can buy all kinds of Nintendo switches. 
  • The company has tried to put forth all the necessary information about the company. 
  • The prices of all the products are kept reasonable. 

Tell us all the disadvantages of doing online shopping from

The disadvantages of doing online shopping from are:

  • The address of the company stated on the website is not correct. 
  • Even there is hardly any review on the website. 
  • The company does not accept cash on delivery services. 

What are the customer reviews for

Customers have different viewpoints regarding the product, some of the customers are happy, but many of them are not. They have posted on various social media platforms that the product quality did not match their expectation level. 

Even, some customers have reported that they do not like the product quality and would try to venture on other platforms to fulfil their needs. 

You may be able to see Reviews on different shopping portal like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 


Here, we have reviewed the and tried to see Legit or not. We understand that this company has put forth lots of false statements. The necessary details, like its mailing address, official address and phone number, were incorrect. 

You should not buy anything from this scam site. 

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