Amazon Fake Reviews {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> This article tells you about the bot reviews that Amazon recently removed from the website. Find here.

People love shopping online and specifically from the legit websites. Amazon is…. Well, I don’t need to explain, do I? Everyone knows Amazon, which is an online store. You can buy whatever you want there. The web store is full of all varieties and stuff for everyone’s needs. 

You can post product reviews. Let the world see what you think about whatever you ordered. 

Recently, Amazon removed tons of reviews from the website, saying that they were fake. These reviews are now known as Amazon Fake Reviews.

They removed product reviews in many countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. If you want to see an in-depth analysis of why Amazon released these reviews, keep on reading, as we will shortly be reviewing all the aspects of the situation and giving our two cents about it.

Why did Amazon remove customer reviews?

In countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, many users were concerned with the growing amount of bot reviews on Amazon that were being posted for earning extra money. Amazon Fake Reviews has recently in the air for the deletion of 20 000 reviews.

The users, out of concern for the platform, reported the bot Amazon Fake Reviews. Amazon took action upon the reports and removed all such bot reviews. 

The growth in scam accounts has seen a massive increase due to people being quarantined to their homes and shopping online. Amazon has reportedly taken down around 20k bot reviews. A bunch of buyers was involved in this scandal. With expert analysis, the Amazon Fake Reviews were removed.

What are Amazon Fake Reviews? 

Sources say that some products which had bot reviews were removed from the website altogether. This step makes the image of Amazon more worthy of its regular buyers. It provides assurance to the buyers and helps to generated faith. Look below to know more-

  • A lot of products had Amazon Fake Reviews from their top-verified reviewers.
  • Analysts suggest that these reviewers were paid to post fake reviews by the sellers.
  • Further investigation revealed that 7 out of 10 reviewers in the U.K were a part of this.
  • Light was shed on this scandal when customers noticed that reviewers were reviewing a product every hour. This, to me, does not seem to be natural.

Final Verdict

Customer ratings and reviews form an integral part of online shopping. If you found a product with 50 reviews and 40 of them are one-star reviews, you probably wouldn’t want to buy it.

However, if you found a product with 50 reviews, and 35 of them are five-star reviews, you would consider buying it, am I right?

Amazon Fake Reviews are harmful as they misguide the user, giving them fake 5-star reviews that make them think that the product is right when it isn’t.

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