Is Another Me the Elder Mask Legit 2020

Is Another Me the Elder Mask Legit {Oct 2020} Get Reviews! -> Get to know about a silicone mask that looks realistic and claims to be extremely comfortable.

Are you planning to go to a Halloween or Masquerade party? If so, then let’s take a glance at Another Me the Elder Mask. 

The product is gaining a lot of attention because of its appeal. Is Another Me the Elder Mask legit? Is the mask safe for the skin? A lot of people are wondering what the answers to these questions are. 

During the Halloween season in the United States, there is a high demand for metamorphose masks. Many people prefer buying realistic silicone masks. Such masks are perfect for costume parties, festivals like Halloween, masquerade parties, 

One such mask to hit the market in recent times is the Is Another Me the Elder Mask Legit. The durable mask looks realistic and fits perfectly on the face. 

In today’s Another Me the Elder Mask review, we let you know whether the mask is the right choice for you.

What is Another me-The Elder Mask? 

The Another me-The Elder Mask is a metamorphose mask. It is a silicone mask that looks extremely realistic. The mask is made for occasions like Halloween or other events involving funky costumes. 

The soft-textured mask fits well around a person’s facial features. The material of the mask is environmentally friendly and free of toxic elements. The product comes in one size. It claims that the size fits everyone from adults to children. 

The realistic mask appears to be priced at an economical rate. But, is Another me-The Elder Mask legit or not? Does it really appear to be as realistic as it claims? Is the mask comfortable? 

 Specifications of Another me-The Elder Mask:

  • The mask is made from platinum material that is safe for the skin. 
  • The masks are flexible. 
  • It is a Halloween mask. 
  • The texture of the mask is soft. 
  • The mask is made in the United States. 
  • The mask is primarily soft and elastic.
  • The material of the mask is eco-friendly and non-toxic in nature.
  • The mask comes in one size that fits all. 

Pros of using Another me-The Elder Mask:

  • The mask can be worn to many fun occasions like Halloween, costume parties, etc.
  • The mask perfectly fits around the eyes area enabling the user to wear his/her glasses. 
  • The mask is durable. 
  • The product is believed to be resilient. 
  • The mask is made from skin-friendly material, thereby preventing any allergy. 
  • You can use this mask to make an unforgettable appearance. 

Cons of using Another me-The Elder Mask:

  • Unavailability of any proper Another Me the Elder Mask review online. 
  • Not mentioned on social media websites. 

What are people saying about Another me-The Elder Mask?

Many curious customers are asking Is Another Me the Elder Mask legit or scam. One of the time-tested ways to find out if a product is legit is to look at the reviews of the customers who’ve already bought the product. 

We searched many websites, including popular social media portals like Facebook and Twitter, to get an idea about the mask. However, we couldn’t find this product mentioned on the sites. 

We did, however, come across a few posts about the product. These posts do paint a positive picture, but we were unable to find any proper customer reviews for the product. 

It could be because it is new to the market, and the customers are yet to share their experience. But, the lack of buyer review is always seen as a cause of concern. 


The product claims to be made using non-toxic and skin-friendly material. The one-size mask is ideal for anyone who’s planning to go to a costume party and wants to make quite an impression. As per the product’s company, the mask is non-allergic and ensures proper comfort. 

There are many pros and cons of the mask that one should consider before buying it online. The site on which the product is available has been available for over a year. 

While the product appears to be legit, there is no Another me-The Elder Mask review online that gives a clear idea. Thus, at this point in time, we can’t say for sure whether the product is legit or not. We leave the decision up to our readers. Also, if you’ve used this product, then do share your experience in the comments section given below.

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  1. Here’s a real review!
    I received mask last week…returning for a full refund tomorrow.
    The quality is terrible, the materials are cheap, it stinks like the inside of a balloon – not something you want to cover your face with.
    The stitching is terrible, oh and it’s nothing like the photos or the description.
    Honestly, save your money and time guys. 🙏🏽

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