Angus Young Net Worth 2020 (Nov 2020) Click To Read! >> This article updated you with the net worth of the lead guitarist of the band AC/DC, Angus Young.

We all peek and see the lifestyles and net worth of our favorite celebrities and role- models. And today, we have brought you Angus Young Net Worth 2020. Yes, the worldwide known guitarist, Angus Young.

So, do you want to know what exactly is his net worth as updated in the year 2020? Then keep reading the article.

Who is Angus Young?

Angus McKinnon Young was born on 31 March 1955 in Scotland. He is an musician, guitarist as well as co-founder of the worldwide known group AC/DC, a rock band of Australia. He gained immense popularity across Australia. Angus was ranked at a position of 24th in the hundred supreme guitarists of the all-time list released by the Rolling Stone magazine. The band was formed back in 1973 in Sydney when Angus was aged 18 years.

In the article Angus Young Net Worth 2020, we are talking about this multi-talented person who is a musician, song writer, producer and guitarist.

Angus Young’s personal life:

Not much is known about Young’s personal life and family. He is married to Ellen Van Lochem, who is a Dutch woman. They both currently own homes located in UK, Netherlands and Australia. Although he is a heavy smoker, Angus has been a teetotaller his entire life. He is also a supporter of the Rangers Football Club.

Angus has received many awards like the Legend Award from the Kerrang! magazine in August 2006. He was also titled as the “Best Australian Guitarist of All time” by winning the poll organized by the Australian Guitar magazine.

Angus Young Net Worth 2020 is talking about this lively person who, in his career, has experimented with various stage costumes like a gorilla, Zorro, Spider Man and Super-Ang (a parody of Superman). And finally, he settled on his signature School boy look created and suggested by Margaret, his sister.

On 17 February 1975, AC/DC debuted with their album named High Voltage. With the release of other albums like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Powerage and Let there be Rock, the band had waxed themselves as the most popular rock band within the next three years of their debut.

What is Angus Young Net Worth 2020?

Without any further due, we will inform you of Angus Young Net Worth 2020His net worth is $160 million as updated in the year 2020.

Final verdict:

Angus Young is officially a multi-millionaire guitarist and musician who has dedicated his entire life to the art of music. This high-spirited person is loved by all because of 

his dynamic and energetic performances and songs. That is all about what she earns and what is her net worth. She is earning more and more year by year through her passion and hard work. 

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