Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001 (Nov) Fix The Error! >> The below-mentioned article is about an error that users face in Xbox and how to fix it.  

Well, gaming is something that most people enjoy. Today, we will talk about an error that people in various places in the world, such as Australia, the United States, Canada, Spain, United Kingdometc. are talking about.  Suppose you are someone who is getting this error ‘ Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001‘ repeatedly in your Xbox Game Bar, and it says that the game is not currently available in your account. 

In that case, you need to read this article, which will provide you with all the necessary information that is worth knowing about.

What leads to the error Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001?

We all know that currently, Xbox is one of the default apps for everyone in Windows 10. This app will link the Xbox to the Windows and have a game bar handy to help the user take all the necessary snapshots and allow the user to record the videos. The user can open the game bar once they press the key of Windows along with encouraging the alphabet G for Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001.

How can you fix the error Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001?

It is effortless to fix the error Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001. All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps, which are

  • You need to open the Xbox app and click on the menu title. The user then needs to enter the word ‘Cortana’ by mentioning it in the search bar.
  • Post this, and the user needs to register themselves in the Xbox app, and then they have to make sure that they have a Microsoft Account.
  • Post this user will have to choose the option of Game recording and record the screenshots by the option of Game DVR choice. If this option is turned off, the user has to turn it back on.
  • Post this, and the user has to shut down the Xbox app and get the restart mode’s windows.
  • Now click on the Windows key along with the G button and enter the game bar.
  • There can be a possibility of the game bar collecting a clip of the game and the snapshots that can get transitioned.

Are you facing any issues with the Full Screen Mode?

If you are facing any issues with the full Screen Mode in Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001 then it means that your game doesn’t get the Win key and the G hotkey. 

However, it will not mean that you cannot use the sport bar choices in the full screen mode, though in such a case, we will recommend you to press three keys together which will be Windows key, alt key and the alphabet R.

Final Conclusion:

So, it was all about Xbox Game Bar Error 0x803f8001We hope that you will be able to fix the error after reading this article.How was your experience with the above-mentioned methods? Please write to us in the comments section below.

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