Zolucky Scam Reviews 2020

Zolucky Scam Reviews [Dec] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> This article will give you an insight about the authenticity of this website and its products.

Don’t you daydream of a lavish and all those in trend fashionable clothes, all the ladies out there? If yes, the solution is here, Zolucky is there with all trending wardrobe collections and many more.

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Zolucky Scam has caught our eyes, and we desperately want to know the truth. To found out the reality, Zolucky Reviews will work as an eye-opener. It is the United State company and is popular among them.

Is Zolucky Legit?

Before buying any product online, one should be vigilant enough to know whether the online shopping portal is trustworthy or not. To do so, we should research about that website and read all those reviews.

Fraud e-commerce companies are very active these days. They will offer you all trendy items at a very affordable price, but we should be aware of these offers.

We will make sure that all our readers will get informed. Keep reading for those fascinating facts about this website.

What is Zolucky?

Zolucky is an online shopping website that offers you high fashioned and in-trend clothing ranges. They promise you to deliver all the products which are designed by various independent designers. They strive for you to provide high-quality products.

They offer to ship worldwide through various digital online payment modes. 

What is so unique about Zolucky?

The appealing deals and those designers’ clothes are the most attractive and exclusive part of this website. A fashionable collection of outfits with huge discounts will make you shop. 

Specifications of Zolucky:

  • Product: Dresses, Jumpsuits, Shoes, Swimwear and Plus size outfit
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Parent Company: Not mentioned on the official website
  • Address: Not specified
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Delivery: takes approx. 13-25 business days
  • Shipping fee:  calculated based on package weight and destination
  • Exchange: within 15 days of receiving the order
  • Returns: within 15 days after receiving the order
  • Refunds: applicable
  • Website: https://www.zolucky.com/
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Visa Debit/Credit, Master Card

Pros of buying from Zolucky:

  • A collection of designer clothing is available
  • An affordable rate and massive discounts
  • Easy return and cancel policy is applicable
  • Refund on the damaged products is available
  • They accept payment via various online payment modes

Cons of buying from Zolucky:

  • The review section is missing
  • Some products are not returnable
  • Delivery charges are applicable
  • Delivery time is too long
  • No COD option is provided

Customer feedback on Zolucky:

Costumer’s feedback is the most critical insight to know the reality of any product. Through research, we found out that there is no review section on the official site. And the self-introduction is also very superficial. 

Their website also has very less contact information. The images of the products are fake and cheap; few icons on the website don’t even work. 

Many designer wears are offered with huge discounts, which creates a sense of doubt in the buyer’s mind. No information about the owner and even the designer’s name is not available on the website.

Final Verdict:

Information about any website helps in creating trust among the buyers, but here we can see the information was not disclosed. All we can see is fake images of dresses and non-functional icons on the website.

The huge offers are displayed on the site, which seems unreal. Not only this, after reviewing its policy, but we also found out many grammatical errors. This depicts that the owner does not care about its reputation in the market but only seeks money.

They have not disclosed shipping fees, and rather they cost them based on package weight and destination. Also, the shipping time is up to 25 days, which is too long to wait for.

Through the reviews available on google, it has been found out that the product quality is inferior, and if you want to return that item, you have to pay the postage fee for that. And in return, they will offer you some coupons or e-money in their website wallet.

From all of these points, we sum it up as a hoax online portal. Which steales the images of clothing from a different website and offers you huge offers.

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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be exciting to read through content from other writers and practice something from other websites.

    1. 15min ago today 10/4/20, I saw an ad for LILICLOTH clothing and had an uneasy feeling so I googled and fount it reported to be a scam site. When I went back to what I was doing online, I soon came across what I thought was the same EXACT ad (same photos, in a different order) WITH THE NAME “ZOLUCKY” So BEWARE OF EITHER, and honestly, probably MOST of them you see!
      I actually took a chance on 2 sites a few months back (after reading a few hundred reviews) 🙂 and was very pleasantly surprised w/the 3 clothing items I received!
      My favorite was “Yidarten” [fox head logo] the quality was probably better than what I would buy locally at a department store (even after washing), and the prices were quite ‘fair’ (since I am a cheap shopper! lol) and locally comparable for the items I got, though you can find great prices on clothing this way. I plan to order more from them now that I trust it. (sorry I cant remember the name of the other brand)

      1. YES!
        Another thing: When an item is offered in different colors/patterns, the alternate views are PHOTOSHOPPED! They just painted new color or print (sometimes sloppily) onto original photo. Yikes.

        1. The worst ever! Zolucky’s clothing quality is ‘poor’ at best. Nothing that I ordered was as it appeared online. Sizes were all OFF! My mistake for ordering online without checking reviews.

          I’d like to share an example of just one of the articles of clothing that I purchased. I loved this cable knit poncho with tassels…so I purchased it among other items. I received the ordered 2 weeks after the purchase. The poncho was paper thin. The cable knit was a digital print on the fabric. It was an absolute joke. The items were almost or just as bad.

          I contact them by email to return all items. They told me that I could keep everything and that they would refund 35% and that if I wanted a 100% refund that I would have to pay shipping. When I asked for return label, they said that it would cost too much for me to ship back as they were located in China.

          Do not buy from Zolucky and spread the word!

          Don’t order from this company!!!

          1. I had an equally frustrating experience with them. First, I didn’t find out they were in China until after my item shipped. That knowledge alone would have stopped me from ordering it. It was for my husband, who was in his last days of terminal cancer. It took 28 days to arrive (ordered on 12/2/2020). By the time it got here, he had deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t lift his arms up to put it on, so he never got to wear it. He died on Jan. 10th. That was 11 days after it arrived. I was also unaware of their 15 day return policy. I contacted them on the 24th, and was told I had exceeded their 15 day policy for returns, so they would not take it back. In light of my husband’s passing, the planning of the funeral, and just my grieving in general, returning merchandise was not even on my radar. They showed absolutely no empathy, just kept telling me (through 3 different customer service reps) that they could not change their policy. I told them I wanted information on how to reach someone else who had authority to over-ride their policy, within 15 days, or I was going to any and every social media site I could find to tell the world how terrible their customer service is, which I am obviously doing here. The sweater, by the way, felt like it was ‘coated’ with something, and had a funny chemical smell, I will NEVER buy anything from these people again,

          2. I totally agree. The quality was terrible. They look pretty online, but when I received them, they were thin, ran sooooo small, not true to size at all. I’ve been waiting 4 months to received a pair of mittens that was part of my order. That’s the last time I will be ordering from them. I gave away half my stuff. terrible.

