Oxypure Air Purifier Reviews (Sep 2020) Worth The Hype?>> This article reviews a revolutionary air purifier that claims to eliminate indoor pollution by killing harmful microbes and air pollutants.

Are you always bothered by the thought that you and your loved ones might be inhaling impure air? Does the looming pandemic threat perturb you? Mind it; you are not the only one. In the current situation, people worldwide have become very conscious about the quality of air around them.

How about an air purifier that protects you against harmful microbes and suspended air particles? That does sound great! 

Oxypure Smart Air Purifier, the comprehensive system with five filters, claims to do just that.

Let’s discover through our Oxypure Air Purifier Reviews, how this smart cleaner works, and its right to its claims.

To tell you, the system has already garnered immense popularity in the United States.

What is Oxypure Air Purifier?

Oxypure Air Purifier is a revolutionary 5-filter air purifier that filters pathogens and allergens. It claims to be effective in spaces that are up to 1200 ft.² in size. It claims to kill 99.999% of pollutants and that too just in 2 hours!

It continually works to remove airborne particles that are harmful to your system. The company claims it to be the most leading air purifier that makes your lungs healthy and clears sinuses.

The smart air purifier system comes with the following-

  • The NuWave OxyPure Purifier
  • Stainless steel pre-filter
  • Bioguard filter
  • Ozone Emission removal filter
  • HEPA/carbon filter
  • Five-year warranty with VIP service, only for the first year

Under the ongoing Bonus Free Gift offer, you get a 4-year supply of HEPA/carbon filters worth $200 free.

How does Oxypure Air Purifier work?

This state-of-the-art air system comprises of the following five filters that eliminate 99.999% indoor pollution-

  1. Stainless steel Pre-filter- This filter captures significant allergens and pollutants. Once you wash the filter, you can remove these harmful substances forever.
  2. Bioguard filter- Small allergens, pollutants, and microbes as small as 0.09 Microns are eliminated using this filter.
  3. Ozone Emission removal filter- This filter removes all air pollutants such as ozone emissions. It is 70 times more effective than the requirements of EPA.
  4. HEPA/carbon filter- This 2-in-1 combination eliminates allergens, microbes, pollutants, and harmful industrial emissions. The filter also removes dangerous cleaning chemicals, household smoke, odors, fumes, and nitrogen dioxide from cooking stoves and exhaust. 

You can watch a video on their website that explains well how this air purifier works.

Why buy Oxypure Air Purifiers?

This filter is tested by Intertech laboratories that have given it excellent standing. Studies have proven that it kills pathogens like the H3N2 influenza virus, Staphylococcus Albus and Aureus, E. coli, and Aspergillus Niger.

It also removes particulate matter like tobacco smoke and dust and eliminates gases, VOCs, and fuel.

The Oxypure Air Purifier Reviews that follow tell you more about this leading-edge filter.

Specifications of Oxypure Air Purifier:

  • Products- Portable 5-filter indoor air purifier 
  • Website- https://nuwaveairpurifier.com/index.asp  
  • Address- 560 E, Bunker Ct, Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061, United States
  • Contact- 1 800 658 2798
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Price- $599.88 (one-time payment) or monthly installment of $50 with affirm
  • Returns- within 90 days of purchase with a full refund
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, or with major credit cards 

Pros of Oxypure Air Purifier:

  • This air cleaner is ARB certified; it follows the Federal ozone emissions limit
  • You can control the filter by downloading the app on your smartphone
  • With pure and breathable air, you get a very sound sleep
  • The filter is straightforward to use
  • All filters except the carbon filter are washable

Cons of Oxypure Air Purifier:

  • Offers free shipping and + VIP warranty only in 48 contiguous states

Customer Reviews on Oxypure Air Purifier:

Customers have given top reviews about Oxypure filters on the internet. Customers are pleased that they wake up to fresh air. They are praising that the filters are noise-free and easily portable.

The filter enjoys 4.9-star reviews on a scale of 5.

Some asthmatic customers appreciate that the air quality in their homes has improved significantly after using this filter.

According to Oxypure Air Purifier Reviewspeople have used it in offices, day-care centers, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and their residences.

Final verdict:

Isn’t it pretty obvious that our final verdict on Oxypure Air Purifier Reviews is favorable?

Go ahead, gift your family the perk of pure air! 

Oxypure Air Purifier is indeed one of the most advanced cleaners in the market.

We welcome your comments on Oxypure Smart Air Purifier. Do share your experience of using this filter.

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  1. I have one and it does work very well. However, it can be very noisy. I have tried numerous times to connect it to my wi-fi but I always find a problem and I am following the instructions to a T.

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