Worterris Camping Chair Review 2020

Worterris Camping Chair Review {July} Scam or Legit Site -> In this article, you will gain knowledge about various kinds and their uses of outdoor toys, tools and clothing.

Hi friends! We hope that you all are in good health. Today in this article, we are talking about an internet e-commerce company named Worterris Camping Chair. We are located in London, United State. People, over there are crazy about this brand.

We mainly specialize in designing all home, outdoor, clothing and other products. Our inspiration has mostly come from the calm breeze of the city and the Atlantic Ocean.

The products that we sell are unique, and we love to make our products for you.

Another motive that we like to share is that we want you to have the best shopping experience and provide you with the best. You can also contact us and sent your experience shopping with us and also suggest something to make our website better. We are also open to criticism of any kind. So if you have any do let us know, and we will redress it soon enough.

Our website has been recently launched, and within this short time, we have gained a lot of popularity. People love items that are available on our website. Since people like our items so much, they are recommending their loved ones to purchase from our site.

What is Worterris Camping Chair?

Worterris Camping Chair is a website that deals in outdoor toys, outdoor tools, outdoor clothing etc.

Some of the best-selling items that you will see are tiny survival card. It can be easily fit in your wallet. Another thing that you will find is multi-functional engineering shovel with tactical waist pack and multi-tools. After that, you will get to see an outdoor military tactical jacket, combat pants, men’s combat ankle boots. Then there is an inflatable lazy sofa bed, tactical satchel, tactical cotton men cargo shorts, tactical nylon belt.

These are some of the best-selling items of our website that you will find. Again we would like to advise you that before purchasing from Worterris Camping Chair do go through the specifications of our website.

Specifications of Worterris Camping Chair:

  • Website- https://worterris.com/
  • Shipping time- 2-4 weeks
  • Method of payment- Debit card, Credit card and Paypal
  • Contact [email protected]

Is Worterris Camping Chair a Legit Site?

This website is a legitimate website by all means. People who are new to our site might be sceptical about Worterris Scam.

To them, we want to clarify that we do not judge us on our recent launch but buy things from our website and then you will realize that we are no scam.

Again after purchasing if you do not like our products, you can return them, and we will refund all your money back.

So it is a fair deal you can see. Hence do not miss any chance and purchase from our website to avail the best offers from our site.

Advantages of Worterris Camping Chair:

  • In this website, you can have high-quality materials, and we can assure you that you will be satisfied with it.
  • You can have the items at a much reasonable price than those available on another website.
  • You will find a wide range of items to choose from.

Disadvantages of Worterris Camping Chair:

  • As per the disadvantages are concerned, we do not think that there are any till now. We have a quality analyst team who look for those, and if there are any flaw, we discard them. But to err is human so if you find any such fault do get in touch with us and we will redress the matter soon enough.

What are the client’s reviews on Worterris Camping Chair?

The feedback about Worterris Camping Chair are favourable, and people have loved this website a lot.

Most of our current consumers have provided us with positive feedback. Some of them have only commented against that.

We are happy that people have loved and supported our website so much.

As far as the criticisms are concerned, we are trying to redress them sooner so that we can also win the hearts of the people who have criticized us.

We are a quality-driven individual, and our main motive is to provide quality services to all our current and prospective consumers.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we would like to say that Worterris Camping Chair is a legit website do not shun us based on our newly launched.

We know that it is challenging to trust by people who are newly launched, but we can assure you that we will deliver quality to you and it will make you feel that you have not made a wrong decision by spending on our website. You can also enjoy free express shipping on orders over $39.99.

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  1. I ordered the reclining/ rocking chair and received a little kids chair ! I have e mailed several times ! They don’t understand? I would like customer service to make this right I paid 66.94 I would like my money back or send the chair please ! I feel frustrated with the customer service!! Where is the phone number to call ? And the return address ?

    1. I did the same thing! I just received mine. I’m turning them into a scam database. I’m not sure if it will help. There are people that turned them in a year ago and clearly they are still selling. Lesson learned the hard way.

    2. Same exact thing happened to us!!! My husband has been emailing back and forth with a “customer service”. They said they sent the right chair… which they did not and we have the picture to prove it!!! Then they told us that they will either…
      1. Give a 10% refund and in a 2nd email offered us 25% refund

      2. Return it and pay the $25 shipping and they would not refund the shipping cost.

      I am so mad about this!! All we want is either the right product or let us return it for what we paid. It’s not our fault so why should we have to pay a shipping cost to return something that was wrong in the first place!!!