        2. Actually, that’s fairly common among a lot of retailers and manufacturers. Especially for something that comes in multiple prints or colors – it’s cheaper than photographing each one on a model. That’s a lot of set-up time, model changing, styling, photographing, processing and editing for each version.

          Not really scandalous.

        3. Ok, I have the same thing happen all the time. And what I wanna know is, where are all these beautiful clothes they keep stealing pics, from??? Somebody is really making them. But who are they and how can we buy the real versions? Those floral tees are stunning, and I’ve seen so many seaters I’d love to have. I just don’t get it.

      2. I tried 3X to get a full refund on two tops that I bought my wife for Christmas but not one reply! The tops were advertised as sweatshirts but when we received them they were made of cheap material. Do not buy from this company!!!

    2. Excellent post, the clothing looks so good, it was to good to be true. With the prices being so unbelievable. Also, it might be apart of Wish, they have quite a few sites with different names.

      1. Zolucky was a complete scam. I spent over $119 for their junks. They are very sneaky. Only show 5 stars reviews but when I want to submit a review for what I bought, it was blocked. They actually don’t allow people to review their product. They way they fooling people for their cheap products is disgusting and unethical. Extremely dishonest and untrustworthy.

      2. I had the exact same experience with Anniecloth, another scamming company with similar looking pictures as Zolucky, etc. The clothing was HUGE and the shoes I bought were plastic and HUGE too. I tried to return and was told the same thing… though you got a nice refund amount… I was only offered 15%.


      1. What I received looked nothing like what was pictured. It is bait and switch. The clothing is cheaply made, looks cheap. I will probably donate. Zolucky is bad. Took 30+ days to get order. One thing took 60+ days. I should have known. Stay away.

        1. Zolucky is a definite scam and fraudulent vendor. I have filed complaints with PayPal , I hope they get removed as a vendor. NEVER BUY FROM ZOLUCKY!!!!

        2. You are so right – I second all you said. I did get all I ordered (143.00) but it was crappy crap !! I went on line to get a way to return for credit and they actually
          looked legit. Said they’d email me a return authorization and then I can call them to let them know I sent it. That was last week and no email for return !! Wish
          I’d read this sites reviews before spending . I definitely would not have placed an order. There is no phone number on their site to call for help either. So fuck you Zolucky or whomever you thieves are – go to hell and burn. I rarely have ordered online, maybe 3 times in my life of 63 yrs. Now, I am reminded why. Shame and they should be ashamed of themselves, I live on SSD and am well within the “below 250% of national average of poor. Bastards !!

      2. I ordered from Zulucky and received my order, cheap horrible quality and their sizing is NOT accurate, I threw all 5 garments in the trash not even worthy of donating. I totally felt like I had been scammed. I totally agree with your post! Good luck trying to contact or return items!

        1. Yes I agree. I’ve ordered from a few of the clothing websites where the clothes are shipped from China. Out of everything I kept one pair of lace up boots I really like and they are comfortable. But, everything else – never again. So, I tried Zolucky because these websites have the cutest clothes for the best prices. What I ordered did not look like the picture displayed on their website. The quality of shirts and sweatshirts ordered was poor and none of them were the right material, color or style as pictured. They really fooled me. I emailed and told them what I thought and that I would never order from them again. They emailed back and asked me not to post a bad review. They agreed to take me off their list serv so I would never get an email from them again. They sent me anyway a coupon for ten percent off. I deleted it. It would have cost so much money to send the items back as well as I didn’t trust them to give me my money back. I am done ordering clothes online when they are shipped from China. No more for me for sure. Peace

      3. LMAO your language is probably most accurate! I was scammed by a Chinese company bought an Apple computer they sent me 2 fake iPhones…BUYER BEWARE when dealing with the Chinese, they probably laughing they’re as… off at the stupid Americans

    4. DO NOT shop at Zolucky. The size chart is ridiculously wrong. Shipping was $12. I have to pay to return this junk to China. I’ve written my fourth email just to get a return authorization and now they are complaining about the delay in my return shipping.

      1. You are spot-on! I made the same mistakes of shopping on their website. I can’t wear ANY of the clothing As the sizes aren’t for humans. Sizes are out of bodily proportions. I am petite and the size small is for a small elephant.

        1. I agree completely! This is a SCAM operation. Items posted on web site have only superficial resemblance to the junk they send to you. One top recently promoted has inverted seams giving it a 3 dimensional pieced together look I desired. Sleeve clearly shows protruding seams on side view. Item sent was a photo printed on a flat fabric and the print was all faded out looking bearing superficial resemblance to one on web site. Bought mittens as well.. photo showed felted wool look with a design. Received mittens made of shiny Tee Shirt material with machined embroidery.. total junk.. I wanted winter mittens! Pants I bought were opaque pantyhose not pants as advertised. The list goes on.. Do not buy from them! Packages have San Francisco CA shipping address yet they require you return items to Guandong, China!

          1. Update.. I made complaints to the BBB (says never heard of them), to my Credit Card Company and lastly to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I also cited this web site to the FTC and told them I am not alone in my belief this ZOLUCKY is a SCAM FRAUDILANT web site. This morning I got an e-mail from Zolucky asvising me to check their web site about my return. The link they provided was not working. So I typed in Zolucky into Google & searched them out… NONE of the ZOLUCKY addresses work right now. I’ve also been busy complaining to GOOGLE ADS every time I see a Zolucky ad pop up. It would appear as of right now Zolucky web site has either been pulled down or shut down. I suggest to anyone out there who has been ripped off by Zolucky to go to the Federal Trade Comissions web site & file a complaint with them like I did. I think I have Zolucky on the run.. it is time to pile on now!
            504 ERROR The request could not be satisfied.

          2. After writing the above I got a notice from my Bitdefender antivirus software baseed on my attempt to go to Zolucky.com web site….

