Is Backde Legit 

Is Backde Legit [July] – Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> You must read this review before purchasing gold danglers online. 

Today’s jewelry trends clearly state that chunky gold jewelry are the new thing. Searching for a website where you can buy those? Then you must check out Backde. 

Earrings are an integral part of a woman’s life, and no outfit is ever complete without them! Don’t you agree? Well, gold- or gold-plated ones are in high demand currently and taking advantage of that are numerous online sites. 

Backde is one such site, the most asked about a question regarding this site ‘Is Backde Legit?’ because this United States has a recent establishment date. Is that claim justified? And what else does this online store has to offer. To find that out, you must read this Backde Reviews till the very end. 

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Is Backde Legit?

All of us shop online for a variety of products and would have come across a scam site. One that offers products at unbelievable prices and, on most occasions, gives nothing away about its makers. To ensure you are not scammed of your details and money, it is essential to perform checks! 

So, Is Backde Legit? the site provides complete contact information, which included the phone number and an email id. There is also an address provided, but rarely are these details ever legit.

What is Backde? 

Backde is an online shopping site that sells jewelry out of the United States and currently only offers women jewelry. You will be able to spot gold chains, rings, select earrings, etc. The gold is of the 14k and 18k variety. 

Their care guide will take customers through all the precautionary measures required for the longevity of their expensive purchases. 

They have not categorized their products accurately, so customers may find exploring this site difficult. All the products are present on its Home page, while the new section only offers four chain option. 

It could all be because the website was created in May of 2020, which means it is a relatively new website. 

What makes the Backde website unique?

The jewelry selection offered by Backde is limited, but it is a minimalist’s delight. The product details will tell you that most of them are made up of 14k gold fill. This gives it the weight and also emanates the vintage fell the brand wishes to produce. 

They have been created so that any gold earring set can match with the ring or the box chains available on Backde. These designs offered by the online seller make it unique. 

Specifications of Backde

  • Products- women’s gold and silver jewelry 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (281) 806-6977
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 4-8 weeks 
  • Shipping fee- Free on purchases above $100 and $300  
  • Return- within 14 days of making the purchase 
  • Exchange- not provided 
  • Refunds- processed within 1-7 working days, if applicable 
  • Online payment- only PayPal payments are accepted 

Pros of purchasing from Backde

  • The jewelry offered is minimalistic and designed beautifully 
  • The site offers care details to ensure the longevity of purchases
  • Provide delivery to countries other than the United States as well  
  • Refunds if applicable will be handed to the customer quickly 
  • Custom creation of jewelry is provided 
  • The site has an HTTPS connection 

Cons of purchasing from Backde

  • You cannot make purchases above $100 or below it on the site 
  • They take very long to deliver the products 
  • There is no precise categorization of products 
  • Payments can only be made online using PayPal 
  • Layout and information provided similar to pre-existing sites 
  • The site has an absence of social media presence 

Customer feedback of Backde

Backde Reviews are currently only available on the website. The products have been given 5 stars to the products even though the customers seem to have given them mixed reviews. 

One customer comments about the jewelry looking a lot like costume jewelry but being pleased with the pendant. Further commenting about how they would want to replace as it does not seem sturdy. 

Another customer comments that the color of the chain was darker than the images on the site. She was extremely unhappy with the metal and hence returned it. 

Since the product details aren’t precise, there are high chances of the chains just being gold plated and not gold. 

Final Verdict- 

We will conclude by saying that the site was created only a month back and does not show great reviews. You could most probably end up shelling big bucks for imitation jewelry. So, we advise you not to purchase from this online seller. 

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