  2. I ordered 2 adult chairs over a month ago. I’ve heard NOTHING from them, and the shipping tracking says it has been in Brooklyn since June 2, 2020. Something is wrong!

  3. Have opened a dispute with PayPal, scam company. No update in 2 months, HORRID email customer service system.

  4. The same thing happened to me. Multiple emails with multiple people and still no resolution. Just trying to get the word out there so no one else buys this chair from this horrible company!

  5. I ordered these chairs and got regular camp chairs you can buy from Walmart paid 66.94 a piece and they won’t refund money! Horrible site DONT buy!!!!

  6. BEWARE! Don’t buy. I received a chair but not the same as the one in the picture. I’ve been trying to get a refund and they keep telling me that they would be happy to discount the chair 15%. I keep telling them its not a high back chair and it doesn’t work for me so I need to return. It goes on and on about trying to return with no luck! DONT BUY ITS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  7. I am having the EXACT issue! I ordered the hammock like chair and received a chair no grown child could even sit it. I’ve asked for a phone number, a refund and for them to send the correct chair and nothing! They told me to just give the chair to someone else! I want my $65 back!

  8. Same here!! Ordered two swinging luxury chairs and received two chairs that only fit our children. Emailed and will be disputing with PayPal.

  9. I ordered the swinging camping chairs from this place – saw the add on Facebook. I did not receive chairs – I don’t even know what these things are – looks like a bunch of spare parts and it’s not even in the color I wanted. I sent an email requesting a replacement or refund hoping that I’ll have better luck than the individuals posting here. I could NOT find this company by doing a Google Search of its name. I actually went back through my cookies and emails to find the link for shopping.

  10. They scammed me too. They sent me a tripod chair that can be bought for $20 when I paid over three times that for the reclining rocking chair. They refuse to refund my money no matter how many times we’ve exchanged emails. They keep telling me they will give me a discount if I buy something else from them! Like I would do that!

    1. I know! Isn’t it the most ridiculous thing? I can’t believe they can get away with this! I know it says they are in England, so not sure how we handle that.

  11. SCAM ALERT!! Ordered two recliners and got one tiny crap camp chair & no response from company for weeks. Reporting them as a scam site – notifying Facebook & Instagram as well.

  12. I really wish I had seen these reviews before I made the same mistake. THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL SCAM!! They sent me a cheap camping chair that was not at all what I expected. I would have never bought this piece of crap. They told me to give it to someone else, initially offered me 10%off my order (although I relentlessly wont stop demanding a refund, so they’re now at offering me 25% off) and get this.. They asked me to leave a positive review on their website!! Like whhhaaat?!!?

  13. Same bad experience! They don’t follow their own refund/return policy. Told me to keep the chairs and they would offer a 20% refund. No refund provided. HORRIBLE.

  14. Ordered the swing chair. Does not have all the same features. A small chair that was hard to assemble. I def do t think it would hold the weight to a grown adult. Very disappointed. Hope to report them and attempt a refund.

  15. I got scammed too. Ugh! Ordered the reclining chair two month ago, it finally arrived, and got the cheapo small chair that only a kid could sit in. I’ve emailed customer service but from what everyone else is saying I don’t have high hopes for a refund. I’m so disappointed.

  16. This company is a scam. Do not purchase! They are taking orders and sending other items, then not refunding. I ordered the luxury camping chair and they sent me a chair that is a joke and told me i should have to pay $20 to ship it back. When I resisted they “offered” me a 10%, then a 15%, then a 20% refund. None of which I want because I don’t want the chair they sent! Facebook should block them. Run away from this company!!!

  17. Same issue here instead I bought 4 of these star gazing chairs and I received only 2 chairs that where wrong I am calling my bank and report it as fraud and get my money back. This company doesn’t want to make it right I have a email thread running and they never want to send me the right product or refund my money

  18. The company is a complete scam. I ordered the reclining chair for Father’s Day and I received a child’s chair 5 weeks after ordering it. I contacted the company and they offered a 10% refund. I said I did not order a child’s chair that did not recline and they went up to 35%. That is still only $20 of the $65 I paid. I now have the address to return it to. It is in China and they said if I return it that I have to pay for shipping it back and then they will deduct the shipping it cost them to ship to me in the first place and the rest they will refund! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! They are horrible and we have all been scammed.

  19. I have done the same thing! This is the worst company and the worst experience I have ever had! Every single thing the rest are saying is exactly what I’m going through right now. Isn’t there some kind of BBB we can contact and report them? Sure wish I would have checked them out before I ever ordered!