            “msedge.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an unmatching security certificate to url7146.zolucky.com. We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since the used certificate was issued for a different web address than the targeted one.”

            I tried going to that address & got this message,,

            This site can’t be reachedww1.zolucky.com’s server IP address could not be found.
            Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

            It would appear Zolucky web site is dead now.
            Just watch out for them to reappear as a different company & continue the ripoffs.

          3. I had the basically the same experience that you did. Although, my finger-less gloves were made from a one piece printed knit fabric that was folded and stitched around the thumb. In addition, I have three “Womens Outerwear” that I would be embarrassed to be seen wearing to take the garbage out! All are photo images printed on cheep polyester material and poorly stitched together.

            I have twice daily spam from them, including today. Doesn’t look like they’re dead, yet!

          4. A few reviews have mentioned Zolucky no longer has pop up ads. I’m at this site because a pop up came up again with cute shoes, so I checked reviews that’s what I thought it’s all bogus typical Chinese knowing the customer doesn’t want to pay return shipping costs to CHINA!

    5. Zolucy is a total scam, I do not believe they had any intentopn of shipping the thinks I ordered. I have filed complaints with Pay Pal and am hoping for a refund.


      1. Did you ever get your refund from PayPal? I have just filed one after not receiving 7 of 9 items I ordered in November 2020. I did not check the scam ratings prior to ordering…guess I’ve learned the hard way. I tried contacting Zolucky (x2) and they claim that they will respond within 48 hours and don’t.

    6. Received my order and they won’t let me write a review. Probably because the charming beaded detailed cape that I ordered was actually a POS! Absolute garbage! Now the buttons I ordered, “can’t be updated by logistics”. I am pretty sure they never cleared customs, or were “LOST”. Either way, this is why I use Mastercard?Visa. This purchase is definitely more than 50 miles away from home and they don’t take returns. The “good faith” clause gets you a refund.

    7. Thank all of you for posting about ZOLUCKY! I had a feeling it was a China Scam based on how beautiful and expensive the sweaters and tops looked and the price was so low. I found a page with a bunch of fake 5 star reviews mixed in with many bad reviews and then I knew that was a red flag! It is infuriating that these scams keep appearing all over the internet and cannot be stopped. I will only order from American companies with realistic size clothes and realistic price tags!!! I hope everyone else does the same!

    8. I ordered after doing a short check and it looked ok.
      Clothes took forever to get here. When they did arrive they were not the clothing shown on their web site. Looked nothing like it. The fabric looked nothing like the pictures. They’re going back. I will be talking to everyone I can about this. My opinion? It’s a scam. And they are not in Taiwan or Hong Kong. It’s mainland China.
      Buyer beware!!!

    9. I have ordered the same sweatshirt 3 times and never got either of them. Please give me a credit for these in my checking account. Frances A West. 55 Lazelle Road. Columbus Ohio 43235. U should havemy account info.
      361 2073618

    10. Awful business, stay clear. I ordered my wife 4 pairs of socks with seams on the bottom, they are unusable, and a blouse arrived with an ink stain right in the middle of the shirt. When I advised zolucky, they offered 15% off and showed me their policy to return to China at my expense. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY OR YOULL REGRET IT LIKE ME.

    1. The same products as Annie Cloth. My guess is that the same company owns and produces the crap you get. Same exact return policies. Since Annie Cloth got so many negative reviews and determined a scam, they switch to a different name…What is worse is that PayPal continues to do business with the fraudulent companies instead of being a part of stopping the consumer from getting scammed!!!

  2. I too am writing to ask where my order is that I sent on May 17. Seems like I am not the only one complaining about your incredibly bad service.

  3. This site is based in China, although the pretend like they are in the US.
    Any returns need to be returned there which will cost you more than the item. Deceitful company!

  4. I would never use them. I would never recommend them. They have poor customer service. I am sure they use someone in the Philippines or India that handles their customer service since they only reply in the middle of the night and their English isn’t great.

    Their product is terrible. It runs really small, approximately 2-3 size difference. It took six weeks to get my items delivered, which missed the event I wanted them for and then I have moved, so the items had to be forwarded to me to my new place and by the time I opened them and tried them on and noticed how small they were, I inquired and they said that you have to return items within 15 days. They had never been out of the packaging to be worn once I noticed the quality of the first three items, I didn’t open the next four items. Also, one item was missing, which they would never acknowledge in my emails when I was discussing sending the items back. The jewelry is terribly cheap and full on nickel which contains poison, it creates your ears to turn colors if you wear them. I cannot believe you put a time limit on something to be returned when you can take almost two months for an item to arrive. I cannot wait for my credit card company to see all the documentation I have. When ordering or receiving your order, it never tells you that items have to be returned within 15 days. Also, you cannot even return jewelry or swim suits. Even if they were never worn.

    They keep it a secret of where you send the items back. I did my homework. I sent the items back anyway and will dispute it with my credit card. I will be sure I bad mouth them on every review I can until they make it right, which is crediting my credit card and stop wasting my time and sending me unprofessional emails.

  5. very disappointed in zolucky I ordered product that sized wrong, when I tried to get a refund, even though I did respond in the 7 day window, they would NOT send me an RMA to return, offered me 10% discount to repair their clothes, this is a terrible company, & worst customer service I ever dealt with I would never shop here again, & warn everyone else this is a scam company. I actually HATE their customer service dept. I did everything correct & no one would respond to my request for a easy return or refund

    1. I had exactly the same terrible experience with them Sonya, as far as I am concerned – it’s a SCAM! I reported them to the TV station where they were advertising which is how I found out about them!

  6. I finally received a dress I ordered months ago. It looks nothing like the dress I ordered plus it is much smaller than medium – the size I usually wear. The paperwork I received says to notify ‘[email protected]’ and that items can be returned within 15 days of the delivery date and that a full refund will be received within a week. But…I can not reach customer service for that request. I will never order from this site again and would advise for others to not order from them as well.

    1. Notify your credit card company. They can usually get the refund and/or attach the bank account and withdraw the money if they don’t refund voluntarily. I am glad I read these reviews.

  7. I just bought 2 items on Zolucky- one of them was as pictured- the other one was not. It pictured dress hitting mid-calf and instead it dragged the floor. I’m 5’5” and wear regular sizes. In addition, the sleeves were unhemmed and the material was nightgown like. The cost of shipping back to China caused me to eat the cost and learn a lesson.

