Zolucky Scam Reviews [Sept] Read Post Before Shopping Here
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Zolucky Scam Reviews [Sept] Read Post Before Shopping Here

Zolucky Scam Reviews 2020

Zolucky Scam Reviews [Sept] Read Post Before Shopping Here -> This article will give you an insight about the authenticity of this website and its products.

Don’t you daydream of a lavish and all those in trend fashionable clothes, all the ladies out there? If yes, the solution is here, Zolucky is there with all trending wardrobe collections and many more.

Fashionable clothing and its collection are some of the basic needs of us. Those chic looks will defiantly what we all want in our day to day life. Not only during any festival or celebration but we wish that stylish looks in our daily wear pajamas also.

Zolucky Scam has caught our eyes, and we desperately want to know the truth. To found out the reality, Zolucky Reviews will work as an eye-opener. It is the United State company and is popular among them.

Is Zolucky Legit?

Before buying any product online, one should be vigilant enough to know whether the online shopping portal is trustworthy or not. To do so, we should research about that website and read all those reviews.

Fraud e-commerce companies are very active these days. They will offer you all trendy items at a very affordable price, but we should be aware of these offers.

We will make sure that all our readers will get informed. Keep reading for those fascinating facts about this website.

What is Zolucky?

Zolucky is an online shopping website that offers you high fashioned and in-trend clothing ranges. They promise you to deliver all the products which are designed by various independent designers. They strive for you to provide high-quality products.

They offer to ship worldwide through various digital online payment modes. 

What is so unique about Zolucky?

The appealing deals and those designers’ clothes are the most attractive and exclusive part of this website. A fashionable collection of outfits with huge discounts will make you shop. 

Specifications of Zolucky:

  • Product: Dresses, Jumpsuits, Shoes, Swimwear and Plus size outfit
  • Email: service@zolucky.com 
  • Parent Company: Not mentioned on the official website
  • Address: Not specified
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Delivery: takes approx. 13-25 business days
  • Shipping fee:  calculated based on package weight and destination
  • Exchange: within 15 days of receiving the order
  • Returns: within 15 days after receiving the order
  • Refunds: applicable
  • Website: https://www.zolucky.com/
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Visa Debit/Credit, Master Card

Pros of buying from Zolucky:

  • A collection of designer clothing is available
  • An affordable rate and massive discounts
  • Easy return and cancel policy is applicable
  • Refund on the damaged products is available
  • They accept payment via various online payment modes

Cons of buying from Zolucky:

  • The review section is missing
  • Some products are not returnable
  • Delivery charges are applicable
  • Delivery time is too long
  • No COD option is provided

Customer feedback on Zolucky:

Costumer’s feedback is the most critical insight to know the reality of any product. Through research, we found out that there is no review section on the official site. And the self-introduction is also very superficial. 

Their website also has very less contact information. The images of the products are fake and cheap; few icons on the website don’t even work. 

Many designer wears are offered with huge discounts, which creates a sense of doubt in the buyer’s mind. No information about the owner and even the designer’s name is not available on the website.

Final Verdict:

Information about any website helps in creating trust among the buyers, but here we can see the information was not disclosed. All we can see is fake images of dresses and non-functional icons on the website.

The huge offers are displayed on the site, which seems unreal. Not only this, after reviewing its policy, but we also found out many grammatical errors. This depicts that the owner does not care about its reputation in the market but only seeks money.

They have not disclosed shipping fees, and rather they cost them based on package weight and destination. Also, the shipping time is up to 25 days, which is too long to wait for.

Through the reviews available on google, it has been found out that the product quality is inferior, and if you want to return that item, you have to pay the postage fee for that. And in return, they will offer you some coupons or e-money in their website wallet.

From all of these points, we sum it up as a hoax online portal. Which steales the images of clothing from a different website and offers you huge offers.


  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be exciting to read through content from other writers and practice something from other websites.

  2. I too am writing to ask where my order is that I sent on May 17. Seems like I am not the only one complaining about your incredibly bad service.

  3. This site is based in China, although the pretend like they are in the US.
    Any returns need to be returned there which will cost you more than the item. Deceitful company!

