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Among Skins [Nov 2020] Get Complete Insight here! >>In this article, you explored a website offering free skins to customize online characters!

Introduction: Do you want to custom your online character using skins? Many players in the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, and other regions want to customize their online characters. 

Amon Us Dev has provided its users to customize their characters using skins, pets, hats, etc. Besides, before playing the game, you can equip your customizations. 

This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about Among Skins.

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What Is Among Skins?

Every character is a tiny bean, which is entirely distinct in color. It can be used if a player wants to customize to create it harder or more manageable for the group. It will spot them with this customization.

In this game, players may not recognize in the beginning that they can customize their bean by access to the skins, hats, pets, etc. 

How To Customize Your Personality With the game?

Players using mobile need to pay extra to get skins, but they can then have free access to the hats.

Before the game, the players using laptops will have small tabs for envisioning skins, pets, and hats. The game modifies the character’s costume, while the hats help to modify the headwear.

Do Mobile Users Need To Pay Additional Cost For this game?

The game application for mobile users is liberated to download the App and play. They need to pay the additional cost for skins ranging from $0.99 to $2.99. by paying extra, the players can get extra choices to buy skins and pets following the player’s character in the game.

However, in spite of being a crazy game, Among Skins made it explode in quality recently.

Is Among Us.Dev Skins A Scam?

Players want to create their own skins to add that to the game. With Among Us, there is flexibility to use skins. The game’s custom-built skins have fascinated many players in Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil and other regions.

Whenever a player visits the website, it offers free skin. There is a list f skins provided on their website. Besides, they mention “get your free skin now” with a limited period offer.

However, when a user tries to get the free skins, they are prompted to fill a survey list. If a user completes the survey, the website shows an error message. Then you are prompted to fill the survey again.

After all the trials, Among Skins will not give you free skins.


The free skin offered by Among Us Dev will help make customize your online character. For mobile users, they need to pay the additional cost. If a player tries to claim a free skin, the website is redirected to fill in some surveys.

However, even after filling up surveys, the players get error messages and not the free skins. Moreover, the information filled up can lead to malware or virus attacks.

Hence, we advise our users to stay away from Among Skins scam site. Feel free to share your reviews below in the comment section.

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