  8. Noracora is another fashion website from China. You can only return items at your own expense, like Zolucky, their website is slick with headless shapely models. They don’t send what’s pictured and it isn’t made of the material in their description. There are several of these high fashioned websites based in China, of which this is one. It would’ve cost me $45 of my $72 purchase to return my dresses to China. I couldn’t use because linen/cotton was actually poly/cotton, pale peach was actually orange, pale blue was actually bright turquoise. Beware of false advertising on Noracora on any fashion website where you can’t find where their base is!

    1. I’m in same spot.. But I’d rather give the post office my money than let these creeps keep it! I’d return my stuff even if it cost me double! The only way people like this learn is to hit them in the pocket book!

  9. I am having a difficult time receiving a “RETURN ADDRESS LABEL” — e-mail after e-mail isn’t doing the job. Now, I’m wondering if I should rather donate these items that I don’t want — rather than trust them to credit my charge account, when & if they ever receive my returns.
    This is a stupid situation — I feel so stupid for having shopped @Zolucky w/o checking who they were & that they’re in CHINA. hOW DO WE KNOW WHERE THEY REALLY ARE? I am wondering if Sonya Hersh ever rec’d any satisfaction from them…………

  10. These sites which change their name often show models without showing the face. Always be skeptical when no face is shown. It will be a China company. Usually the sizes are not big enough and the fabric is inferior. Forget about customer service.

  11. Can’t tell you how terrible this stuff is. It is all based in China. The business model is to sell you something and then forget about ever returning or refunding. The clothes are the cheapest disgusting items I have ever seen. None looks like or matches the pics, descriptions. The sizes are at least 3-4 times smaller. I could not even get my arms into the sleeves. My God, what a nightmare. Finally after a week of trying I got a reply on how to return. I had to go to the PO and fill out customs paperwork to send them back, postage was $35 and about 2 months later, they were returned to me stating “address unknown”. I threw it all in the garbage.
    Don’t buy anything from these crooks.

    1. Carole & others… I am sending my stuff back tomorrow.. If it gets returned to me I will take it up with my Credit Card Company as FRAUD. Let credit card company reverse charges.. These people have made the wrong person mad.

  12. I happened to fall for this scam, clothing looked nice on the pictures, prices were attractive but it was sure a disappointment when I received only part of my order almost entire month later. The designs were different than shown on the website, the quality of fabrics far from what it was described, one of the dresses that was supposed to be made of cotton was made of the fabric like you see on the umbrellas: cheap and plasticky feel, just terrible and totally not what I expected, to this day part of the order is still missing. They tell you to buy 5 items and the 6th one is FREE, well they don’t explain at all how this works so I found out after the fact that it only works on certain items so you are basically buying a “cat in the bag” without knowing exactly how things work. I tried to contact them and of course, there is no number to call, you can only email and now that I received all this garbage, they are making it very difficult to make a return, offering me all kinds discounts to keep these items an in case I still want to make a return, they are making it so complicated by stating you will have to send your return to Guanzhou, China and it will be very expensive to return the items plus you will have to pay the custom fees on top of the international return fees. It’s a BIG SCAM!!!! Buyers be ware!!! Also you would have never thought you are buying something from China and if I had known, I would have never bought from them, it’s basically garbage!!!!

  13. There are many of these fake photos of fake clothing depicted from pictures from real clothing, but NOT THEIRS.
    This is a scam company, agreed with all negative reviews above. Clothes are super cheap, look nothing like the photos, run super small and when you can finally get ahold of an agent that speaks broken english, they offer a sleezy discount or want you to pay postage to return to China. Then you may or may not ever get a refund minus your shipping fees.
    Ridiculous and Wrong!

    1. These china people are scammers! Don’t buy from them it rook 2 mos before I gotvmy things! Buy that time winter had gone! Squint eyes fuckers

  14. The ChiComs are not America’s friends. They gave the world the chinavirus on purpose, letting planeloads of sick Chinese fly out of there all over the world. They lied about the disease and did away with scientists and doctors that told the truth of how bad it is. They probably killed them since they were never seen again. In addition, they try to fool Americans with this cheap product line and runaround. The Chinese people in their long history have never known freedom. We should pity them. Avoid!

  15. Thank you for these reviews. The clothes are beautiful in the pictures. Several reds flags and bells went off in my head for all the reasons in the reviews. I am so happy I came to your site. Thank you so much. You saved me a lot of money and aggravation. The clothes in the pictures look beautiful. The first thing I thought of was, “you get what you pay for”. The prices are too cheap.

  16. I .had the same experience as all of the above comments. I went around and around with the same experience. When I wanted to return the item {{shoes too big} after months of of emails (some with )no answers. Someone named Candance told me to return them to Australia at my expense. Needless to say it was not worth the expense since I no longer trusted this company. They go by different names (Just Fashion is one). I learned a lesson so I donated the Shoes to HOSPICE.

  17. Zolucky is a SCAM!!! They charged my credit card 200. on the 6th of sept and still nothing after 3 wks of waiting for my order!!! They sent me email saying payment didnt go through when i have proof on my credit card bill that it did go through so they tried to get 400 from me n no clothes in return! Be ware! Im so sorry i fell for this scam!

    1. Christa, Sorry bit I had the same problems with Zulily as everyone is having with Zolucky. Personally I think both are a big scam and not worth the time of day.

  18. thank you everyone for your feedback I was about to buy a few things but I will wait. I too could not find a customer service number. on that note
    there is a great website called Zulilys which is the best for ordering from clothes to furniture. Great customer service. 100% reliable if your not
    happy with your order check them out.

  19. Stylewe is another operation like this. Extremely long delivery times, very cheap materials and made in China. They seem to go out of their way to keep you from finding out their base of operations. Buy U.S.!

  20. Horrible products and fabrics. Nothing like the pictures. Very fraudulent!! Fabrics are plastic-like and all have a dry clean only tag, even when the picture depicts and appear as cotton fabric. Do not purchase from this company. They offer 15% of your money back or you have to return item to China at your expense. Terrible customer service!

