Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit {Sep} Check The Reviews! >> Are you a dog lover? Please read our article to know about Madmaxs realistic dogs.

Dogs are known as the best therapist, and a true dog lover will always find a way to keep dogs around. Dogs are considered as human’s best friend, and they need care like a baby. Owning a dog is a challenging task as it requires time, effort, and lots of patience. 

According to data, the United States is a country with almost 89.7 million dogs, making it the world’s most dog populated country.

Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews shows that recently we came across a product that claims to be a teddy clone of realistic Dogs. The product is Madmax’s Realistic Dog, an artificial teddy structure of dogs that looks real.

Read the full article to know Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit or a scam.

We decided to run a thorough check on the product and website to prevent harm to anyone in the future.

Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit?

Madmax is an online store that sells products like madmaxs realistic teddy dogs, stationery, accessories, and customizes products. If you come across this website, you will find that the website has a real dog pictures and gifs, and they claim to make the clones.

The product seems suspicious as there were no real pictures, and most of them are dogs’ reference. They claim to have 30 years of experience in pet making, so each one looks real. They also claim to provide customized pet of your choice.

After seeing the product, the only question that comes in mind is- Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit

To find the answer, we decided to look for product reviews across the web but could not find any web presence. After not getting much about the product, we ran a comprehensive check on the website as well.

The website layout doesn’t look professional and trustworthy enough, so we decided to check the background. When we clicked on the contact information, there was no contact information. The website only provided an email address ‘[email protected]’, which does not seem professional. When we click on the ‘about us’ section, they have mentioned one more id ‘,’ another name domain of the same URL. 

The product has been selling in a large number in the United States, and thus the customers started complaining after getting a cheap product.

Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews reveals that a legit website provides all the contact details to get in touch with the customers if any damage happens, but the scam websites hide their identity. 

The age of the website is less than six months, which is a wrong indication. The domain registrant organization is Wang Xian Hai, and the state is Hu Nan, China. The product is claimed to be not available in the store and is limited stock on the website.

Our research algorithm does not approve the product’s legitimacy as it seems to be cheap quality and a waste of money.

What is MadmaxsRealistic Dog?

Madmaxs realistic dogs are the cloned handmade dogs made by Emma recuero. The dog’s nose, claws, and paws are hand sculpted by polymer clay, and the body is made from artificial fur.

In the Madmaxs Realistic Dog Reviews , the details are like the dog’s filling is polyester, and steel granules and glass eyes give a shiny eye touch. The body is painted by airbrush paint and art pastel colors to give a living and realistic touch.

As we know, handmade products are not always the best and leave some defects on them, so it is advised to purchase them carefully.

The website claim the product is best in quality, and if not satisfied, one can ask for a refund.


    • The dog is seemed to have a real look and feel.
    • The product has natural looking artificial fur
    • Options of white, dark brown, black, brown, are available. 
  • Different glass-like materials is used for the eyes of the dog.

Pros and cons 


  • real looking dogs
  • can be used for decoration or gifting purpose
  • can be customized in any breed


  • not a trusted website
  • trusted logos mentioned on the website are fake

What do customers say?

The product does not have any review that can help, but we found a few comments that said the products are fake; they did not send the product after charging money, the quality is cheap, and few other negative responses.

The website has conned many customers from the United States, and they highly warn everyone to be aware of this fake store.

Final verdict

Nowadays, many websites offer products at a colossal discount, but most of them are fake websites. It is advised to the customers to do well research before making any purchase from new websites.

The product seems natural and attracts the people on the website. But the research proved it to be a fake store selling fake and cheap products.

So the final answer to – Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit? It is a scam and suspicious website coning customers very smartly. Thus, we do not recommend buying realistic dogs or any other stuff from the website. 

0 thoughts on “Is Madmaxs Realistic Dog Legit {Sep} Check The Reviews!”
    1. i recieved mine today after waiting months its nothing more than something you would buy in a shop ,cheap and nasty and one big scam

  1. I ordered one on the 7th Sept. 2020. I recieved an email saying postal delivery 12 to 20 days. When I hadn’t heard anything after 17 days I sent an email. Got one back saying delayed because of covid. Warehouses only half full of workers and with covid rules is taking longer to ship. That was 7 days ago. Now when I try to uplaod my details, it says this shop is currently unavailable.
    Nott holding out for the dog anymore.

  2. I received a poorly made cuddly toy which is not what i had ordered. These people are con artists. Trading standards should get involved

  3. If you used a debit or credit card, or PayPal, call them and file a chargeback. But if they tell you to return anything at all, rather than just refunding it from the seller’s account then you will lose your evidence, the money you paid and the shipping costs. USPS works with China scammers. They cheaply ship it to North Americans, but will never give you delivery confirmation. So there is no proof it delivered. REFUSE TO RETURN IT AND DEMAND A FULL 100% REFUND FOR A WORTHLESS ITEM CLAIM! ALSO NEVER JUST USE YOUR BANK ACOUNT TO PAY FOR ITEMS (DEBIT, CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL).

  4. I got my puppy after 5 weeks and sending emails. I did get replies saying be patient, it is on its way.

    I got…. a very cheap, badly made horrible stuffed toy. I wouldn’t have paid £2 for it never mind £16!

    I have sent an email to Julia Woods demanding my money back… but I’ve been scammed and j dont hold out much hope.


  5. I ordered puppy on September 10th received item on 16th October , paid $19.99 and $9.99 Shipping , I would like a full refund and FREE RETURNS for this item, what a Con , not a bit like described, looks like something you can buy in bargain shop or even a pound shop, Discusted

  6. 10/21/20
    I just received my realistic teddy dog! It is a poorly made stuffed dog! Not at all what was advertised.
    I’ve emailed the sender of the received email regarding confirmation of order; will update with any response.

  7. recd mine….wouldnt pay $1. its a horror show, not even cute and nothing like the decription, its just an ugly cheaply made toy made in china. do not buy

  8. I received 2 cheap stuffed animal dogs in paced of the live like toy dogs. Ordered 9/6, received 10/24. I had my doubts but prayed I was wrong after not receiving them 5 weeks of purchase. I was scammed before years ago and I have purchased from websites I have not heard of but received the correct product. This site has put me back in the state of mind from years back. This will hurt the sites that are legitimate for me. Shame!! DO NOT BUY FROM MAD MAX

  9. I bought 2 dogs about two months ago, and have not received either yet! I really believed that it was a real site, and had my son buy them for me. The dogs were just so cute. There has been two or three emails between us and Juilia Woods wrote back one time, the test were by a Frank Li.
    Well, I am going to ask for my money back, the only problem is my son used his Credit Card, I guess like most of us did. This really upsets me, makes me mad!!!

  10. I ordered 2 of these and it is definitely a SCAM. All they are is a cheaply made stuffed animal and extremely overpriced. Had to keep emailing and asking when they would arrive……. I am very disappointed that people would do this to other unsuspecting people.

  11. Har så modtaget de to hunde som jeg bestilte, fik et Chok da jeg åbnede pakken, det er to afskylige tøjdyr. De har kostet mig total 440,00 danske kr, da jeg måtte betale toldafgift af pakken også, toldafgiften var på 183,00 kr. Ikke nok med det, de har LUKKET deres hjemmeside, og de videoer der var på youtube, de er fjernet, nu er det kun et billede der ligger der. Det er et SVINDEL FIRMA….. Hold Jer langt væk fra dem.

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