Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website 2020

Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website {Sep} Enjoy The  Fun! >> Wish to play a fun & rewarding treasure hunt game, which can make you win a candy factory, read.

So it could be possible that one day your fantasy become real and you would own a new and excellent Candy world. Yes, we are talking about the Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website, where there are chances to hold a candy factory in Florida at a very penny amount.

If you are native of the United Statesthen you probably have heard about the ‘Jelly Belly’. David Klien, everyone must be aware that he had a Jelly Belly Company shares in 1980, he sold all his shares. 

Now he is bringing the same adventure and bringing up a treasure hunt game.

The game is about the hunt of a golden ticket as a necklace. And in return as the prize of the game you can be the owner of a candy factory. 

What is the game

The Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website’ game is an adventurous game based on a treasure hunt? As per the game rules, 1000 participants from the fifty states of the United States can make their participation, making the total count to 50000, and receive the treasure as a golden necklace hidden.

How to enter the game?

Facebook account is required to enter the game, and there you need to be part of the social media website and groups. The main eligibility criteria to enter the contest, solve the first riddle, and then send the location where you see the prize on the mentioned email address. 

Is the entry free?

Yes, there is a nominal entry fee of 49.99$, post paying which you would be able to join the Facebook group of Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website.’ The group has all communication open for the participants. 

What is the reward?

David Klien and his partner organize this game. The sale result of the tickets is so fantastic with California state tickets are almost sold out. ‘Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website’ hunt is making crazy the game lovers.

The reward is 5000$ for the lucky winner. The winner will also be rewarded as the ownership of a Candy Factory in Florida. This is announced that the winner will receive free education & a sponsored trip. 

Where is the Candy Factory?

The exact location is not revealed for obvious reasons, but this is the information that the candy factory area would be 4000 sq.ft. with the site is in Florida.


To conclude, Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website with the fact that one can go ahead if interested in the game and for the reward with an entry fee of 49.99$. The game will make you involve with various levels, in which the participant will cross-level by level.

One can visit the Jelly Belly Golden Ticket Website and try the luck. Please share your comments here.

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