  21. RETURNS must be paid for by customer – to CHINA — so it is not worth sending back as the cost of shipping is more than the product cost many times. This site is the same as another site which had so many bad reviews that they changed their name. Now they are starting out fresh and new and the sizes run very small and if you buy, you are stuck with the clothing. Also, the material and workmanship is very suspect and of low quality. I did not buy, as I realized they charged the customer the return shipping costs from China.

  22. These china people are scammers! Don’t buy from them it took 2 mos before I got my things! Buy that time winter had gone! Squint eyes fuckers

  23. I too fell for Zolucky’s (ChicV UK Limited) scam. Ad was on a trusted blog I read but I found out later that was not a paid ad. Cute, reasonably priced clothes that I was charged immeadiately for but didn’t receive for 3-4 weeks. Clothes, in fact, were poorly made of cheap material, all were extremely too big, too square. I requested to cancel one item that had not shipped which they did (I have never received that refund). I requested to return the others and did on 8/7/2020. Per tracking, has to be returned to Guangzhou, China. It was received in Shanghai, China on 8/12/2020. Zolucky claims they still have not received as of 9/28/2020. DO NOT ORDER THIS JUNK!!!!

  24. wish I would have read this BEFORE I ordered and paid through paypal. I always have considered myself smarter than this. I will try to cancel through PayPal and get refund.

  25. My items arrived and they were NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURES. I wish I had seen this website before I ordered. They are offering me 25% back if I don’t return and based on the comments here I will try and get that back. Mind you I still won’t wear any of the items – they are hideous!

  26. Zolucky is a Chinese company pretending to be a US company. That’s why their customer service times are strange and why it takes so long to get items delivered.

  27. I was wanting to write a review on this company but when I tried to on their website, it won’t let you. I ordered these boots which I thought were really amazing and when I got them I have never been more disappointed. They were nothing like the picture showed them to be. They smelled like glue and kerosene, not kidding. I am so mad that I got took, and by the time you return your order, it will cost you more than your original order. Please, don’t get taken like I did. Don’t order from this company!!!!!!!

  28. I spent about an hour ordering items. The site stated that there was free shipping after a certain amount of money was spent. Every time I added a new item, the site continued to say if I spend “X” amount more, I’ll get free shipping. I kept adding items. When it was time to check out, I filled in the information, and the shipping was additional in the amount of almost $40. Thank goodness, I saw this prior to supplying my credit card number. I just canceled out of that site. Then I did some research and I am so glad that I did. Like other consumers, the prices were great for “linen” and “leather” and “cottons.” The photos revealed great quality materials. Thankfully, from others’ feedback, it’s all a scam. Feel lucky not to have finalized my order.

  29. These companies pop up, and disappear quickly. Frequently they sell the same stuff on many sites. Once they pick up negative reviews, for decietful practices, such as bait and switch, advertising the product one way, but what you receive does not match it, they will tell you to return it at your expense, but then, never refund your money.

    Fly by night organizations.

    COMPANY. I NEED TO GET A REFUND THEY WILL NOT TELL ME HOW TO GET ONE I. have another order which has taken along time to come How can I refuse to accept this package when it comes ? I do not want to deal with this company any more can I refuse to accept the package ?? I HAVE TRIED TO GET A REFUND ON ONE SWEATER they wont answer my question. Thank you Mavis Klein ,,,,,,,,,,, . I THOUGHT i WAS DEALING WITH CA;LIFORNIA NOT CHINA.

  31. I was considering making an order from this company. However, I recently got bitten by another similar company. I really like to support a more local economy, hometown, county, state, country and there are so many online companies based in places that do not really support my local community. So in conclusion. Thank you very much for the post, I will be avoiding this company with no actual “location”. Judy, super glad to see your comments above ‘Nothing like the pictures.’ Great info.

  32. I wish I had seen this site sooner. I purchased a small item and it was nothing like the image online. instead of quilted , pieced felt it was smooth printed polyester.
    oh well, fool me once

  33. WARNING: It is impossible to return anything to this company!!! They make it sound as if it’s no problem, but nothing could be further from the truth. I emailed them asking them for the return address saying that I just wanted store credit because some of the items I ordered didn’t fit properly. I would even pay for the shipping. They wouldn’t give it to me. At this point they are going to people as Christmas presents. It’s cheaper and less stressful.

  34. I made the mistake of ordering from here also, yes poorly made items. and cost more to return the items. all going to the goodwill store.

  35. 1. The article I purchased looked NOTHING like the photo. It was also cheaply made with bad fabric.
    2. The return policy is terrible. They want you to pay for shipping back to China, which is the cost of the item, and then they will reimburse you 100%. Which of course is a non-sequitar.
    3. When you ask for a refund they nickel and dime you. Supposedly I got a 50% refund – their “final offer.” I say supposedly, because they also tell you the refund will take up to 3 months.
    4. I tried to unsubscribe, but there is no unsubscribe button. I finally found one and they continue to send email. I put them in my junk list and somehow they’ve gotten around it.

  36. Wish I had found this site before I ordered. I got 5 of the 6 items I ordered. If any of the “cotton” ones have cotton in them, it is probably only 20% or less.; all seem like polyester. The colors are not as viewed online for 3 of them. The hemline is not as portrayed on another. I will say, all fit properly. One was for a gift, and is just a printed fabric made to look like the woven coat shown. I should have known by the prices. I’m sure the photos are all copied from high price, legit companies.

    1. I agreed with you that zolucky
      are selling totally different cheap fabric than the picture, so cheap fabric and just patten that we have to throw away all clothing that we bought through online because they said even they can’t return back thees cheap items that we paid more than $ 80 for two items
      . Be aware of this company!

  37. Just placed an order. I am going to call my Credit Card Company and tell them to cancel their billing. Thank you . . . PLUS, I too did not realize it was Chinese. I do NOT want to do business with them.

  38. Nora Cora is a scam company that still owes me 230.00 from an order that I NEVER received from February 2020. The responses to the emails that I have sent and demanded my money back are laughable. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER order anything from these scam companies. They steal every scent you send them.

