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Burnvip Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> This article is written to provide information about an e-commerce website that deals in selling household disinfectants and cleaning products.

Is it making you bewildered which cleaning liquid would be best for your home? Different areas of the home require different cleaning. For this purpose, it becomes difficult to choose whether to buy a multi-purpose cleaner or a separate one for each area. Considering this into mind, let us take our viewers through Burnvip Reviews.

There is no doubt that there are a sheer number of disinfectants available in the market to clean the house and protect the health of the family against infection. For people who are looking to clean with more than just detergent and water, multiple companies are selling multi-purpose surface liquids that are popular in the United States

Many websites selling house cleaning promote their products on other media platforms. Most of our readers must be thinking if buying such products online is safe and Is Burnvip Com Legit?

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What is Burnvip Com?

Burnvip Com is an online retail shop selling an extensive collection of household cleaning products. Their selection ranges from all-purpose cleaners to bathroom cleaners, cleaning wipes, disinfectant sprays, laundry sanitizer. 

You can get all these products in different fragrance and are not limited to a specific purpose. Their products are go-to powerhouses and protect family health against germs and infections. With that said, customers still think if it is safe to buy from this website and Is Burnvip Com Legit? Or is a scam?

Specifications of Burnvip Com

  • Website type – E-commerce store selling household disinfectants
  • Shipping & Delivery time – within ten days
  • Return – Applicable, within 60 days of item received
  • Shipping charges – Yes, applicable
  • Refund – Applicable only for unused products
  • Company email and contact address– [email protected]
  • Company address – not provided
  • Mode of payment – PayPal

Pros of buying from Burnvip Com

  • They send an email for tracking orders
  • This e-store ships and delivers products globally
  • If you use expedited shipping, 36% discount can be availed on shipping cost
  • Price of the products are reasonable
  • They have a variety of cleaning product options
  • You can get the refund for the unused products

Cons of buying from Burnvip Com

  • Shipping cost varies with items
  • Links to social media accounts redirects to their home page 
  • Shipping is chargeable
  • No frequently asked section is given
  • There is a limit to buying a product
  • This store cooperates only with PayPal.

Is Burnvip Com Legit?

Sellers’ are marketing their products through different sales channels which have gained a lot of popularity across many countries. We searched through network sources and found that this website is created 2-months back, which means it does not have any public reviews yet. 

This store has provided social media links on their web page. It seems this website is a scam as their social media links also take you to their home page. This online store of cleaning products looks like they are yet to figure out ways of promoting their products. You should be aware before ordering any product and glance through the Burnvip Reviews below.

What are the customers saying about Burnvip Com?

We found that this website has recently created its business online related to household cleaning products. People are yet to purchase and experience the quality of the products from this e-store. They have shared the social media links; however, it directs to their main Home page. It can create confusion among customers in case users have to follow them.

This website has not provided any company address and contact number for their users to reach them. People can only contact them via an email address, and this might lead to delay in responding to users’ queries. 

Final Verdict

Burnvip Com is an online store offering all-purpose surface cleaners made with different ingredients and variety to keep areas of the house clean. Though this website is offering an extensive range at a reasonable cost, our readers need to know how safe it would be to buy from this website. 

Their ‘About Us’ section is different from the categories of products they deal with. It might create confusion among customers about their line of business. They have provided customer support email id for users to contact them in case of any discrepancy. Their website has links to social media handles; however, it directs to their main home page. Hence, users cannot follow them on their media accounts. 

The above factors should be considered, and customers should search and read through the payment system before purchasing from this store.

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