Guy Owl Clothing Review [Nov] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> This article intends to make the customers safeguard from falling for any financial trap.

There are few sites on the internet which seems so good to be true. The website Guy Owl Clothing Review in this article will introduce you to one of those websites, which seems very real when you look at it, but the reality is something else. If you were looking for some suggestions on this website’s authenticity, read this article till the end.

Guyowl is just a three months old website. The very first suspicious factor is that the webpages are hidden. The website is as Domains by proxy, LLC operator. The website has a secured connection and has not been as an internet domain that can threaten viruses. They claim that Shopify hosts their store. Hence all the social media links available on their website are Shopify’s, and the brand does not have its presence. The content of the website is 100% unique. There are very few Guy Owl Clothing Review on this brand, and that too are not in favor of this website. The privacy policy seems fair as any other website.

It’s the United States, Canada based brand that sends the products across the globe. If you would expect any customer service assistant once you become the customer of this brand, then you must have a little patience as they don’t have any contact number to contact in case of any mishaps. 

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Is Guy Owl a legit brand?

After looking at this brand’s analysis, it doesn’t intrigue me to trust in this brand. Customers would always expect that they experience a happy shopping experience and would not have to chase or regret after buying the product. Plus, the website refers to be hosted by a well-known brand called Shopify. Usually, any scam website often refers to big names to seem a legit brand. The discounts are flashing all over their website. The discounts are on almost every product mentioned on this website. The website has average traffic on their website. A hoax website will display misleading discounts to trap a customer, and this website is likely to have such behavior.

So there are a few extensive analyses which usually a layman customer would not do. After the analysis, the decision will be yours, too, whether or not to purchase from this brand.

What is Guyowl?

Guyowl is a clothing brand for mens and has some themes on their website as the clothes are quite vintage in fashion. Stuff like hoods, ponchos, tracksuits, jumpsuits, shirts, hats are available. 

The Specification of the website:

  • Type of the product: Mens Fashion Store
  • URL of this website:
  • Contact Number: This information is not mentioned
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Return Policy: This option is available
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping on orders over $79
  • Payment Mode: Online mode of payments like Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card
  • Refund Policy: This option is available

Pros of buying from Guy Owl Clothing Review:

  • The website has a secure connection that will protect the customer’s information.
  • It does not have any threat of carrying a virus.
  • The variety is pretty good.
  • There are discounts on almost all clothing.

Cons of buying from Guy Owl Clothing Review:

  • The web pages are hidden, and you won’t find the links directly.
  • The contact number is not available.
  • They do not have their own social media page and direct every social media link to Shopify.
  • The trust score of this website is average.
  • The traffic on this website is average.
  • Misleading displays on the website.

What are people saying about this website?

 There are hardly any Guy Owl Clothing Review found on this website, but the ones that are there have bad experiences with this website. Customer reviews provide social proof and make it easier for other customers to decide whether to buy from a particular brand. 

Final Verdict:

Here, the website does not provide any direct proof or Guy Owl Clothing Review stating that it’s a scam. However, few of its apprehensive areas trigger not to fall for it. As this brand does not have its existence, it would be tough to report or catch hold of them in any bad experience. There are high chances that after the payment, the customer gets nothing in return.

Misleading websites will often try to mislead you with exciting discounts. A hoax website will misspell a few words on its website to have a unique contact. The final decision would be yours on whether to buy from this brand or not. 

0 thoughts on “Guy Owl Clothing Review [Nov] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?”
  1. I have been waiting 3 weeks since placing my order and it still hasn’t been shipped something suspicious soon as no one is replying to my emails

  2. After a month and a half of waiting I received my package. They cancelled 2 of the 5 items. I ordered all XXL and while the tags do say XXL, they are smaller than a standard size L shirt. Waiting to hear back on if I can get a refund or not.

  3. I ordered 2 items in early September and never received them. I received 2 emails from them stating they were still processing my order and in the second email they sent me a link to track my order. When I checked the link it states my order has been canceled but I have yet to receive a refund.

    Pretty disappointing especially since they advertised on a large social network sight.

  4. Order from guy owl 3 weeks ago. Still
    Have t received my item but they did send me tracking and says it’s in a city near by. It’s been in that same city for 6 days now… dhl shipping. I wouldn’t recommend buying from this site it seems like it’s a scam

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