Katie Taylor Net Worth 2020 (Nov 2020) Read To Know! >> In this article, we will discuss the net worth of an Irish boxer, Katie Taylor.

Are you a boxing lover? Do you know the name of the female boxer who was a footballer too? Her name is Katie Taylor, and we will let you know Katie Taylor Net Worth 2020.

She belongs to Ireland and, without any doubt, is one of the most prominent sports stars there. She is a big name in women’s boxing for a decade.

Her Olympic winning activated a revolution in women’s boxing across the globe, eight years before. She has a huge fan following all over the world and especially in Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia.

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Who is Katie, and What’s her profession?

Thirty-four years old, Katie Taylor is an Irish female professional boxer. She is currently the world’s undisputed lightweight champion. Besides this, she is a two-weight world champion and holds WBA, IBF, WBC, WBO and WBO junior welterweight titles too.Her seven years football career was short but successful from 2003 to 2010. She did her debut in 2006 at the age of 19. In that match, she has scored two goals and won 11 caps.Katie is said to be the highest-paid female boxer globally, and after her upcoming fight, Katie Taylor Net Worth 2020 will become huge.

Earnings from past fights: –

Here are some contributions to the Katie Taylor Net Worth 2020: In 2018, she has earned €350,000 in the fight against Delfine Persoon.

– In 2019, in the fight with Christina Linardatou, her purse money was €350,000

– In 2020, she bagged the amount of €1.2 million against the fight with Delfine Persoon.

– In 2020, in the fight against Miriam Gutiérrez, she has earned €1.5 million.

Her Net worth: –

Katie Taylor is currently earning six-figures amount for the fight. This is the reason she is one of the top paid female athletes in Ireland.

Nobody knows precisely what will be Katie Taylor Net Worth 2020. But, a source revealed, she is already by far the highest-paid athlete in the history of women’s boxing. 

As per the report of TSM Sportz, in 2019, with the fight against Christina Linardatou, Taylor got a winning amount of €350,000 in WBO female junior-welterweight championship.

At the start of this year of 2020, she won two fights against Delfine Persoon and Miriam Gutiérrez and earned €1.2 million and €1.5 million, respectively.

Despite the COVID-19 situation, in the packed stadium, her upcoming fight will be going to be huge with Delfine Persoon.

Final Verdict:

Katie Taylor Net Worth 2020: From achieving glory in the Olympics, to make her way towards the world’s undisputed champion, she has come a long way in her professional career.

As per a source, if she wins in her upcoming fight (a re-match) with Belgian boxer Delfine Persoon, she will become 2020’s best-paid female boxer. She has already received guaranteed money of £1 million.

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