  4. I would never use them. I would never recommend them. They have poor customer service. I am sure they use someone in the Philippines or India that handles their customer service since they only reply in the middle of the night and their English isn’t great.

    Their product is terrible. It runs really small, approximately 2-3 size difference. It took six weeks to get my items delivered, which missed the event I wanted them for and then I have moved, so the items had to be forwarded to me to my new place and by the time I opened them and tried them on and noticed how small they were, I inquired and they said that you have to return items within 15 days. They had never been out of the packaging to be worn once I noticed the quality of the first three items, I didn’t open the next four items. Also, one item was missing, which they would never acknowledge in my emails when I was discussing sending the items back. The jewelry is terribly cheap and full on nickel which contains poison, it creates your ears to turn colors if you wear them. I cannot believe you put a time limit on something to be returned when you can take almost two months for an item to arrive. I cannot wait for my credit card company to see all the documentation I have. When ordering or receiving your order, it never tells you that items have to be returned within 15 days. Also, you cannot even return jewelry or swim suits. Even if they were never worn.

    They keep it a secret of where you send the items back. I did my homework. I sent the items back anyway and will dispute it with my credit card. I will be sure I bad mouth them on every review I can until they make it right, which is crediting my credit card and stop wasting my time and sending me unprofessional emails.

  5. very disappointed in zolucky I ordered product that sized wrong, when I tried to get a refund, even though I did respond in the 7 day window, they would NOT send me an RMA to return, offered me 10% discount to repair their clothes, this is a terrible company, & worst customer service I ever dealt with I would never shop here again, & warn everyone else this is a scam company. I actually HATE their customer service dept. I did everything correct & no one would respond to my request for a easy return or refund

    1. I had exactly the same terrible experience with them Sonya, as far as I am concerned – it’s a SCAM! I reported them to the TV station where they were advertising which is how I found out about them!

  6. I finally received a dress I ordered months ago. It looks nothing like the dress I ordered plus it is much smaller than medium – the size I usually wear. The paperwork I received says to notify ‘service@zolucky.com’ and that items can be returned within 15 days of the delivery date and that a full refund will be received within a week. But…I can not reach customer service for that request. I will never order from this site again and would advise for others to not order from them as well.

    1. Notify your credit card company. They can usually get the refund and/or attach the bank account and withdraw the money if they don’t refund voluntarily. I am glad I read these reviews.

  7. I just bought 2 items on Zolucky- one of them was as pictured- the other one was not. It pictured dress hitting mid-calf and instead it dragged the floor. I’m 5’5” and wear regular sizes. In addition, the sleeves were unhemmed and the material was nightgown like. The cost of shipping back to China caused me to eat the cost and learn a lesson.

  8. Noracora is another fashion website from China. You can only return items at your own expense, like Zolucky, their website is slick with headless shapely models. They don’t send what’s pictured and it isn’t made of the material in their description. There are several of these high fashioned websites based in China, of which this is one. It would’ve cost me $45 of my $72 purchase to return my dresses to China. I couldn’t use because linen/cotton was actually poly/cotton, pale peach was actually orange, pale blue was actually bright turquoise. Beware of false advertising on Noracora on any fashion website where you can’t find where their base is!

  9. I am having a difficult time receiving a “RETURN ADDRESS LABEL” — e-mail after e-mail isn’t doing the job. Now, I’m wondering if I should rather donate these items that I don’t want — rather than trust them to credit my charge account, when & if they ever receive my returns.
    This is a stupid situation — I feel so stupid for having shopped @Zolucky w/o checking who they were & that they’re in CHINA. hOW DO WE KNOW WHERE THEY REALLY ARE? I am wondering if Sonya Hersh ever rec’d any satisfaction from them…………

  10. These sites which change their name often show models without showing the face. Always be skeptical when no face is shown. It will be a China company. Usually the sizes are not big enough and the fabric is inferior. Forget about customer service.

