Nickel Advisors Reviews 2020

Nickel Advisors Reviews {July 2020} Checkout Here!>> In this article, the tentative buyers are informed about the benefits of buying online

Are you worried about what the future holds for you and the financial woes keeping you up at night? With the help of Nickel Advisors, you will be able to find the solace you deserve.  

Now, financial planning isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and often people find themselves in hot soup. This problem could have arisen because of risky investments, losing a job, college tuition fee and the top reason impulsive spending. 

Nickel Advisors Reviews has become the most searched by people who have over the years collected a mountain of credit card debts. The banks in the United States charge a massive interest rate on the loans they give out! 

The Nickel Advisors provides users with simple ways to detangle their cluttered finances to ensure the customer has a peace of mind. However, there have been numerous allegations made regarding the Nickel Advisors website as its affiliated with almost 50 different sites. 

Does it help its customers, or does it merely scam them into sharing their details? 

What is Nickel Advisors? 

Nickel Advisors is essentially a company that provides unsecured loans to manage the credit card debts a person may have. No other debt can be paid for because they only help in consolidating the high-interest rate on the debit or credit card. The slashed interest rate on loan is usually in the single digits. 

The website regularly posts articles on its blog about everything related to finances! They range from finding side-hustles in the pandemic, how to talk to your child about money and how to have budget vacations.

They do not provide much information regarding its makers or how long they have been providing services. There is a mention of their contact details and address, but numerous online portals have refuted their legitimacy. 


  • The firm provides unsecured loans to take care of your debit or credit card debts that have mounted over the years 
  • They currently do not offer loans for any other purposes 
  • Their interest rates slashed to a number that is in the single digits 
  • A customer is not required to share social security numbers or any other personal details on the site 
  • The blog posts will aid people in learning tips and tricks to balance their finances 

Steps to apply for a loan on Nickel Advisors 

Here is how the Nickel Advisors can help you manage and get rid of your credit or debit card debts. Only 3 steps need to follow to be free of your debt with slashed interest rates!

Step 1- A person must first get a hold of their invitation code that sent over the email. 

Step 2- Once you have located it, go back to the Nickel Advisors website and click on apply now. 

Step 3- Fill out all the details necessary details like name and email address. You will also ask to fill out ‘estimated income, estimated credit card debt and estimated monthly card payments. 

Step 4- Click on continue for the website to calculate your expenses. 

They do not ask you for your social security numbers or any other personal account details. Further details shall be provided to the customer once they fill out all the necessary details.  

What are people saying about the Nickel Advisors? 

According to Nickel Advisors Reviews available on the website, the people in the United States talk about the company reaching to them in just the nick of time. The company helped its customers to save money and even from bankruptcy. The comments speak highly of the company and can’t thank them enough for all the support they provided. 

However, numerous reviews have given the Nickel Advisors a 1-star rating. They comment about the terms of the company are very different than what you read on the site. Numerous scam marketing companies have commonly used the business model used by them over the years. 

There are high chances of Nickel Advisors operating multiple sites to get away from the negative remarks it keeps receiving. 

Final verdict- 

After examining these Nickel Advisors Reviews, it can say that Nickel Advisors provide incomplete information, and their social media page only has 9 followers. They do not mention the interest rate they charge, and the loans are only available for payment of credit or debit card debts.

There are chances of the company trying to scam people into taking up their services, so we do not think it is legit. 

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