  20. Same scam happened to me. I am currently in dispute resolution with Pay pal. This is ridiculous that they have gotten away with this with so many customers.

  21. Same thing happened with me. Pure bait and switch. Still going through the dispute in PayPal. I’m up to a 50% refund as of now, after almost two weeks of back and forth. Scam, scam, scam

  22. Same here … I ordered 2 of the swinging chairs, after 3 months, I received to stationery chairs that require assembly each time they would be used. I, too, am getting the run around about returning them and receiving a refund, which does not match the return policy on the website. They offered me a 15% refund (big deal) and then asked me to provide positive feedback on their website. They are a complete scam … lesson learned.

  23. Ordered my chair for my husband June 15….just got it today. It was not the chair I ordered. I ordered the rocking chair and got a kids small chair. From the other comments I do not expect to get anything from them.

  24. My experience purchasing from Worterris was awful!!
    I ordered 2 “Recliner Luxury Chairs” from their website, both of which were advertised to have a head rest, a cup holder and a pocket for your iPad/iPhone. I spent $129 for both chairs. I was sent 2 COMPLETELY different chairs. Both chairs were so small, my children could not sit comfortably in them, nor did they swing, recline, have a cup holder or an extra pocket.

    I contacted customer service, for Worterris, and got no where. Automated responses, with none of my questions answered. I sent pics of what I ordered, and what I received, and they tried to tell me the product was the same, which was insane. Come to find out, they were intentionally false advertising on their website, and on Instagram. The chair that they claimed to have, and that I thought I was purchasing, was not even their chair. It is a Star Gazer chair. They must have stole the picture of the product, from another website.

    I exchanged 40+ emails with customer service, repeatedly asking for a refund, or for the correct chairs to be sent to me. When it was apparent that they were not going to do either (and actually do not even possess the chairs I purchased), I ask for the contact information for a manager, or the CEO of Worterris, simply to let them know how their customers are being treated. This information was never provided, and I was consistently ignored. None of my questions were answered.

    The chairs that they did send to me, are from China, therefore, to return them would have cost approx. $120 as well. Again, after 40+ emails, I was able to get a 50% refund, and now, have to keep the chairs that even my children cannot sit comfortably in.
    VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Worterris company is a complete SCAM!

  25. I ordered the luxury camping chair and I got a little kid chair. I have been emailing and they just want to give me 35% back. I have requested the product that they advertised or a full refund. Keep getting the runaround. Horrible customer service. I would never order anything from them again!

  26. Bait and switch, Scam …Scam Scam, the chair they sent are crap, nothing like what was advertised. Not worth the price. Not worth the hassle. I asked them to send me what I ordered, and they did not. Asked PayPal to make it right… they are taking along time to work on this claim. Hope they make it right, this is a scam. Pretty unhappy. Horrible horrible company.

  27. Same same here, I ordered the luxury chair and got a dinky kid’s chair. Does anyone have the dimensions the chair was supposed to be, I thought I took a screen shot but can’t find it. Disputing it with my credit card company and they need that info. Many thanks,

  28. I was scammed by WORTERRIS with Facebook promoting this company and Paypal being happy to side with them in a dispute opened telling them a completely inferior, incorrect product was received. After searching and finding that probably thousands of others have been scammed by these same people: Christine Bill/ Gary Honwin email and their numerous company names like Worterris, irrperb, pottabs, Zhixin trading co, and probably hundreds of other names, I wanted to write a post that explains how I got my refund from Paypal.
    PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CALL PAYPAL AND DON’T STOP CALLING UNTIL YOU GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE. Be very clear that this is a scam and these people are criminals. The Paypal agent I spoke with changed my dispute in my favor and told me to file a claim on ic3.gov with the FBI. Once I did this and uploaded proof to paypal, they refunded my $66.94 for this stupid, piece of garbage chair I received.
    DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THE COMPANY THAT SCAMMED YOU. These people are violent criminals. I found a # to call them on one of the review sites and they gained access to my computer, hacking in to my accounts and it was terrifying. They will stop at nothing to scam everyone and the unfortunate thing is that FACEBOOK & PAYPAL are happy to support them in doing so. We must let Paypal know that it is unacceptable to side with a criminal company asking the scammed buyer to pay for shipping back to China for a product that we did not order.

  29. Fraud, company sets up an expectation of one product, beautiful reclining chair and sends a kid chair, they will not send the right product. Requires a $75 return fee to get refund for their mistake, or I suspect fraud of bait and switch. PayPal will not deal with the issue. Sad learning experience. Will never order anything off Facebook again, ever.

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