Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit 2020

Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit {Dec} Guided Reviews! >> It is an unlisted private company that has vast products & gives earing options to customers.

Are you looking for sites like Amazon to see more variety?

As any customer might be from INDIA, want to compare the products’ prices and want to see the variety. This can be done online shopping from similar shopping sites such as Osmose Technology, further reviewed by the Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews.

To verify whether the site is legit or not, many parameters need to be followed to formulate the question- Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit? If the buyers are smart, they will doubt the legitimacy of the Osmose. To know the answer about it, read down below.

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Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Com information is provided here, which works like an e-commerce website. Many people read the Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews because they prefer to get more details about the company and the site running for a few months. More precisely, only nine months. Still, not much trust from customers it has received.

Further examining the site, the HTTP protocol on the website is missing. This shows the product bought from this site, and to navigate, it is not a safe option. There is a high risk of this shopping site being a scam. The site has no contact information and email address through which the buyers can contact them. A professional company always utilizes its site name as its domain, and its availability is a major red flag.

One more pointer that it is a scam because the company imposes more than a thousand rupees from the customers to become a partner and earn from their scheme. This way, they scam people’s money. So Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit is that no the site is not at all safe as a shopping site and the customer information can be stolen. 

What is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd? 

Osmose Technology Private Limited is not a listed private site that runs e-commerce products. It started in December 2019 and has two elected directors. The site offers the earning program through which they claim that the partners can earn the profits. Osmose is a platform in INDIA and sells various products listed in different stuff. It is also into MLM trading.

The Specification of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd:

  • Website Type: E-commerce website with multiple products
  • The URL of the site: Email id: Not given
  • Telephone Number: Not given
  • Returns: 90 Days Return
  • Refunds: won’t be refunded
  • Cancellation: Available
  • Address: Office No. 602, Kumar Surabhi, Sai Baba Mandir, Pune Satara Road, Swar Gate, Pune,411009
  • Shipping cost: For all orders over Rs. 99
  • Payment: Visa, MasterCard, cirrus, Skrill, western union

What are the Pros of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd?

  • Wide variety of products.
  • The shipping is free for orders above 99.
  • Customers can get redeemable coupons.
  • You can convert into a profit-sharing part of the company.

What are the Cons of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd?

  • The site has no valid social media.
  • The website pages are not accessible and have errors.
  • The policies are not buyer friendly and fake.
  • The content is plagiarized and not correct.
  • The contact numbers and email were not mentioned.
  • The site is unsafe to use as it doesn’t have an SSL certificate.
  • The customer reviews are not available.

What do customers think about Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd? 

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews has no established target audience and gives a high price for low-quality products. There is no peculiar declaration of contact data. There is no means to reach the e-commerce company if there are some issues. The partners who bought the coupons have complained that they do not receive the payment

It is a suspicious site that scams people by providing clothing and other gift items along with the MLM trade. Furthermore, most of its social media direct nowhere, and their scheme that generates the extra income is also bogus. The website pages show 505 errors, and the overall design is doubtful. The site is possible fake, and the social links are missing proving yes for Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit.

Final Verdict:

It is extremely advised not to get involved with this site and buy the products. There is no complete declaration of data. The site is a scam with no safe navigation for purchasing the items—the other relevant aspects, such as owner detail, HTTP security, contact details, and money-back guarantee. 

The site has incomplete information with the incorrect grammatical info and also found the plagiarized content. The social media link directs the user to the home page, and also the customer reviews are not available making it a suspicious and saying no to Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit

The buyers should remain alert about such sites!

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  1. So which shopping site is giving original products. Mantra also giving fake and worst products.. And even they are not giving any earning options.. Atlest here we are getting some earning… And most important thing in ur review why u r asking email id.. Is it valid to ask email id.. U r talking about HTTP and blaa blaa blaa.. I also feel ur site is also fake

  2. This information is totally false.
    Osmose technology is very trusted company and provides good earning to people. Shopping site and products are improving day by day.

  3. Recently I have joined osmose, Though in my Account showing till DATE Rs-124.Almost in my Team those in last 3 – 4 month earning handsome Amount Rs-300-12000 Thouand per day.They are not talking Big -big things. If company 2 marrow shut down.what happen because there is no investment in company.

  4. I know this company is not showing good content and communication and not good product price but people are earnings a big amount from here. By taking risks a little amount and overall tell me your opinion.
    Is company giving us money from own pocket and why?

  5. For me this been 3 months and I got rs 1800/- till now and the product that I ordered was also ok as many other sites like flip kart or Amazon no issues as such.

  6. सर मैने 31 अक्टूबर को 1300 रूपये का विड्रावल कीया था 2 नवम्बर को कंपनी ने अप्रोवल दीया पर अभी तक मेरे अकाउंट मे पैसा जमा नही हुवा। मैने कपनी के सपोर्ट बाॅक्स मे जाके हेल्प मांगी पर अभी तक रिप्लाय नही आया । सर हेल्प मी

  7. Recently joined this company.They pay their members .company stop membership after completing 7 crores members.people received their money to bank.even I meet people who earn 3k to 30 k per day.
    Call me if u interested to join – 8928190287

  8. Sir, I request you to do proper research & make such type of review first. you need to study about this business model & you can visit to company office which is located at Pune, address is on website go & check now all the legal information has been provided on webisite. These affiliated Marketing model is first time introduce in India & now it’s also introduced on International level. Company has launched on many countries & giving a good source of income & generating employement. All the International Operation are operated from Dubai Office.
    For more information go visit Pune Office clear your doubts & then put your reviews. Don’t spread False information among the people do proper research then keep your reviews.

    I am Earning Rs.263/- per day which is good passive income & more to come.

  9. Guys I have gone through so much of research but finally osmose has given chance of earning through their little shares. I must trust and this company can be big in future. Lot of people ask for money and when money is credited to their account the person is fraud but osmose is not a scam it’s a legit and should know how they are earning and giving people some shares of thier profit it legit legit and legit please support indian pune man he is going to be in number 1 place of coming days.

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