Is Saifahbhayu Legit 2020

Is Saifahbhayu Legit (Sep 2020) Reviews For Better View. >> The website mentioned in this Article can be quickly concluded to be a scam. So, readers are asked to read this Article before buying any products from such websites.

CREATIVE, FREEDOM, PLAYFULNESS! Do you also want your child to be like that? Then, go through this Article to know about a Clothing Website, making your child look like that!

You might have been told this from several Offline Stores or, maybe you have read this at several websites also. This has been a way through which fraudulent and scam websites attract customers to cheat them. We have mentioned this number of times in our articles that beware of such websites that can eat up your hard-earned money.

In this Article, we will introduce you to all the aspects of the website and assure our readers that, in the end, they will be able to conclude about the website’s legitimacy. There have been a large number of active fraudulent and bogus websites, ready to cheat upon you.

These scam websites have other drawbacks too, which keeps them out of the Legit Website’s syndrome. We will try to mention all the Loopholes of Saifahbhayu Reviews, if any, encountered. 

Thailand has also been a dynamic fulcrum for scam websites. There is a need that Customers must be aware of Website authenticity before placing any orders.

Saifahbhayu Reviews will try to take you through all the facts about the website that a customer needs to know before shopping from them. 

Explore the Article for more details, and also explore about: Is Saifahbhayu Legit?

Is Saifahbhayu Legit?

People love to groom their children like them. This site offers Clothing products for children. And with the ease of online shopping, Customers must contact me interested in shopping them with the ease of their home. But, a customer must be able to comprehend any Website’s Legitimacy before shopping with them.

Saifahbhayu Reviews will thus attempt to clarify you upon this site’s legitimacy.

We have already mentioned several points about the website, which might help you comprehend it as Legit or Scam. But, the website has some drawbacks, as mentioned, which needs to be taken care of before comprehending. is based in Thailandas mentioned earlier. 

Firstly, it mentions that the sale products offered by them cannot be Returned/Exchanges and any Internationally Shipped Products. This indicates that the site doesn’t aim to serve their customers properly, as their after-sales services are not up to the mark.

Also, they do not have any Active Social Media Handle, which is more than 6 Years old. This also indicates that there is a possibility of the website being a Scam.

Apart from all this, Saifahbhayu does not offer a wide variety of products. They do not have a wide array of products.

So, this can be concluded that the answer to Is Saifahbhayu Legit Is no. The site is a scam and can harm customers.

What is Saifahbhayu?

Saifahbhayu is an online shopping store, which provides a vast collection of Clothing for Children. It is known to be a unisex children’s streetwear brand, which is based out of ThailandIt aims to dress the children in a way such that it enhances their personality, individuality, creativity, freedom, and playfulness.

It focuses on catering an easy and fun way that parents want to groom their children without compromising the quality of products.

This is just a preface to the site. 

This article about Is Saifahbhayu Legit will take you through its pros and cons, making it comfortable for you to conclude at the end without any second thought.

Specifications of Saifahbhayu:

  • Website: Deals with Children’s Clothing
  • Email: [email protected] Address: Thai Summit Tower 1768, 9th Floor, Phetchaburi Road, Bang Kapi, Hua Khwang, Bangkok 10310
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned
  • Return/Exchange Policy: Within 7 Days (Domestic Orders); No Return/Exchange until received damaged product (International Orders)
  • Refund: Within ten days after Return, once the inspection is done
  • Shipping Date: It will be provided once the order is placed
  • Payment Method: Not mentioned 

Pros of Saifahbhayu:

  • Products are relatively cheaper.
  • The founder is one of the top fashion icons.
  • Products can be shipped Internationally.
  • Supports Exchange/Return for Domestic Orders.

Cons of Saifahbhayu:

  • Return/Exchange for International Orders not accepted, until damaged.
  • Details mentioned on the website are insufficient, like Payment Terms
  • Doesn’t provide any tentative estimate of the Shipping Period.

Customer Reviews of Saifahbhayu:

The website doesn’t mention any Customers Reviews, which indicates the site being scam.

Although reviews about Saifahbhayu can be found on other websites, they also state that the site doesn’t serve its customers well. There have been customer reviews found on other websites stating that their experience has not been up to the mark.

Final Verdict:

After going through the Saifahbhayu Reviewsone can easily conclude that the website is a scam.

And, we can also conclude that the answer to Is Saifahbhayu Legit is a NO.

It is also suggested that the users not shop with them, since they can lose their money.

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