Followsm Scam Reviews 2020

Followsm Scam Reviews [July] Is this Site Trustworthy? -> This article tells you about the importance of creating an online presence for a business.

Are you starting your own online business?  Well, you would have to create a massive online presence just to get yourself noticed. And Followsm can help you just in that. 

The site, not only, gets a massive increase in traffic on your website but also grows popularity on several other platforms as well. 

Here, we will discuss the Followsm Scam, which might be based out of the United State. But before going further, let us understand the importance of creating an online presence for a business.

In today’s day, any potential customer will not put in much to find any particular company to do business with. A simple Google search will just give them the result they were looking for. By creating an online presence, it not only lets you showcase your product and service, but it also gives you a competitive edge over others.

It will not only be easier for you to market your brand on several media platforms but also through a good online presence, you will be able to establish a trust connection with your customers. People will be able to cooperate with you on a more personal level. It is the simplest way, yet the most efficient way to get anyone interested in your services.

Is Followsm Legit?

Several third-party websites question the legitimacy of this website services. But, due to a lack of customer input who have tried their services, it is hard to tell. There is also some research that we would like to share with you in the customer feedback section.

So what is Followsm?  

Followsm is an online platform where you can grow your online business through its wide array of SEO services. Through Followsm, you can keep with the latest trends, develop your brand, boost your online presence, and will get results with low turnaround time. 

What Makes Followsm Unique? 

The best thing about them is that they have boiled down all their services to every minute detail. They promote your content targeting multiple demographics like Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and numerous more to get the maximum output possible.   

These services include promoting on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Spotify, Shazam, and several other platforms. Moreover, they have designed a plan suiting the needs of every customer’s target in detail. 

Meaning, you can place a custom mass order in which can include customizable targets for different social platforms. 


  • Website – 
  • Contact –
  • Mode of  Payment – PayPal
  • Services – Business promotion 
  • Platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok,
  • Live Platforms – Youtube Live stream, Instagram TV, Facebook live stream
  • Sound platform – Sound cloud, Shazam, Spotify,
  • Geo-Target – Russia, China, USA, India, Germany, France, Israel, etc. depending upon the type of content and customer request

Benefits of buying package Followsm 

  • Customer can make multiple custom order depending upon their need
  • A huge number of social media platforms to promote on
  • Good customer query ticket system for filing any issues
  • All details about the client will be kept confidential and safe  

Drawbacks of buying from Followsm 

  • Once your order is placed, you cannot modify, cancel, or remove any action once initiated.
  • If any misspelt link or wrong is put in order, the customer may not be eligible for refund
  • If customer delete’s the post they do not like, he/she will not get a refund.

Customer reviews and feedback 

After thorough research online, some aspects make the website is somewhat sketchy. Because there is not a single customer testimonial box on the website plus the social media links on the website, do not work.

Some third-party websites have given a very low reliability score. There is also a YouTube video that is specifically dedicated to this website telling that they are using bots to increase the number of views and engagement in the comment which may turn out bad for your business.

Final Verdict 

Judging by online reviews of this website, we do not recommend going for their service. We think this might be a scam. 

Although the site has a prominent social media presence, it lacks transparency in its functioning.

In the end, you will achieve the number you were hoping for, but your business will not grow organically because those views and likes are generated by artificial bots and not by actual people. So, there will be no one who saw your content.

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