  11. Can’t tell you how terrible this stuff is. It is all based in China. The business model is to sell you something and then forget about ever returning or refunding. The clothes are the cheapest disgusting items I have ever seen. None looks like or matches the pics, descriptions. The sizes are at least 3-4 times smaller. I could not even get my arms into the sleeves. My God, what a nightmare. Finally after a week of trying I got a reply on how to return. I had to go to the PO and fill out customs paperwork to send them back, postage was $35 and about 2 months later, they were returned to me stating “address unknown”. I threw it all in the garbage.
    Don’t buy anything from these crooks.

  12. I happened to fall for this scam, clothing looked nice on the pictures, prices were attractive but it was sure a disappointment when I received only part of my order almost entire month later. The designs were different than shown on the website, the quality of fabrics far from what it was described, one of the dresses that was supposed to be made of cotton was made of the fabric like you see on the umbrellas: cheap and plasticky feel, just terrible and totally not what I expected, to this day part of the order is still missing. They tell you to buy 5 items and the 6th one is FREE, well they don’t explain at all how this works so I found out after the fact that it only works on certain items so you are basically buying a “cat in the bag” without knowing exactly how things work. I tried to contact them and of course, there is no number to call, you can only email and now that I received all this garbage, they are making it very difficult to make a return, offering me all kinds discounts to keep these items an in case I still want to make a return, they are making it so complicated by stating you will have to send your return to Guanzhou, China and it will be very expensive to return the items plus you will have to pay the custom fees on top of the international return fees. It’s a BIG SCAM!!!! Buyers be ware!!! Also you would have never thought you are buying something from China and if I had known, I would have never bought from them, it’s basically garbage!!!!

  13. There are many of these fake photos of fake clothing depicted from pictures from real clothing, but NOT THEIRS.
    This is a scam company, agreed with all negative reviews above. Clothes are super cheap, look nothing like the photos, run super small and when you can finally get ahold of an agent that speaks broken english, they offer a sleezy discount or want you to pay postage to return to China. Then you may or may not ever get a refund minus your shipping fees.
    Ridiculous and Wrong!

  14. The ChiComs are not America’s friends. They gave the world the chinavirus on purpose, letting planeloads of sick Chinese fly out of there all over the world. They lied about the disease and did away with scientists and doctors that told the truth of how bad it is. They probably killed them since they were never seen again. In addition, they try to fool Americans with this cheap product line and runaround. The Chinese people in their long history have never known freedom. We should pity them. Avoid!

  15. Thank you for these reviews. The clothes are beautiful in the pictures. Several reds flags and bells went off in my head for all the reasons in the reviews. I am so happy I came to your site. Thank you so much. You saved me a lot of money and aggravation. The clothes in the pictures look beautiful. The first thing I thought of was, “you get what you pay for”. The prices are too cheap.

  16. I .had the same experience as all of the above comments. I went around and around with the same experience. When I wanted to return the item {{shoes too big} after months of of emails (some with )no answers. Someone named Candance told me to return them to Australia at my expense. Needless to say it was not worth the expense since I no longer trusted this company. They go by different names (Just Fashion is one). I learned a lesson so I donated the Shoes to HOSPICE.

  17. Zolucky is a SCAM!!! They charged my credit card 200. on the 6th of sept and still nothing after 3 wks of waiting for my order!!! They sent me email saying payment didnt go through when i have proof on my credit card bill that it did go through so they tried to get 400 from me n no clothes in return! Be ware! Im so sorry i fell for this scam!

  18. thank you everyone for your feedback I was about to buy a few things but I will wait. I too could not find a customer service number. on that note
    there is a great website called Zulilys which is the best for ordering from clothes to furniture. Great customer service. 100% reliable if your not
    happy with your order check them out.

  19. Stylewe is another operation like this. Extremely long delivery times, very cheap materials and made in China. They seem to go out of their way to keep you from finding out their base of operations. Buy U.S.!

  20. Horrible products and fabrics. Nothing like the pictures. Very fraudulent!! Fabrics are plastic-like and all have a dry clean only tag, even when the picture depicts and appear as cotton fabric. Do not purchase from this company. They offer 15% of your money back or you have to return item to China at your expense. Terrible customer service!

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