Golden Links Lodge (Nov 2020) Care Home for Covid! >> The write-up is to share comprehensive details about the resident-focused personal care home for people who seek assistance.

Nothing can be more satisfying and pleasing than helping and supporting others while seeing the entrusted project accomplished in the right way. Golden Links Lodge is highly dedicated to their old service ideals, including promptly answering the phone calls, updating all appointments, and offering services even after project termination. The professionals always come forth with options that are reasonably and precisely priced.  

The nursing or caring home offers quality, reliable services that encourage clients to reconsider them as their trustworthy partner when they need it. The volunteer board of directors governs the not-for-profit, accredited care home, and it works in adherence to provincial legislation of Canada.

The lodge is an 88-bed, non-profit, accredited personal care home that works with a robust philosophy for optimal caring in the family and resident-centered facility backed by the core values of respect, dignity, compassion, and integrity.

Table of Contents

What is Golden Links Lodge?

Golden Links Lodge is the not-for-profit, accredited personal care home governed by the volunteer board of directors. The personal care home operates in adherence to the guidelines set by the provincial legislation of CanadaThe personal care home is a two-story building with 88-bedroom suites for patients. The building’s physical environment and ambiance are well maintained and captivating, offering required spaces to families and residents to enjoy recreational activities and maximum spiritual comfort. 

The personal care home offers a respectful workspace where working members are valued with an approachable aura. All the team members and working staffs work in coordination and focus on the common goal, offering superior quality care to all residents. 

What are the Services Available at Golden Links Lodge?

Golden Links Lodge is the personal care home where one can have different personal care services, including social work, nursing service, pharmacy service, medical service, dietary services, recreational services, and more. Some of the common services at the personal care home are:

  • Social Work
  • Nursing Services
  • Pharmacy Service
  • Medical Service 
  • Dietary Service
  • Rehabilitation Service
  • Recreational Service
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Hairstyling Service
  • Maintenance and Safety Service  

Besides, the personal care home also offers volunteer programs. The volunteers are precisely selected for the program, and they are trained, oriented, and supervised for resident’s personalized care. The program is liable for the coordination and administration of the volunteer services to enhance service quality at the personal care home

Employee’s Reviews

After analysis and evaluation, we have not found any reviews from verified people. However, we have seen some reviews from the working staff of the Golden Links Lodge. According to the employees’ reviews, it is the best place to work as the management and administration are very supportive and focused on the working staff’s rights. 

The people are friendly that support the employees at all the stages. The organization has received a 5-star rating out of 5 from the employees. 

Final Thought 

The Golden Links is more than a personal care home as it has improved its services for resident care. They believe that residents not only live at their workplace, but the employees work in their homes. 

It is the resident-focused personal care home that inspires residents’ confidence via compassion and respect for dignity. If there is something to add, please write it down in the comment section about Golden Links Lodge.

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