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The target of the article is to offer the proper features of the Write For Us NFT Blog Guest Post and it also discusses the basic formulation of the news writing. 

What is a Non-Fungible Token? Do you know about its protocols? Many people really don’t know about the essential elements of NFTs. For them, we publish news articles and blogs. Our primary aim is to educate and inform the readers and interested people to deliver information and data on this subject.

Presently, our portal is welcoming experienced authors who can write blogs on NFTs for our Write For Us NFT Blog Guest Post section. 

What Do You Know About Glyphosatetaskforce.org? 

Let us be clear, the portal is the expert organization on news and review writings. The name of our company is Glyphosatetaskforce. Our website is famous worldwide for its updated and analytical publishing of news. News is our priority. We publish news on topics like- cryptocurrency, bitcoin, blockchain, gaming, trade, business news, and entertainment news.

Now we are publishing news on the Non-fungible Token. We need knowledgeable news content contributors who can write clear, simple, analytical news articles on this particular topic. But before that, you need to know about our application process.

Write for Us NFT– Rules of the Applicant

The applicants should follow these rules

  1. We need straightforward but analytical content on the NFT.
  2. The spam scores shouldn’t be more than three per cent.
  3. The content contributors need to use external and internal links appropriately. They can use the external link after eighty per cent of the content. And also highlight the external link in “Green and Bold”. If you use an internal link, make it “Bold and blue”.
  4. We only accept original content. Our company follows the “No Plagiarism” policy.
  5. We accept content that is no less than 500 words long and no more than 1000 words long.
  6. The contributors need to use proper grammar rules for Write For Us + NFT Blog. If possible, attach the screenshot of the grammar score with the content. The grammar score should not be less than 99 per cent. 
  7. As per SEO methods, the content contributors need to put the content after 90-110 words in the range. (Between 0.75 to 100 per cent).  
  8. The authors should use the basic rules of content formatting. They need to use headings, sub-headings and proper paragraphing. The font size should be 12 and use Times New Roman font for the content.

These rules should be maintained at the time of submitting the content.

Key Benefits of NFT Blog “Write For Us”

  1. Our main priority is to use the full SEO rules and get a vast SERP rank for our content contributors. 
  2. Our website is famous for its news articles. For this reason, when you write for our portal, you are easily noticed by the readers.
  3. You are achieving a great podium where you can publish content without any cost and problem.
  4. Our portal already has a massive reader base. Thousand of readers around the world check our portal. For this reason, we assure you that more than 10000 readers will read your content on daily basis.

Suggested Topic

For Write For Us + “NFT Blog“, the content contributors should find out the exciting topic. The authors need to research the topic and write the content using the proper news link and sources. In recent times readers like to read trendy news and informative articles. For this reason, contributors need to use the appropriate information without misleading the topics. 

  1. Work process of the Non-Fungible Token. 
  2. What are the basic rules of NFTs? 
  3. How Technology Influence the NFTs in Recent Days? 
  4. How Do You Use the NFTs? 
  5. Know the Buying Protocols of NFTs? 
  6. The Limitations of NFTs. 
  7. Know the Market Places of NFTs. 

Submission Rule

For Write for Us NFT, the content contributors need to follow the submission rules. The authors can send us the blogs on NFTs to our official email id: [email protected]. We will check your content, and we will try to send an email to your inbox within a day. 

The content contributors also note that they can’t use the published content again on our site. Besides this, we will have full editing authority for publication purposes. As a professional organization, we strictly follow these rules. 


We hope that, we have clearly give you the idea on our new content writing segment Write For Us NFT Blog Guest PostOur portal always believes that content contributors are the primary success source. For this reason we are welcoming authors to write the news article on the topic. 

We also welcome your question. For more understanding, check out the link

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