  39. The item I ordered does: not measure the size stated, the fabric is not cotton but some rough rayon or cheap polyester, the edge of the top appeared to be a smooth ribbed knit in the photo, in reality, it is cheap, thin fabric where a serger has been sewn across the bottom edge, AND I cannot return it to San Francisco where it was mailed from, but instead has to be sent to China!! PLEASE, do not order from this company as you will surely be disappointed. The item I received is certainly not “high quality” nor a “designer” item. I will not send it to China but will contact my credit card to take this further. This should not be advertised on an MSN page given the misleading information about such items.

  40. Yes, Zolucky is a scam. I bought a gift for my wife. (2) items. It took forever to get the garments, then they did not fit even close to the size they were supposed to be. Very poor quality fabric. As usual, Chinese products are garbage. Everyone should stay away from all Chinese products. They asked me to mail the garments back to China. Are you kidding me. They offered me a discount to keep them. I told them why, they both do not fit. The arms are too short and the bust line is way too tight on my wife. They are a joke and I want everyone to know before you purchase, what is going to happen. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE. Thank you. Go USA…

  41. I ordered several items from them and they don’t look anything like the items advertised! They are just cheap copies to try and look like the original items and are very inferior in quality! They send you wrong sizes and when you complain, they offer you a 15% discount refund for the item you paid for. This company is a big SCAM! Beware if them as you can see I am not the only one gullible enough to have ordered items from them. Like all the others who have posted before me, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!

  42. I ordered 2 dresses and got items that looked totally different from the pictures on the website. The material was cheap and poor quality. They said it was coming from China, but the address was from Delaware and the name was “Joe Doe”. Now I’m trying to return the dresses and they say I have to pay for the shipping charges back to China. It’s completely ridiculous, they are a scam, don’t buy from this place!

  43. I ordered 2 dresses from here and they were totally different from what was shown on the website. The colors were different and the material was poor quality, they say it’s cotton but it doesn’t feel like that at all, more like nylon or something plastic.
    They also said it was coming from China but the label on my package says it came from Delaware and the name is “Joe Doe”, clearly fake. It took them 22 days for the package to arrive after I ordered too.
    They charged me for $16 shipping saying it was coming from China. Now I’m trying to return the package and they are saying I have to pay for shipping back to China even though the product is clearly not what I ordered. They offered to instead refund me 15% of the cost of the item, which is ridiculous since the items are barely worth a few dollars.

    In total I spent $56 for a pair of cheap dresses that you wouldn’t buy together for even $10 and they are offering less than $10 as a refund, saying I have to pay shipping all the way to China if I want a full refund.

    This place is a scam, the clothing is cheap and poor quality, and they won’t give you your money back. Don’t buy here.

  44. Total scam! I saw a beautiful sweater that I had ordered. They sent me something totally different – actually a very ugly sweater that looked NOTHING like the pretty one listed. I think the reviews on their site must be lies. Do not buy from here. However, I did recently buy from Zulily (maybe Zolucky is trying to trick people by having a name similar?) and I was very happy with my purchase from there – I only ordered once but it was a good experience.

  45. Thank you for all of these posts and the original review. I was getting read to purchase, but had a terrible experience with Nina Cloak, which with more investigating I learned are the same company…there are about 25 online companies that are all under the same umbrella!! Stay away from them as well. Same horrible details! I wish there were a way to keep these off shore companies out of American Internet!!! What a rip off! Gives a whole new meaning to the expression…Buyer Beware!

  46. I agreed with you that zolucky
    are selling totally different cheap fabric than the picture, so cheap fabric and just patten that we have to throw away all clothing that we bought through online because they said even they can’t return back thees cheap items that we paid more than $ 80 for two items
    . Be aware of this company!

  47. The clothes are all junk. The sizes are all off and for little people or midgets. Sorry but they are not for medium people. No returned emails or nothing. i just notified my credit card company of the fraud and they reversed the charges

  48. If you make the mistake of buying from Zolucky or any of their other names, be prepared for problems. My husband bought me a pair of cotton lounging pants. I am 5’4″ tall, they will fit a person 75 lbs. heavier and around 6’4′ tall. Also, the royal blue turned out to be a faded pale blue., some kind of a baggy knitted acrylic. I would not wear these pants even if I were in prison!
    Then came the real pain. I could return them to Guangong China for a refund, at great expense, or take 15% and “amend the cloth”. (their words). After about 10 emails, dealing with someone whose English was very odd, they raised the refund to 50%. So, 50% of $35, $17.50. I finally told them ok, send me the refund. We will see what happens. Their clothes look so great online, but don’t be fooled. Go to Kohls instead. Affordable clothes and great return policies there. Another reason to Buy American!

  49. I should have known…I always try to find reviews before ordering from a new site, but the photos are so nice and the prices are great, and I thought I’d take a chance just once and learn my lesson if needed. Well, that’s what happened!

    I did find reviews of Zolucky before ordering, but now looking back at those I see they are fake. When I look more closely at reviews on their website, they sound like they are all written by the same person, all 5 stars, similar (fake) email addresses, and guess what–I’m blocked from reviewing anything I bought, even the full-price item. It’s an elaborate scheme to seem legitimate, and in fact they are sending clothes that sort of look like the photos. Mine came in about 2 weeks, not bad.

    Three of my items were described as cotton or cotton blend, but EVERYTHING is 100% polyester. Even the labeling is wrong in the item. A dress I ordered which is beautiful in the photo and hangs nicely with a flared skirt–you can tell exactly what the fabric is in the photo–is cheap printed polyester but the tag in the seam says 100% cotton. I’m trying to return it but probably won’t bother because the postage will equal the cost of the dress. Everything else I ordered was “final sale” and I knew the chance I was taking. I’ll end up being able to wear one shirt I think, and I’ll give the others away or sell on eBay with correct pictures and descriptions.

    I feel sorry for people in China who are just trying to make a living however they can. I’ll learn my lesson and go on. I will say that the website was beautifully designed and very functional, and I can tell they are upping their game constantly because the newest items look better and better. Old items on clearance aren’t shown on models, but the new/current ones are all on Western models. If you right-click and “search Google for image” (using Chrome), you’ll see the same items at other sites including eBay. Oh well…they are smart and it’s working!

