Is Go Clove Shoes Legit [Oct 2020] Clean Guided Reviews! >> The article is about a website, goclove, that sells shoes & some accessories, read here details.

Do you work for long hours and have foot pains? No worries, we have got you covered. Shoes play an essential role in our day to day activities. It also enhances our overall look and personality. In recent research, it was found that shoes are the very first thing people notice.

Go Clove Shoes Reviews wearing proper shoes is very necessary. It not only protects your foot from getting exhausted but also helps you to protect your knees from the sudden shock. Good quality shoes help in absorbing all the sudden shock and hence protecting your knee from any damage.

This day we are going to review a United States based shoe brand. The label of the site is goclove.com. If you have a confusion about Is Go Clove Shoes Legit and plan to go for clove shoes, you can read our examination on this website.

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Is goclove.com legit?

The answer to this question Is Go Clove Shoes Legit is not an easy task because the website’s legitimacy does not depend upon one factor; it depends upon a lot of factors.

Our story, the owner’s name, and his inspiring story that how he started the brand are mentioned in the section.

We performed a lot of searches on search engines and found positive reviews about the product. Some of the reviews were done by nurses who were using the product in real-time.

The website has an immense presence over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter. And it has a valid SSL connection.

The site is around two years old. From the gathered information, we can answer the question of Is Go Clove Shoes Legit very quickly.

What is goclove.com?

Goclove.com is a website that sells shoes based in United States. After visiting the website, you will find the site so clean and attractive that you would purchase them immediately. They have 2-3 categories in their product portfolio, men, women, and accessories. 

They even have one select category: the aqua blue, which is so attractive and satisfying that the whole background adjusts the shoe color.The site includes our story, club clove, return, exchange, privacy policy, press, FAQs, etc.

For Go Clove Shoes Reviews  we will detail that the website’s layout is beautiful like they have even colored the cart bag with green color.

The founder of the site is Joe Ammon. He founded this company after he saw that his wife worked as a nurse for a 12-hour shift, and he wanted to design something which could successfully target the impact and difficulty during the shift.

The payment can be made through shopPay, GPay, PayPal, and amazon pay. The shoes‘ price is $129, but they are giving free $22 tote bag free of cost with the shoe.

So in the further article, we will find that Is Go Clove Shoes Legit or not?

Specifications of the website

  • URL: https://goclove.com
  • Email-address- [email protected]
  • Address- 21 S 11th Street, Suite 502 Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Products: this website sells shoes and accessories
  • Mode of payment: shopPay, PayPal, GPay, and amazon pay.
  • Delivery- the product take 5-7 days to deliver
  • Refund- the amount will be refunded in 5-7 in your bank
  • Return- the product can be returned with 30 days of delivery

Pros of goclove.com 

  • The site is beautifully designed, which makes it attractive
  • The Website has gained many Go Clove Shoes Reviews
  • The packaging and colors are attractive
  • Can be used for long shifts
  • No odors even after wearing for long shifts
  • Liquid and stain repellent

Cons of goclove.com

  • There is no customer care number provided the company to call them directly
  • Sometimes the delivery takes more time than expected.

Customer review

Thus based on the search, we found that there were positive customer Go Clove Shoes Reviews. Yes, there was a few negative customer reviews, but a negative review for a product is always adequate because there is always room for improvement.

We found that the reviews, whether positive or negative, the customer care handled them very beautifully. Most of the customers who bought the product were satisfied with the comfort and colors.

Final verdict

Based on our intelligence, we found out that the site is a trustworthy. There were positive reviews, even negative ones related to late delivery, but customer care even took care of them. 

Finally, we can arrive at the conclusion that Is Go Clove Shoes Legit, so yeswe can say it is a legit website, and I would uplift people to buy from this site.

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