Among Us Lock Apk (Nov 2020) Get It Now! >> This article has information about the newly viral screen lock for android phone users and the theme of these viral screen lock.

Among Us Lock Apk: People love to play online games on their cell phones during the free time. There are many action games in the gaming world, but now the most loved game is among Us game. This game wins the heart of 60 million users. Further, this game has more than 100 million downloads on Android and iPhones.

Further, after its launch worldwide, this game also gains popularity in Vietnam, Philippines, India, United States. After the banning of few games, people redirect to Among Us game.

Besides this, the fan of this game made MOD and other cracks apps for game users. This Mod has unlocked features of games like free skin and pets.

But one of its fans creates Screen Long recently for android phones. Let discuss the Among Us Lock Apk for android users and IOS users.

What is among Us lock screen?

An app developer fan of this game creates a themed phone lock screen. It is an innovative phone lock screen and acts as one of the game tasks. Further, in this task, who enters the incorrect password is punished with Imposters’ punishment.

The apk of screen lock is available on the internet without any cost. It supports most android phones, but Apple phone users faced difficulty in installing it. Further, iPhone users could also install this lock screen by installing cracks. Let gets into the detail of Among Us Lock Apk.

The theme of Lock Screen

In the game, crew members have to complete the range of tasks to keep the spaceship in running condition. Further, the difficult task in the game is to start the reactor task. In this, a group of players has to memorize the pattern of button pressings on the on-screen keypad.

Further, this task is time consuming and makes the situation tense in the game. An imposter took advantage of this task and kill players who are completing it.

How is this theme related to phone screen lock?

The Among Us Lock Apk screen is a replica of the start rector task. In this, you can set your pattern of button pressing. This keypad appears on the mobile phone’s lock screen. 

Suppose any mobile user enters the incorrect password. Then the phone displays the scene of among us game. In which a character flies in space, and it shows the notification. This notification states that you are not the owner of this mobile phone. 

Further, this lock screen uses the Red player character for this notification. This limitation for character disappoints the other character fans.Besides this, the Ios users in the United States and Vietnam jailbroken software to install iPhone Phones.

Final verdict

If you want to Among Us Lock Apk for your android phones, then look it on apk website. Many websites provide the apk for this game. This lock screen apk is not an official apk, so this may harm your mobile software.For further information and queries for the lock screen, then write to us in the comment section. 

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