  50. I ordered several items from Zolucky.

    1 dress
    1 hooded cardigan
    6 shirts
    3 leggings
    2 socks

    I received the items in 5 different shipments all with a return address in South San Francisco.
    All of the items were either TINY (the 5x cardigan fits my daughter, she wears a small to medium), or very poor quality or BOTH. AND I went by their size chart.

    The only item worth keeping were the socks.

    I packaged them up and returned them to the South San Francisco address, after doing the return process online and notifying the company.

    I was informed via email today (a week later) that I had to return them to CHINA, and they wont refund my money now.
    They offered me a 15% discount to keep them.

    Buyer BEWARE!!!

  51. Ditto to all of the above. Horrible quality, nylon material and very poor sewing. Makes me think children in a sweat shop made these and I feel terrible for buying from this deceitful company. Had no idea it was a Chinese company until I tried to return every single item I ordered. I will just have to keep them due to their costly return policies. They told me I would have to pay shipping and customs! I have learned a valuable lesson. BUY AMERICAN!

  52. Yes they are both a scam. Lets Pants will likely be on invoice that is received. I was completely ripped off. Tried to cancel the next day, and could not. The garments took over a month to arrive and they were in no way shape or form anything close to style / stitching/ and fabric represented in ad. They were totally synthetic and cheap. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE PIC IN AD . I sent pics and details to the “customer service” available through email and even provided pictures of the tags that clearly said 100% polyester when they were supposed to 100% cotton, and the company said the garments looked fine. I am trying to figure out a way to stop these companies but i dont know how. I constantly get the ads now on my screen. It is infuriating.

  53. I ordered a sweater, is long, knitted, lacy bottom edge, instead I got a cheap printed version of a bathrobe material. It’s not a sweater, not even a jacket for outerwear. It’s an overpriced t shirt thing with snaps. The product number I ordered and the product number I got are totally different. I asked if I could exchange the thing they sent me with the product in the picture displayed that I ordered. They don’t exchange. Option is refund or nothing. The refund is not in cash back but in credit on their site to buy another phony product. My advice, read about the product and ignore the pictures. The pictures don’t match what gets sent out.

  54. Ordered$165.28 worth of item for Xmas Oct.14,2020.paid with PayPal I never received any part of this order. Reported to PayPal and they said co. Said they sent so they can’t help but I have received another order from them I placed 2or3 weeks later..so I don’t trust this co.nor pay pal.

  55. Interesting that YOU have grammatical errors on your review, too, after criticizing their website for it. AND, you have an ad, within your review, for a company that has terrible reviews on line. That makes me less likely to trust YOU,

  56. Horrible experience…. still trying to get my money back. Items ship from China so returns must include Customs charges. They don’t say that until you try to return something. 8 week delivery time…items are cheap tee shirts …sizes are all crazy !! pics on web site photoshopped to look good. Sweatshirts were actually cheap tees that you can buy at tee shirt shops for 4.99 ! Stay away !!!

  57. I’m so glad I found this site before ordering for the first time from Zolucky. All of the items seemed attractive and current, and the prices seemed unreal. I guess they were too good to be true. I’m not really in the position to purchase clothing that is not quality, is sized totally incorrectly, and unable to be returned (or even received) without a hassle. With the pandemic, I’m out of work so I don’t have extra cash to throw away on clothes I’ll never be able to use.I was purchasing items I could use for job hunting. I’d like to thank all of you for putting me on notice about Zolucky’s unorthodox business practices. Thank you.

  58. I wish I had checked out all these reviews before I ordered. From zolucky. I ordered 70.00 worth of tops that I thought were so cute. Well, it took almost a month to get here. I kept emailing them about the delay & they kept saying it was because of the covid. When I finally got them, they were as everyone has said, way too small( I don’t think even my 14 yr old granddaughter can wear them )& did not match the picture at all. Wrong color & terrible material. I was going to send them back but I’ll be damned if I’m sending them back to China! I guess I’ll have to eat the money & give the clothes to goodwill. Next time I order anything, I’m going to make sure to check out the reviews. It’s too bad that they can get away with this & there’s. Really nothing we can do about it. Really makes me angers. I hate being taken!

  59. So degusted with Zolucky! A big scam, nothing fit, cheap material, emailed them several times and got the runaround,
    never once receiving a return label or address to sent the order back….I wish I would of been more careful and saw these reviews,
    sick to my stomach that they are getting away with this!

  60. I must have grown 20+ new white hairs having experienced an unusual abnormal business with Zolucky. I came upon this website after already placing a very large order of women’s clothing. I was shocked, bummed and mad at myself for not investigating before hand after reading negative scam posts about Zolucky. It had been 7 days without anything shipped and my bank had already released the funds after Zolucky purposely processed a shipping label to receive funds! I notified my bank reporting it a scam and they voided my credit card to mail me a replacement (inconvenience). It took 15 days to receive my replacement credit card and still, nothing received from Zolucky. Few days later, Zolucky emailed stating they are unable to cancel as my order has already gone to production stage? I grew more frustrated (more mad at myself) and notified local authorities and prepared copies of purchase events that took place from the start. After 20 business days, I receive an unusual USPS number and notice to be prepared of an incoming package in 2-3 days. This is where I learned the business is in Korea! I continuously tracked the tracking number and also learned they used an out of state shipping contractor! After 3 days, a large package arrived from Zolucky. I promptly notified local authorities and my bank to cancel fraud investigation informing them that I received my items as well. My items received fit as expected except 1 out of 12 tops, which was too small. Zolucky explained the return process would be more costly and offered me a refund instead including an additional 20% for the inconvenience of timeframe with my order and also confirmed for me to keep the smaller top. I accepted, All in all, Zolucky fulfilled what was purchased (at bargain prices). The downfall is they are out of country doing business with the U.S. if you want to proceed no matter the timeframe of receiving your purchases, they are legit.

  61. I find I am in agreement with Opiniono2122 on November 29, 2020. Your grammar is atrocious and makes you sound unknowledgeable and very uneducated. The wrongs things to be if you are going to be giving online reviews

  62. I absolutely agree with all the above comments. After receiving your items you will see they look nothing like the advertised clothing items on the website. Also they neglect to tell you that any items you would like to return cannot be returned to the fulfillment center in San Francisco California which by the way is the return Address on your package but must be returned to China. It would cost me approximately $30 to return from New Jersey to China. After many discussions with Zolucky they did agree to give me a 50% refund on the items but that does not include shipping. They are four and a $65 order I would only receive $20 and change. They would not even completely refund the one top that I received which had a hole in the seam of the sleeve. I am now disputing this charge with my credit card company. Please do not purchase anything from this company as you will be sorely disappointed, you might as well take the money for the items and throw it out your window now

  63. same …. ordered before reading posted negative reviews…my bad.They are not your friend, or anything, DAMN!
    AS SOON as I cancelled my order. They blocked me. No more contact. Scam.Frauds ….

  64. Two words folks! Dont order! And if you decide not to take my advice then do yourself a favor and only buy one thing and if and when you recieve it you can be the judge. Good Luck

  65. Unfortunately I stupidly placed a 2nd order before receiving the 1st – big mistake. Quality of all garments received was dreadful, paper-thin fabrics and nothing like the picture on the website. Returning is a hassle and expensive (mailing to China). All Customer Reviews on their website are 5-star which is simply unbelievable and laughable after my experience! AVOID!

  66. you are all sooooo right and i wish i had checked for feedback b4 i gave those bastards $118 on fancy gloves that will never appear they were all so beautiful and
    classy best type of item i had ever seen and I”M A SHOPPER so i thought i’d take a chance got too caught up in the delight of having something so rare..i mean SOMEBODY must be making those gloves even tho i have called them so many names it’s water off a ducks backs with pigs like these there seems no recourse
    other than ‘letting go’ of the anger and moving forward but $118 is a lot to loose in the world we live in…really a lot .. here’s hoping they catch the virus and die

  67. Awful business, stay clear. I ordered my wife 4 pairs of socks with seams on the bottom, they are unusable, and a blouse arrived with an ink stain right in the middle of the shirt. When I advised zolucky, they offered 15% off and showed me their policy to return to China at my expense. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY OR YOULL REGRET IT LIKE ME.

  68. I am glad I read this. I was prepared to look at the site as I had seen so many beautiful articles of clothing. One thing I noticed in your final verdict is, “we also found out many grammatical errors”. You really should remove that statement since your write-up also has many grammatical errors, including the word “out” in that particular statement. Thanks

  69. NEVER trust a website that doesn’t have a valid address, phone number or other pertinent contact information.

    I don’t even trust this website — too many typos — have you heard of using a Spellchecker??????????????????

  70. So sorry that more cannot be done to compel companies like Zolucky to honor their promises. Looks like a scam. They are using the same return agent “Pan Huiling” in Guangzhou, China as several other online companies such as NewChic, NoraCora, and Annie Cloth, among others.
    Here’s the return mail address provided by Zolucky:
    Ship to: Pan Huiiling
    Shipping Address: 1st Floor, Building 3, Jinjuan Square, No. 2 Taohung West Street, Junhe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 510000
    Tel. +8613543483702
    email: [email protected]

    Good luck. But, a caution as it appears that this shipping address cannot be validated by the U.S. Post Office. Items returned remain in the customs office in Guangzhou.

  71. I ordered the “Women Vintage Casual Boho Spliced Tops” The photo clearly shows that the decorations on the garment are sewed on and embroidered. Spliced means two things put together, right? And the fabric is described – both in the description and on the tag – as cotton and polyester.

    First off, this top is NOT sewn, spliced, or embroidered as in the photo. It is a cheap photo print onto scratchy stiff polyester. It looks awful and feels even worse. My guess is that they stole the photos from a legitimate mail order company, then used those (blurry) photos to heat-print onto these horribly constructed shirts.

    My bad for not reading the reviews first! At least after reading the letters on this website, I know to not waste my time trying to get a refund . Live and learn.

  72. Zolucky is a SCAM. I ordered $85 in products; 3 of the 4 items I ordered arrived 1 month later, #4 has yet to arrive. The ITEMS LOOKED COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the pictures on their site. When I complained about the items not being what I paid for, I was told that they couldn’t guarantee that items pictured were what would be shipped, and that they can’t be expected to please 100% of consumers. STAY AWAY from Zolucky and Lilicloth — they are thieves.

  73. Terrible company!!! They are posing as a U.S. company out of Kentucky….NOT SO! they are a chinese company with CHEAP, CHEAP cost & product!!! If you try to send back something that doesn’t fit you have to send to China – I did, it cost a fortune to ship, and then they turned around and sent it back to me saying it was overdue. No refund, no exchange, NOTHING!!! I’m stuck with two dresses and a top that don’t fit. Adage “if it seems to good to be true….it is!” Don’t think you will get the quality of service or product. Save yourself some grief and NEVER EVER buy from them! They also operate under several names so don’t be fooled!

  74. I wish I had seen your post before I ordered from them. This is probably the worst company I’ve dealt with. I don’t know where the positive reviews came from (maybe workers, friends and relatives living in China). I buy a lot of clothing and always use the size charts so that I don’t have to return anything. I ordered 2 sizes up from my usual according to the size chart but everything was too small. All of the items had a chemical odor.
    When I tried to return them, they offered a 15 percent refund for me to keep the items and have them altered. That wouldn’t cover alterations for one of the items, let alone 9 of them.

    When I told them I still wanted to return them, they offered 25 percent to keep them.

    To return them, I would have to pay for shipping to China. I tried researching that through UPS and it took me over 2 hours and still couldn’t get to the cost so I gave up. I will probably donate all of the clothes so that someone can wash to get the odor out and enjoy them,

  75. I got taken also! The rag I received was so different from the cute dress pictured, that now, I want to know from which company do they steal the pictures! That is the company I want to deal with!!

  76. I used to do more online clothes shopping. However last year, I orderd a pair of slip on denim shoes from a phony professional looking site without a phone number. It turned out to be items from China and resulted in having to send many comments back and forth to find out was going on with my order. In the end, I was one of the lucky ones who did finally receive the shoes, but it took two months. I recently came across a tip which advised NOT TO BUY UNLESS THE SITE HAS A PHONE NUMBER! After finding Zolucky’s site with it’s interesting clothes but no phone contact number, I searched the review sites for them which brought me here and sure enough, the reviews are terrible. I don’t know if it’s true with all sellers without contact numbers but now if I don’t see a phone number, I’M GONE!

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